Master Vow of the Disciple Carry

The Master Difficulty of Vow of the Disciple is a much more challenging version of the first raid of the Witch Queen DLC. Only the most persistent and enduring Guardians of the highest light level may succeed in raid completion and get their well-deserved rewards. For most Destiny 2 players, the Master Vow of the Disciple boost may be the only chance to storm the Pyramid ship and get out alive with Adept versions of raid weapons as well as unique exotic Vow of the Disciple raid loot.

Our experienced team of players will grab you unique rewards from the Master Vow of the Disciple boost. When they finish, you may get all or any of the 6 legendary weapons and Collective Obligation Exotic. Extra Deepsight weapon drops from the Rhulk’s chest.

Service Includes

  • Master Vow of the Disciple raid completion;
  • Pinnacle rewards for every run;
  • Chance to have Collective Obligation Exotic Pulse Rifle;
  • Gouging Light Exotic Sparrow after the first playthrough;
  • Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact.

You can choose either Self-Play or Piloted mode for this boost.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 1-6 hours.
Estimated Completion time:

  • Normal: 2-12 hours;
  • Express: 2-8 hours;
  • Super Express: 1-6 hours.

Additional Options

All secret chests – we will locate all hidden chests;
Weekly challenge option – we will complete the Puzzle Chest, and you will get an extra Rhulk chest;
Stream – you can watch the Vow of the Disciple Raid Boost in real-time.


Destiny 2: The Witch Queen expansion.
1821+ Power Level for Master mode. If your Guardian’s light is insufficient, you can order Power level boost service.

How it Works

Beating the Master difficulty VotD is hard – it takes time, skills, knowing mechanics, and strong players on your fireteam. If you wanna get your hands on all the rewards and Exotic weapons without all those problems, you can buy Vow of the Disciple carry for the full raid completion. Here’s the step-by-step guide:

  1. Pick what extra options you want us to perform.
  2. You also need to choose one of two modes:
    • For a Piloted mode, you will need to share your account details with our verified pro player in the requested time to start the Master Vow of the Disciple service completion. Account recovery is the most popular approach, saving you lots of time for a fair price – all that is left for you is to log in and enjoy your new Destiny rewards.
    • Choosing the Self-Play option provides the best game experience for those craving to play with a well-prepared team of Destiny 2 pro players packed with the top Power Level, and progress through the raid, enjoying the actual challenge. Join the fireteam, and we will complete the Master Vow of the Disciple.
  3. After you have chosen the options and delivery method, please make payment.
  4. Within 3-10 minutes, one of our managers will contact you to discuss the time and details and set a schedule for the boost. You can ask all the questions or write in our online chat. Customer Support is available 24/7 to answer all your queries.
  5. When the Master Vow of the Disciple raid is over, our customer support team will notify you. We would be glad if you shared your emotions and left a review.
  6. Congrats! You can use those unique Master VotD rewards, armor, and exotic weapons on your account.

The service is available on PC, PS, and Xbox platforms. If you play on PS or Xbox please enable the Cross Save. It will significantly help to process your order faster, as a PC player will be able to fulfill your PS or Xbox service in Destiny 2 game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Complete Master Version Vow of Disciple Raid?

First and foremost, get your power level maxed out, otherwise, you will deal reduced damage to enemies and receive more incoming damage, resulting in often one-shot deaths.
Now, there are a couple of helpful tips on how to deal with each encounter of Master Vow of the Disciple raid:

Acquisition – make sure your team is ready to deal with lots of Solar shields – Scorn while defending the Obelisk, and killing the Knights. The runner must take into account that the Glyphkeepers inside the rooms are now Overload champions – use the most reliable anti-overload options. Gjallarhorn and Solar grenade launchers are good options for the encounter. There will be a few Unstoppable champions to deal with – we’ll talk more about them in the Challenge section.

The Caretaker – snipers spawning on corners of the room became Overload champions and it’s very important to deal with them as fast as possible, so make sure that players on the add clear duty are equipped with the Overload mods. Utilizing the Lucent finisher which is re-introduced in Season 19, makes the encounter more trivial in terms of ammo management.

Exhibition – as the Glyphkeepers are now Champions, both Overload and Unstoppable, means you will have to run both mods. Lucent Finisher once again makes it so much easier, combined with the Gjallarhorn to easily deal with a crazy amount of solar shields and champions without running out of ammo. Grab a Void secondary to deal with shields – the Null Composure would be a good option with AoE capabilities.

