Season of Discovery Dungeons Boost

Dungeons never change. But does this make them easier? Definitely not. While the dungeons remain the same, players do change, and many newcomers might not know how to navigate classic dungeons effectively. That’s where we at Epiccarry come in, offering you the SoD dungeons boost. We’ve mastered these dungeons over the years and can provide a standard dungeon carry and do it efficiently.

Discovery dungeons Services

For today, can do boosts for all uncovered dungeons in the Wow season of discovery. If you do not see the dungeon you need in the list, just ask us personally.

  • Deadmines Boost;
  • The Stockade;
  • Ragefire Chasm;
  • Wailing Caverns;
  • Shadowfang Keep;
  • Scarlet Monastery;
  • Razorfen Kraul;
  • Razorfen Downs;
  • Uldaman.

Deadmines Boost

Increase your WoW Season of Discovery experience with our Deadmines Boost. Our seasoned players navigate this iconic dungeon, ensuring you bypass the monotonous grind for amazing gear. Choose our service for a superior gaming experience, transforming the first phase of discovery dungeons into a treasure trove of rewards.

The Stockade

Transform your play in the WoW Season of Discovery with The Stockade Dungeon Boost. Our expert team specializes in navigating through its challenges, ensuring a swift advancement in skill level and acquisition of exceptional gear, all while making this classic sod dungeon an unforgettable part of your discovery journey.

Ragefire Chasm

Dive into the heart of Orgrimmar with our Ragefire Chasm boost, a cornerstone of the WoW Season of Discovery. Our services guarantee an efficient passage through this fiery dungeon, enhancing your account with unparalleled rewards and gear, making every challenge a step towards becoming a legend in the game.

Wailing Caverns

Experience the Wailing Caverns like never before with our expert dungeon boosting service. In the WoW Season of Discovery, our team ensures you navigate the serpentine paths and powerful enemies with ease, securing amazing gear and enriching your gaming experience in this essential discovery dungeon.

Shadowfang Keep

Shadowfang Keep awaits with its dark corridors and formidable foes in the WoW Season of Discovery. Our dungeon boost service is your key to conquering this challenge, offering a seamless path to acquiring exceptional gear and elevating your gameplay, all facilitated by our dedicated team of professionals.

Scarlet Monastery

Master the hallowed halls of the Scarlet Monastery with our specialized boost. This season of discovery dungeon offers unique challenges and rewards, and our service ensures you experience the best it has to offer, enhancing your account with sought-after gear and a memorable gaming journey.

Razorfen Kraul

Venture into the thorny depths of Razorfen Kraul with our expert boosting services. In the WoW Season of Discovery, we navigate you through this challenging dungeon, ensuring a rewarding experience filled with amazing gear and advancements in skill level, all part of our commitment to enhancing your discovery dungeon journey.

Razorfen Downs

Explore Razorfen Downs confidently as our team guides you through its challenges in the WoW Season of Discovery. Our dungeon-boosting service is designed to elevate your gaming experience, securing valuable rewards and ensuring your passage through one of the most iconic sod dungeons is both memorable and rewarding.


Unlock the secrets of Uldaman with our professional dungeon boost. This WoW Season of Discovery, let our team lead you through ancient halls, ensuring you gather amazing gear and experience the thrill of discovery in one of the game’s most storied dungeons, all while enjoying an enhanced gaming experience.

Reasons why EpicCarry is the best

Epiccarry is a premier choice for World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery dungeon boosts, characterized by its strategic advantages and commitment to excellence. The reasons for this are multifold and grounded in a professional approach:

  1. Our services are priced 20% lower than competing boosting services, making valuable rewards from challenging dungeons like the freshly cleared SoD dungeon more accessible while ensuring fair prices.
  2. With 12 years of impeccable service, our team includes professional players who have been pioneering the dungeon boosting landscape since 2005, specializing in discovery dungeons boost and WoW SoD dungeon carries.
  3. We boast a roster of over 500 experienced players ready to enhance your gaming experience in any desired dungeon, including SoD dungeons and Discovery dungeons, ensuring a seamless character progression.
  4. We guarantee a swift order completion time, typically between 3-7 minutes from payment confirmation to initiating dungeon boost services* for your account, emphasizing our commitment to time efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  5. Every order placed benefits from a complimentary live stream, allowing customers to observe the expert team navigating through the game world, from Ragefire Chasm to the Wailing Caverns, in real time.

Our service excellence extends to all aspects of WoW dungeon boosting, from discovery dungeon carries to more challenging content, ensuring an enriching discovery journey through the Season of Discovery. Our customer service team is dedicated to facilitating your adventures in the game world, providing special deals and various payment methods to suit every player’s needs.

*Note: The noted rapid response time excludes raids and scheduled events, which adhere to a predetermined schedule for completion, maintaining our high standards of service across all instanced areas and encounters with powerful enemies.

Epiccarry’s professional approach, extensive experience, and commitment to

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guarantee BiS gear through a dungeon service?

While we cannot directly guarantee the drop of BiS (Best in Slot) gear during a single dungeon run, our Season of Discovery dungeons service is designed to maximize your chances. Offering multiple runs enhances the likelihood of obtaining your desired gear. Visit our website to explore flexible payment methods that suit your needs, allowing you to buy season passes for extended farming sessions, ensuring a more fruitful loot acquisition journey.

Can I go into dungeons in self-mode?

Certainly, you can engage in our dungeon runs in self-play mode, immersing yourself in the Season of Discovery dungeons alongside our team. However, please be advised that the completion time may vary based on your skill level. This method provides a unique opportunity for players to choose their level of involvement, learning from seasoned professionals in real time.

Which dungeon should I choose while I’m leveling?

For optimal leveling in Classic WoW, start with Ragefire Chasm (13-18), then progress through Wailing Caverns (17-24), The Deadmines (17-26), and continue to Uldaman (42-52). Each dungeon is tailored to specific level ranges, ensuring a balanced challenge and efficient leveling experience.

Could I order multiple runs?

Yes, booking multiple dungeons through our service accelerates your character's progression and qualifies you for an additional discount. This option is perfect for players aiming to dive deep into the Season of Discovery dungeons and seeking to maximize their gaming experience. Our payment method options on the website make it easy to buy season packages, allowing for a seamless and cost-effective way to schedule multiple runs according to your gameplay needs and goals.

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