Neltharus Key Items

Season 4 is already here, and what does it mean for us, mortal Mythic+ pushers? Of course, it means that we now strive to pass through all those M4+ splatening, through all those new abilities, and reach new 2500+ Rio, to get the best gear, to reach the best mount, and become the king of the mountain. We’re talking about being on the edge of Rio rating. That’s why, here at EpicCarry, we’re able to provide you with our first, unique, cool neltharus dungeon guide, full of MDT, MDI, and tactics for the Neltharion’s Dungeon! Also, you should know that it’s not a standalone guide, but a part of our Mythic+ compendium for Season 4:

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Wow Season 4 Neltharus Mythic+ Dungeon Guide | Entrance

Story Elements In Neltharus

Neltharus, the fiery dungeon brimming with lava waves and scorching breaths, is strategically positioned in the Waking Shores. The entrance is tucked away, surrounded by volcanic activity and magma tentacles, making it a hotspot for adventurers seeking the thrill of heroic and mythic difficulties. If you’re looking to tackle Neltharus, punch in the coordinates /way 25.57 56.95 on your map, and get ready for some heated action.

FactionStarting PointDirections to Entrance
AllianceValdrakken Flight PointFly to the nearest flight point in the Waking Shores, then mount up and follow the path east, dodging the random magma waves and mobs that spawn randomly along the path. Look out for lava drips and molten elementals that can deal damage as you make your way to the coordinates in the dragon isles.
HordeObsidian Citadel Flight PointFrom the flight point, head northwest. It’s a straight shot across fairly easy terrain, but keep an eye on any lava waves or burning embers that might spawn along your path. The entrance is just past a large, burned-out area filled with dragon remnants.

Wow Season 4 Neltharus Mythic+ Dungeon Guide | Timer

Neltharus Lore Background

So, good news, my lovely Mythic+ Pushers. On the one hand, we have a splatening, and it means that there’s no more timer from 0 to +10 keys. The second thing is that rewards were increased, and now in +9, you’re free to get rewards similar to +19 in the previous season. But on the other hand, pushing higher keys, like +10, becomes much harder if you have no practice in how to work with all those dungeons. So, instead of telling you how to push through lava waves and which random party member will ruin your run, let’s just leave the timer for the dungeon and view the result!


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Wow Season 4 Neltharus Mythic+ Dungeon Guide | MDT

How To Get Neltharus Exclusive Rewards

The Neltharius is a very specific dungeon. That’s why we’ve prepared all the best routes and waited a little moment to provide you with routes specifically designed for World of Warcraft: Mythic+ Dungeon Season 4. And here they are:

  1. common route.
  2. Tyrannical route.
  3. Storming route.
  4. Pug Route for safety tank.
  5. Break the Meta tank route.
  6. Fun Route for overpowering people.

Each of these routes will be effective for Season 4 and will be best suited for different situations, helping you push higher keys. But don’t forget to share your route with teammates using MythicDungeon Tools to get the best results in pushing the dungeon!

Route NameWho Passes RouteInformal Laconic Commentary Common RouteGeneral playersIdeal for regular teams, this route covers notable trash and focuses on avoiding lava waves and managing magma eruption efficiently.
Tyrannical RouteTeams with strong boss handlingTailored for groups that excel in boss encounters, focusing on managing the deadly frontal abilities and heavy damage phases like molten core cast.
Storming RouteAgile, high-movement teamsDesigned for teams that can handle increased movement speed and dodge magma waves, this route is all about pacing and quick repositioning.
Pug Route for Safety TankRandom party membersThis safer route minimizes risk with extra crowd control and healing cooldowns to support tanks through unpredictable damage from magma tentacles and lava spray.
Break the Meta Tank RouteInnovative tanksPushes the boundaries with unconventional strategies to handle tank damage, leveraging strategies against Chargath and his molten army for tanks who want a challenge.
Fun Route for Overpowering PeopleOvergeared playersThis route is for those looking to steamroll through Neltharus, emphasizing dealing damage and overpowering enemies before they can fully utilize their abilities like lava flare and fiery focus.