Rhulk – probably the easiest encounter on Master VotD with little changes from Normal – the Glyphkeepers are once again Overload and Unstoppable champions, and that is, pretty much, the only difference other than a few void shields on the taken adds. Utilize Lucent finisher, and your team will have enough heavy ammo for each DPS phase.

How to complete each Master Vow of the Disciple Weekly Challenge?

The VotD is the first Destiny 2 Witch Queen raid to include Master weekly challenges with random Adept rewards – the good news is there is duplicate protection, so you will get a collection of various raid guns rather quickly if you complete each weekly challenge.

Challenge How to Complete
Acquisition – Swift Destruction Requires to kill Champions within a few seconds of each other on each round – the best way to do that is to simply let the Unstoppable Champions live until the end of each phase, stunning them on cooldown, and then killing them simultaneously with the countdown. It’s all about communication.
The Caretaker – Base Information This challenge requires picking up just one stack of Knowledge per run, meaning that there will be a lot of running, and lots of Overload champions to deal with, while stunners must win as much time as possible before the DPS phase.
Exhibition – Defenses Down The most complex challenge in the raid, restricting each player in the fireteam to kill only one Taken Knight for the duration encounter, so each player will have to try out the relic at least once at some point.
Rhulk – Looping Catalyst Challenge Finally, the final boss challenge is one of the most straightforward challenges in Destiny 2 – you have to simply play the encounter as intended by mechanics and not fail them. It requires your team not to lose the Leeching Force buff, which can only occur if players are failing mechanics and die, the timer expires, or they can’t avoid the boss attacks. Deposit the buff one by one and you will get the challenge done.

What are the Master Difficulty Changes at Vow of the Disciple, the Witch Queen Raid?

The Vow of Disciple is the first Witch Queen raid to get the Master difficulty – it’s one of the most challenging Destiny 2 activities, rewarding capable players with the appropriate rewards. While encounters of the Master raid have the same mechanics, an increased difficulty is achieved by the familiar pattern used in the Witch Queen – the overall spike in enemies’ power level and Champions present in each encounter. The Match Game modifier also forces you to mind your loadout and use specific weapons to deal with champions and crazy strong elemental shields. The Power Level required to complete the raid can be achieved with Pinnacle Cap combined with Artifact Power levels.

How do you get Adept weapon in the Vow of the Disciple master difficulty level?

Each Weekly Challenge completed on Master rewards a random Adept raid weapon, unlike the fixed timelost weapon from the specific challenge in Destiny 2 VoG. List of Adept MVotD weapons:

What rewards can I get after Master Vow Of The Disciple full raid completion?

Master mode introduces significant challenges. There are many reasons to take on the Master Vow of the Disciple, including both cosmetic and gameplay-related rewards. You can also get extra loot – stat-focused armor set pieces and weapons crafted with Masterwork Materials. Completing challenges gives you additional rewards. You will obtain the random Adept versions of weapons for each challenge.

Is the VotD Raid on Master mode difficulty worth it?

Trying a Master raid gives you exclusive rewards, but you must run it with an experienced team. Teams may find it beneficial to attempt Master mode raids together to increase their chances of success. However, if time constraints are a concern, completing normal raids may suffice for weekly challenge.

How many secret chest in VotD raid?

There are two secret chests. You can find the first secret chest in the opening part of the raid where you transport the Darkness Surfboard to the pyramid. You’ll come across three Darkness Cruxes scattered throughout this section, which you must shoot to unlock the door to the chest. 

The second secret chest is in the jumping puzzle following the Caretaker encounter. You’ll recognize the correct room by the presence of six golden pillars and an opening to the outside on your right.

What is the final boss in the Master Vow of the Disciple?

Rhulk. Prepare for the strong challenges in the Vow of the Disciple Raid. When you finally take down Rhulk at the end, you might get several weapons, including a Collective Obligation Exotic Pulse Rifle, the Lubrae’s Ruin glaive, and the Forbearance grenade launcher. But with randomized drops, scoring your favorite gun may take multiple completions.

What are Master Vow of the Disciple Champions and Modifiers?

You will face Overload and Unstoppable champions while completing Master encounters – use the table below to help your team build the loadouts for each encounter and easily destroy shields and champions.

Encounter Champions Match Game Shields


Overload and Unstoppable


The Caretaker




Unstoppable and Overload

Void and Solar


Unstoppable and Overload


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    Completion Speed:

    Number of Guardians: