Brave Title Boost

If there is progress on any stage of the Into the Light Triumph please contact customer support to get a discount.

Into the Light Update came up with the new “Brave” Title, which will be granted for completing all the Triumphs related. Getting the title is quite a complex task, as it requires lots of time and teamwork for some triumphs. Into the Light – Brave Title boost service will help you to get the desired title with no effort needed from your side. Our skilled players will do all the hard work for you. Place the order and enjoy the benefits of a brand-new title ASAP.

Service Includes

  • The Selected Triumphs or Full Title completed;
  • Brave Arsenal weapons and armor;
  • Shaxx Reputation Ranks Progress;
  • A chance to get Into the Light weapons and gear;
  • Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact level.

All the loot received during the boost will remain with your character.

This boost will be completed in Piloted mode.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 1-2 hours.
Estimated Completion time: from 1 hour to a few weeks.

The service completion entirely depends on your progression.

Additional Options

BRAVE Collector – we will complete all the brave weapon quests for 12 Brave weapons.
Grimoire Gatherer VIII – we will get the Grimoire card.
Lord of Reputation – we will get the highest Lord Shaxx Reputation Rank and reach maximum reputation.
So Many Waves – we will complete 300 Onslaught waves.
Breaking the Charge – kill 3 last bosses in Onslaught, Bosses on the weekly rotation are – Fieldrazer Tormentor, Siegehook Ogre and Fallen Warpriest.
Trying to Budget – in Onslaught we will purchase Defenses.
Not On Your Watch – in the Normal difficulty of Onslaught, we will complete the set of the 5th wave.
BRAVE Weaponmaster – we will defeat 900 enemies with Brave weapons. Defeating Guardians grants more progress.
Triumphant Whisper – we will complete The Whisper Exotic Mission.
Triumphant Outbreak – we will complete Zero Hour Exotic Mission.
Stream – select this option to follow the service progress online.


1820+ Power Level. You can use our Power Leveling service if requirements are not met.

How it Works

Completing all the Into the Light Seal is a complex task. You have to overcome so many waves, on your way to acquiring the desired Brave title. Some of the specific Triumphs require brave weapon quests completion, which will increase the chance of obtaining a limited version of the brave weapons. Buy the Brave Title Boost to get the valuable title and other rewards in the shortest terms with the help of professionals. To place the order please follow the steps:

  1. The Into the Light Seal – Brave title carry is available in 2 boost options:
    • Full Seal – we will complete all the triumphs for the desired Brave title;
    • Specific Triumphs – this is the best option if you have some progress on the Brave title. Pick the seals you need and we will complete the selected triumphs for you.
  2. The service is available only in Piloted mode. This means you will need to make an account sharing with our verified player and he will complete all the options you selected for the Brave Title Boost.
  3. Customize the options and proceed to checkout to place the order. Specify a common communication channel for you and we’ll reach you out from the purchase in no time.
  4. The customer support team will contact you within 3-10 minutes to discuss the date and time suitable for you to start the carry. Feel free to tell us all your preferences, we will do our best to satisfy your needs!
  5. When the booster has achieved everything per your order, we will contact you ASAP. Log in to your account to check the result.
  6. Leave feedback on your Brave Title Boost experience with us! Your opinion is very important to us, we strive to provide the best services in Destiny 2!
  7. Congratulations on the new desired Brace Title to your Guardian!

Customer Support is available 24/7! Join our Discord server or chat with us online for a fast reply!

The Brave title boost is available on PC, PS and Xbox platforms. Small delays may occur as during certain hours boosters might be having a rest or be less active. In this case, Cross Save can help significantly, as a PC player will be able to fulfill your PS or Xbox order. Unfortunately, there are fewer Destiny 2 players on PS4 or Xbox compared to the PC platform.

Please disconnect the Steam Guard or disable the “always require authenticator for login” setting in Security Settings. The secret question will protect your account for the duration of your boost. Remember to re-enable it once we finish the service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Brave weapons can I get from Brave Title Boost?

You will definitely receive all 12 Brave weapons if you have not completed the Brave Collector Triumph. Those weapons are:

  • Blast Furnace;
  • Edge Transit;
  • Elsie’s Rifle;
  • Falling Guillotine;
  • Forbearance;
  • Hammerhead;
  • Hung Jury SR4;
  • Luna’s Howl;
  • Midnight Coup;
  • The Mountaintop;
  • The Recluse;
  • Succession.

Completing all the triumphs for Brave Title Boost, the Guardian will go through so many waves in Onslaught. You will also get a chance to get a Limited version of Brave Weapon along the service process.

What Into the Light Triumphs I have to complete to get the Brave Title?

Complete all the triumphs requires lots of time. For the Brave title you are required to complete 2 exotic missions and lots of waves in Onslaught activity in order to fulfill all the triumphs. Here is the list of triumphs that are a must to achieve for the brave title unlock:

Triumph Description
BRAVE Collector Get Brave arsenal quests from Arcite 99-40. There are 12 brave weapons quests that should be completed. Once you do that, it will significantly increase the chance of getting a limited version weapon along the Onslaught activity.
Grimoire Gatherer VIII You have to collect 8 Grimoire cards. Their location is at the Hall of Champions, where you can attune to weapons.
Lord of Reputation To complete this triumph you need to get your guardian to the highest 17th rank of Lord Shaxx Reputation. The easiest way to reach maximum reputation is by completing weekly quests and daily bounties, however, from Onslaught, you will also earn rank points.
So Many Waves Such a difficult task. You must complete 300 Onslaught waves, which is a huge amount, in order to get the Triumph done.
Breaking the Charge This triumph requires a lot of time because you must kill 3 last bosses in Onslaught, which rotates weekly. This means you won’t be able to get it done in one go. You have to wait for each boss (Fieldrazer Tormentor, Siegehook Ogre, Fallen Warpriest) to be present on Onslaught week.
Trying to Budget Is a tough and time-consuming triumph. You should make purchases for defenses, at least 80 in Onslaught. Which means lots of waves you have to face in order to get it done!
Not On Your Watch Go for the Onslaught Normal difficulty and get through the 5th wave.
BRAVE Weaponmaster To get this done, you have to defeat various enemies and Guardians using Brave weapons. Fancy advice – to get more progress it will be useful to defeat Guardians.
Triumphant Whisper It is not a very hard task compared with the rest. You have to complete the Whisper Mission on any difficulty you prefer – rewards Whisper of the Worm Exotic weapon.
Triumphant Outbreak Similar to the previous one, you have to complete the Zero Hour Exotic Mission that grants Outbreak Perfected Exotic weapon.
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    This service is available in Piloted mode only.