SoD Honor Farm

In the early days of World of Warcraft Vanilla, securing honorable kills was essential for farming honor points, crucial for your in-game status. The more honor points you farm, the higher your rank could climb the following week. However, falling behind in SOD honor points due to other players’ efforts could lead to rank decay. Completing minimum honor activities is vital to maintaining your rank standing during the season of discovery. Yet, the grind for honor points, a repetitive and time-consuming task, can be daunting. Epiccarry offers a solution with our SOD Honor Farm Boost, ensuring you receive the desired honor points quickly and efficiently. Order today for a hassle-free boost of your honor points, essential for your WoW season progress!

Service Includes

  • Tones of honor points, up to the chosen amount;
  • A bunch of completed PvP events and battlegrounds;
  • Honorable kills;
  • Possible ranking upgrade according to the ordered amount of honor.

This boost will be completed in SoD Honor FarmPiloted mode.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 15-30 minutes;
Estimated Completion Time: Flexible, depending on the ordered amount.

Additional Options

Add 100 Gold – we will append an extra 100 gold to your order to boost your gameplay enjoyment.
Stream – a custom stream can be provided on request to improve your overall experience.


Active World of Warcraft subscription.
Level 60 character. Use our Season of Discovery leveling boost service if you don’t meet this requirement.

How it works

We care about each of our customers and aim to make the SOD honor farm process as transparent and understandable as possible. Please review our comprehensive guide for the boosting steps:

  1. Choose the desired amount of honor points to be farmed and proceed to checkout.
  2. After completing the purchase, our customer care agent will contact you via online chat within 3-10 minutes to discuss the service conditions and help you with the honor farm boost order processing.
  3. We will need a short amount of time to find and assign a pro booster for your SOD honor points boost and instruct them about your schedule requirements.
  4. During the Season of Discovery honor boosting process, the booster will participate in the following activities:
    • PvP Events;
    • Battlegrounds.
  5. We will be happy to provide you with a personal stream and progress reports upon your request for a smooth gaming experience.
  6. After the successful completion of your discovery honor farm, we will notify you.
  7. Done! Enjoy your farmed honor points and possible ranking upgrade, saving countless hours of frustrating grind.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you plan to execute the honor farm boost?

All our SOD farm honor services are provided manually, ensuring a smooth experience without the use of bots or third-party services. Furthermore, we avoid exploiting any bugs or glitches that could lead to account suspension, maintaining the integrity of your game account. We are transparent and confident in our boosters, which is why we offer a streaming option for the discovery honor farm boost absolutely free of charge. By ordering the Season of Discovery Honor Farm Boost, you can be assured that your character is in the hands of professional players, guaranteeing the successful farming of as many honor points as desired.

What do I need SOD honor points boost for?

Primarily, honor serves as a ranking currency in WoW SOD, crucial for representing your success statistically within the game world. Based on the honor points you farmed in the previous week, you will either receive a ranking upgrade or, unfortunately, a downgrade if other players in your ranking bracket farmed more than you. This system ensures that your gaming experience and progress in the season of discovery honor are directly influenced by the amount of honor farmed, emphasizing the importance of engaging in PvP events and the honor farm boost service to secure your desired honor points and rewards.

Can I buy something with honor in WoW SOD?

In WoW’s Season of Discovery, your rank allows access to items from Sergeant Ba’sha in Orgrimmar for the Horde or Officer Areyn in Stormwind for the Alliance, showcasing the benefits of the discovery honor farm. Although purchases require gold, honor points from your sod honor farm boost influence the availability, making each honor point a key to unlocking rewards.

What determines the honor received per kill in WoW’s Season of Discovery?

Factors such as damage dealt, whether the kill was solo or in a group, and the enemy’s level, are critical in the calculation of honor points, highlighting the strategy behind each honor farm. The WoW SOD system’s approach to reducing honor for repeated kills in a short period safeguards the integrity of the discovery honor farm, ensuring a fair and rewarding experience for those engaged in the grind, with our team ready to support via website chat at the appointed time.

May I order as many honor points as I want, or are there any limits?

Currently, the limit for the Season of Discovery honor farm boost is set at 200,000 honor points. However, feel free to purchase the sod honor boost multiple times if you need more than 200,000 discovery honor points. Alternatively, contact our customer support via online chat for a customized SOD honor service, and we will be happy to craft a unique offer. For substantial orders of 200,000 discovery honor points or more, we additionally offer extra discounts, ensuring you get the quality and value you deserve from our experienced team. Expect a difference in your WoW gameplay with our comprehensive Season of Discovery services.

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    Choose 6000 Honor and Get 10% off.

    Choose 10000 Honor and Get 12% off.

    12% Discount applied!


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