New World Weapon Mastery Boost

The main feature that defines your character in combat of the New World MMO is what type and combination of weapons you use. The system itself is simple: you get proficiency with the weapon the more you use it. At some breakpoints, your weapon skill is increased and you are awarded a skill point that you can spend to unlock or upgrade abilities from the weapon skill tree. The maximum weapon skill, at the moment, is 20.

The Weapon Mastery system allows you to specialize in different weapons that suit your role the most. Each weapon has its own unlockable skill tree that allows you to choose and build your playstyle for that weapon. For example, with Hatchet, you can focus on melee combat with an emphasis on CC abilities, or you can build a ranged character that mainly throws the hatchet.

Weapon Mastery Boost Includes

  • Maxing your proficiency with the selected weapon;
  • 20 skill points to spend on abilities for the selected weapon;
  • unlocking the skill tree for the selected weapon.

This service usually takes within 2-3 days per weapon.

This boost will be completed in Piloted mode.

You can send us the skill tree you would prefer us to build for you. If you are not sure yet, our player will spend the skill points on the most optimal perks and abilities. You can always re-spec according to your preferences.


Level 60 character. Use our leveling boost service if you don’t meet this requirement.

We will need access to your New World account for some meaningful amount of time to work on your order. It will be occupied while we work.

About Weapon Mastery Boost from Epiccarry

The player’s mastery with each weapon in New World starts at zero and goes up every time a player uses this weapon to fight monsters or other players in PvP. At some breakpoints, when you gain enough experience, you get a skill point that you invest in a unique skill tree for this weapon. You may use it to learn new skills, upgrade those that you already know, or get an arbitrary stat boost for this weapon. For instance, with Sword and Shield, you can choose the tanking skill tree, which would turn you into a classic MMO tank, allowing you to control the mobs, taunt them and heal yourself. Another option is a melee DPS tree, which is all about the damage.

You gain some experience when killing mobs in a group, which makes Elite farming in a group and Expedition runs slightly more efficient ways to grind weapon mastery than solo farming. However, while being moderately efficient, this way is still very grindy and time-consuming. This is why we offer the Weapon Mastery Boost service for sale.

What is the fastest way to level weapon mastery in New World?

Judging from the Beta, the best way to level weapons is dueling other players in PvP. This way is very efficient because if you manage to find a partner, you are able to do many duels back-to-back with very little downtime. Although you will be missing out on some gear and materials because players don’t drop any loot, you will be able to make up for it later by killing the mobs more efficiently.

Our players have learned much more efficient techniques of weapon mastery leveling and will gladly assist you in this boring task for a cheap price. Make a purchase now and get a weapon or two fully leveled in a matter of days. Got questions? Reach out to our Customer Support staff via webchat.

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