Season Of Discovery Gearing Boost

When the Season of Discovery arrives for players, it changes everything. Absolutely everything. The old rules no longer apply in the World ofWarcraft. There are many reasons for this: new raids have been introduced, along with new PvP events and gear. However, the primary reason the rules have changed is that leveling is now capped, requiring you to optimize the gear that is available to you. We’ve done all the calculations and identified the BiS (Best in Slot) gear, all to offer you a Season of Discovery Gearing Boost.

Season Of Discovery Gearing Boost Services

Today, we’re pleased to offer the following WoW Season of Discovery boosting services. Here, you can purchase WoW Season of Discovery gear and become more powerful than ever before:

  • Pre-Raid Gearing for the current phase;
  • T1 will be available in the last phase of SoD;
  • T2 will be available in the last phase of SoD;
  • T2.5 will be available in the last phase of SoD;
  • T3 will be available in the last phase of SoD;
  • BiS Gearing for the current phase.

Additionally, we provide PvP BiS Gear for your character. However, the PvP Discovery Boosting services are located in our PvP section. We can assist you in obtaining the BiS PvP gear through our PvP Discovery boost service.

Discovery Pre-Raid Gear

We provide Discovery Pre-Raid Gear by thoroughly farming all current SoD phase dungeons repeatedly until your gear reaches Pre-Raid BiS status. You’ll be fully equipped with at least “Blue” gear in the Warcraft Season of Discovery. Additionally, you’ll receive all loot dropped, experience, and other items dropped during this tedious grind.

T1 In WoW Season of Discovery

Currently, T1 gear sets are out of reach, as the Season of Discovery is in its 2nd phase, limiting characters to level 40. These coveted items, designed for level 60 characters, are not yet accessible. However, at Epiccarry, we’re eagerly anticipating the opportunity to farm T1 gear for you as soon as it becomes available on the SoD servers, enhancing your gaming experience and efficiency.

T2 In WoW Season of Discovery

As with T1, T2 gear remains beyond grasp in the current phase of the Season of Discovery, where character levels are capped at 40. T2 sets, essential for the ultimate gaming experience, are reserved for level 60 characters. Our dedicated team at Epiccarry is poised to assist you in acquiring T2 gear the moment it’s released in SoD, ensuring your success and save time for you. It’s still the great opportunity to reach the cool gear, when it become available.

T2.5 In WoW Season of Discovery

T2.5 gear, a crucial step up from T2, is not yet obtainable in the Season of Discovery’s current stage, with all characters limited to level 40. These advanced gear sets are tailored for level 60 characters and promise to significantly boost your character’s power. Epiccarry is committed to providing a seamless service to farm T2.5 gear for you as soon as it’s available, focusing on your character’s progression and security.

T3 in Discovery WoW season

T3 gear in Discovery WoW season, the pinnacle of character enhancement, remains unavailable in the Season of Discovery’s 2nd phase due to the level 40 cap on characters. Intended for level 60 characters, T3 sets are key to mastering the game. Epiccarry looks forward to offering our services to help you obtain T3 gear as it becomes available, ensuring your character stands out with powerful gear and an exciting raiding experience.

Bis Gearing

Acquiring BiS gear in WoW SoD boost is indeed a challenging process. We guarantee the your account safety and commit to repeatedly pushing through the Blackfathom Deeps raid and Gnomeregan raids. If you opt for boosts for multiple characters, we’ll put the higher priority for your orders accordingly.

However, it’s important to note that loot distribution in classic WoW raids is unpredictable, meaning we might not secure all BiS items in a single run, potentially extending the completion time relative to other services. Rest assured, we’ll ultimately equip you with the best PvE gear in WoW: SoD!

Top Reasons to choose Epiccarry as your primal Gear-provider!

At Epiccarry, we’re dedicated to saving you time and fueling your passion for the game. Our boosts offer a fantastic opportunity to bypass tedious process, allowing you to achieve your goals and continue playing with a focus on the game aspects you find most exciting.

  1. Our team excels in PvE challenges, ensuring your character’s level is optimally increased with the best gear available;
  2. With over 12 years dedicated to mastering World ofWarcraft, our professionals bring depth of knowledge and experience, some extending nearly two decades;
  3. We offer our services at prices 20% lower than our competitors, providing you with significant savings;
  4. Initiating your order takes only 3-7 minutes, demonstrating our commitment to saving you time and accelerating your progress;
  5. Our extensive team is ready to support both new and veteran players, ensuring a seamless and focused gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get Tier 3 in WoW Season of Discovery Phase 2?

Unfortunately, during Phase 2 of WoW Season of Discovery, you are limited to level 40, making Tier 3 gear inaccessible until Phase 4. However, our team offers a Discovery Pre-Raid Gear Farming Service to enhance your gaming experience during this phase. This service is designed to prepare you for future challenges while maximizing your character's potential. Just contact us on a website and buy the WoW season of Discovery pre-raid gear when the WoW SoD has been 4th phase.

Where do you obtain the BiS Gear for my Class while doing Discovery boosting services?

Our dedicated team secures your class's Best in Slot (BiS) Gear through a combination of dungeons, quests, and specific Discovery events. This comprehensive approach ensures a tailored gearing boost to enhance your WoW Season of Discovery experience, allowing you to focus on enjoying the game with less effort on gear acquisition.

Can I Order just one item for my Gear as a Discovery boost?

Direct ordering of a single gear item is not available due to the nature of the loot system. However, by contacting our managers, you can specify the item you're targeting, and we'll tailor your order to increase the chances of acquiring that specific piece. This personalized service ensures a focused effort on enhancing your character's power in the WoW Season of Discovery.

Can I buy the WoW season complete set for multiple characters in the WoW Season of Discovery?

Absolutely, you can order full gear sets for multiple characters, and our team will provide a personalized offer. This approach streamlines the gearing process across your account and offers significant savings. With Epiccarry, you can rely on our service to efficiently complete the gearing for your characters, enhancing your overall gaming experience and granting you more free time to enjoy the World of Warcraft.

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