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In the Season of Discovery’s Phase 2, Blizzard introduced new skill books for enhancing soft skills like Paladin blessings and Shaman totem projections, without using a rune slot. These improvements address skill inconsistencies and add new abilities to future expansions. Mainly acquired through five-man dungeons, this update aims to make classic gameplay more enjoyable and fair. For players short on time, Epiccarry provides assistance with dungeon farming and other tasks.

Service Includes

  • Chosen skill books famed on chosen classes;
  • All the gold, reagents and other items farmed during the boosting process;
  • Chance to loot the new gear pieces on your character.

This boost will be completed in Skill Books FarmPiloted mode.

Delivery Info

Estimated Starting Time: 30 minutes;
Estimated Completion Time:

  • Normal – 1 day;
  • Express – 16 hours 30 minutes;
  • Super Express – 12 hours.

Additional Options

Add 100 Gold – we will provide 100 gold for your character;
Stream – select this option for a personal stream of your boost.


Active World of Warcraft subscription.
Level 40 character. Use our Season of Discovery leveling boost service if you don’t meet this requirement.

How it Works

  • Complete the purchase; within 3-10 minutes, our customer support will contact you via email or your chosen preferred contact method.
  • One of our professional boosters will log into your account to complete your service and will provide you with a stream upon request.
  • At the appointed time, the booster will complete dungeons until your chosen Skill Books are farmed.
  • Enjoy your flawless boosting service with Epiccarry! Feel free to reach out to our customer support if you have any questions.
  • After your service is completed, you will be notified via your chosen communication method.
  • Use your brand new Skill Books and enjoy the enhanced skills!
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