Season Of Discovery Mounts Boost

One of the most unexpected aspects we’ve encountered in the WoW Season of Discovery is the introduction of new mounts. Initially, they were anticipated to arrive much earlier, yet acquiring them has not been straightforward. To enhance your journey through the revamped Azeroth, you may need to obtain a Season of Discovery mounts boost. Our service is specifically designed to reduce the time spent on tedious end-game Azeroth routines, allowing you to travel with speed and comfort. Here at EpicCarry, we understand better than anyone how challenging it can be to navigate without mounts.

With the introduction of Phase 2, obtaining a mount has become much easier, though perhaps not as easy as you might think. This is why utilizing our assistance to acquire a mount in World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery guarantees to alleviate stress and preserve your enthusiasm. Naturally, you’ll also gain access to the finest Season of Discovery Mounts ever!

Our Mount Boosting services

Today, we offer the following Mount boosting services in World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery:

  1. Common mounts boost.
  2. Paladin Warhorse.
  3. Ashenvale PvP Mount boosting services.
  4. Blood Moon Mottled Blood Raptor and Golden Sabercat mounts.
  5. Warlock Felsteed mount. Additionally, we can help you obtain the Druid form at fair prices

Common Mounts boost

We’re able to streamline your journey to level 40 with our Common mounts boost. We can provide any mount that is available for your class and are also capable of farming an Exalted reputation, should you need to obtain rare or unique mounts.

Paladin Warhorse

We can assist you in meeting all the requirements with our boosting service, enabling you to acquire your own Paladin mount at very reasonable prices. We are familiar with all the shortcuts that make obtaining the Paladin Warhorse trouble-free.

Warlock Felsteed

Additionally, we offer you the opportunity to acquire mounts for other classes. Our professional team is prepared to undertake all necessary progress to provide you with a Warlock Felsteed.

Mottled Blood Raptor

The Mottled Blood Raptor is one of the new unique mounts available to Horde players as a Reputation reward in the Blood Moon PvP Event. You need to complete an endless amount of Blood Moon PvP Tasks to acquire this mount. We offer you the opportunity to get our boost at EpicCarry.

Golden Sabercat

The Golden Sabercat mount is obtained from the Stranglethorn PvP Event. We can provide you with our Stranglethorn PvP event boost, and as a result, you’ll unlock the Golden Sabercat mount.

Druid form

We can pass the druid form requirements instead of you. We’ll pass all the quest line to allow you skip the boring grind different things, which will cut your time on getting druid form.

Main reasons to choose EpicCarry to provide you a mount boosts in Wow Season of Discovery

Here at Epiccarry, we are professionally equipped to assist with acquiring mounts in World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery, offering you exceptionally favorable terms:

  1. Prices that are 20% lower than what any other boosting service can offer.
  2. A perfect reputation spanning 12 years, with some of our professional players having been in the boosting business since 2005.
  3. Over five hundred ready-to-play boosters, eagerly waiting to start working on your account in your realm.
  4. A turnaround time of 3-7 minutes from your purchase to the start of boosting routines for your character*.
  5. A free stream for all orders you place with us.

*Note: This does not apply to raids and scheduled events, which are conducted according to a standard completing schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Mottled Blood Raptor and Golden Sabercat Available in the open-world?

No, absolutely not. Both the Mottled Blood Raptor and the Golden Sabercat can only be obtained during specific events and exclusively in certain locations. For instance, the Mottled Blood Raptor is available through participation in the Blood Moon PvP event, which is limited to specific times. Similarly, the Golden Sabercat is tied to the Stranglethorn PvP event and can only be found and earned within the Stranglethorn Vale. These limitations ensure that farming for these mounts requires not just effort but also timing, making them highly sought after but not freely available in the open world at any time.

Can I order Paladin Warhorse Even if I’m not the Paladin?

No, it's impossible. The Paladin Warhorse is exclusive to Paladins due to class-specific achievements and advantages. Our website specifies that only Paladins can ride these noble horses, emphasizing the unique bond between the class and their mount. Payment or orders for non-Paladins to obtain this mount are not accepted.

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