New World Personal Driver

This service may take longer than advertised due to the low population.

Due to the low server population across the board, finding parties for group activities proves more and more difficult. Therefore, some activities that require multiple players to be completed may take longer than advertised below.

This product is intended for daily routine tasks.

It cannot substitute our dedicated services for NW Expeditions, Weapon Mastery leveling, Faction Reputation boosts, or any other activity that has its own product in our store. Please order them through their respective product pages. You can always double-check what can and what can’t be done using this service with our customer support.

Please note, that selecting group activities as your primary objective will be significantly less effective if you play on a low populated server due to the fact that it may be difficult to find a group there.

Product Description

New World is a game that expects you to put a lot of effort into various parts of it in order to succeed. You will need to farm materials to level up your Trade Skills, run Corrupted portals to get Azoth, chests with gear and other stuff, and Corrupted shards to be able to craft tuning orbs for Expeditions, raise your gear watermark to benefit from Elite areas, and Expedition farming.

Obviously, this is a lot of routine content that requires very little in terms of skill, and, as such, becomes old really fast. You can outsource such tasks to our players and they will complete them for the amount of time selected!

New World Personal Driver Boost Includes

  • Playing on your character and completing various tasks for a selected number of hours;
  • all loot, materials, faction tokens, and other valuables that our player gets during the boost;
  • territory standing, faction reputation, character, and weapon experience.

Additional Options

You can direct your driver and specify the area of content that he should focus on, as well as the area of content that will be his secondary objective.

Primary objective — the main focus of our player during the time he will spend on your account; the player will mainly target the area of content specified;

Secondary objective — task to do during the downtime when the primary objective is unavailable for some reason. E.g. if you select a Corruption farm, which is a group activity, as his primary objective, he will have some downtime while he is looking for a group or traveling around the game world; you can add herb gathering as his secondary objective and he will gather some harvesting materials while he is looking for a group to spend the downtime somewhat productively.

Use my Azoth to travel — by default, our player will only spend Azoth for traveling around the world if you are capped and if they are confident that you won’t have less Azoth at the end of the boost than you had at the start of it. By selecting this option, you allow our player to fast travel from one spot to another, significantly increasing the efficiency of the service.

This boost will be completed in Piloted mode.

What Personal Driver Boost can and can’t be used for?

Our personal driver boost is best used if your goal is to maximize the potential of your character through activities that require a lot of time to complete. This includes Corrupted portals farming, Elite mobs/Chests farming, GS farm, and raising your gear watermark through any of the mentioned activities.

Also note that even though most of the content in the game grants you some sort of experience (either character exp, or weapon mastery), this product can’t be substituted for a leveling, trade skill, or weapon mastery boost.

If you would like us to boost your character’s trade skills or weapon mastery, you should check out our Trade Skills or Weapon Mastery services, respectively. In other words, you will gain some experience as a byproduct of this service, but we don’t guarantee (and you shouldn’t expect) any specific amount of exp.

A personal driver is most effective for:

  • Elite Areas farming — the player will look for a group for an area that you specify in order notes;
  • Myrkgard farming — please specify if you would like to focus on bosses or portals, or both in Myrkgard;
  • Outpost Rush — if you don’t enjoy PvP much, but still want to reap all the benefits of participating in this end-game activity, you can outsource it to us;
  • Signing up and participating in Wars/Invasions — don’t miss out on easy 350 Azoth and 650 Coin just because the time is inconvenient for you;
  • Raising your GS and loot watermark — this New World loot mechanic requires you to grind a lot to be able to loot good items. There are better use for your time than grinding the same areas over and over;
  • Gathering raw crafting materials — same as with loot grinding, get’s old really fast and can be outsourced to our players;
  • Grinding Town Projects for territory standing — our player will only use materials gathered during the boost to complete town projects.

You can use our other services for:

  • Character and weapon mastery leveling — we’ve got dedicated services for that; not only do they guarantee that you will be of the selected level at the end, but they are also more cost-efficient;
  • Expedition runs — check out our Expedition services if you need help with New World’s dungeons;
  • Faction Tokens or Reputation farming — although you can specify it as a secondary objective, we only guarantee any specific amount of rep/tokens if you buy them through our Faction Tokens Farm and Rep farm, respectively.


We will need access to your New World account for some meaningful amount of time to work on your order. It will be occupied while we work.

Please disconnect the Steam Guard or disable the "always require authenticator for login" setting in Security Settings. The secret question will protect your account for the duration of your boost. Remember to re-enable it once we finish the service.

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