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Wow Season 4 Neltharus Mythic+ Dungeon Guide | Thrash Abilities

Tips For Neltharus Mythic+ Achievements

In Neltharius, trash mobs are not just filler between boss fights—they can turn your run into a disaster if not handled with care. From mobs spitting magma waves to those hurling fiery death in random directions, it’s a dance on hot coals. Understanding what each mob throws at you, whether it’s a deadly frontal ability or a ticking damage effect, and knowing whether to kick, dodge, or just tank through it, can make or break your run.

Mob NameAbilityWhat to DoAssociated BossQuick Commentary
Qalashi WardenVolcanic GuardDodgeMagmatuskThis attack is slow but packs a wallop. Tanks, don’t just stand there!
Qalashi SpinecrusherBrutal StrikeFocusMagmatuskKnocks you back and hurts plenty. DPS, take it down fast!
Qalashi ThaumaturgeMolten CoreInterruptMagmatuskStops those pesky Molten Elementals from crashing your party.
Qalashi PlundererExplosive ConcoctionDodgeMagmatuskThose orange swirls? They’re not party decorations—move!
Tamed PhoenixEmber ReachInterruptChargath, Bane of ScalesSnuff out this fire before it spreads.
Qalashi HunterBold AmbushSpot healChargath, Bane of ScalesLeaves a nasty bleed on a random unlucky soul. Healers, stay alert!
Qalashi TraineeMagma FistDodgeChargath, Bane of ScalesIf you see the ground lighting up, get those feet moving!
Qalashi BonetenderBone TossIgnoreChargath, Bane of ScalesNot the biggest threat. Keep your eyes on the bigger fish.
Overseer LaharBurning RoarInterruptChargath, Bane of ScalesIf you let this go off, you’re gonna have a bad time. Kick it!
Qalashi LavabearerThrow LavaAvoidForgemaster GorekDodge the puddles unless you fancy a fiery foot bath.
Qalashi IrontorchMote of CombustionInterruptForgemaster GorekCut it off quick, or things are gonna get explosive.
Qalashi BonesplitterDragonbone AxeFocusForgemaster GorekMassive bleed on a random victim—DPS, make it priority!
Irontorch CommanderScorching FusilladeSpread outForgemaster GorekStay spread or you’ll get more than your share of burn.
Qalashi BlacksmithForgestompAvoidForgemaster GorekGround’s pounding, better be bounding.
Apex BlazewingScalding ChompMitigateWarlord SarghaTanks, brace yourselves; this one’s a chomper.
Qalashi LavamancerLava BoltInterruptWarlord SarghaKeep ‘em quiet, or your tank’s toast.

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Wow Season 4 Neltharus Mythic+ Dungeon Guide | Boss tactics

Neltharus Challenge Modes

In the fiery depths of Neltharius, adventurers face a lineup of formidable bosses each with their own lethal flair. The Neltharius reigns over the dungeon, spewing liquid hot magma and testing teams with heroic difficulties. Magmatusk charges with fiery fury, summoning molten elementals and launching magma waves. Chargath, Bane of Scales, a dragon with devastating breath, hurls grounding spears and unleashes massive AoE damage. Forgemaster Gorek crafts molten barriers and swings heatedly, tossing his hammer with deadly precision. Lastly, Warlord Sargha commands the battlefield with volcanic guards and powerful frontal casts, leading up to a final, brutal slam

Magmatusk neltharus dungeon guide

Neltharus Achievement Guide

Magmatusk stands as a formidable fire-breathing behemoth in the heart of Neltharius, setting the stage for a heated battle. This boss is all about handling molten chaos—from dodging magma waves to countering the explosive temperament of its magma tentacles. Mastering the dance around its lava drips and molten barriers is key to survival. Strap in for a mythic showdown where every step could be scorched ground!

Ability NameWipe PotentialFocus GroupWhat to DoInformal Commentary
Magma TentacleHighAllSpread and dodgeThe floor is lava, literally! Keep moving or get toasted.
Magma LobModerateTankReposition boss away from lava poolsTanks, keep this big lug out of its own mess for less damage.
Lava SprayHighRandom PlayerAvoid other playersGet away from the crew unless you want to share the burn.
Blazing ChargeHighAllDodge waves and repositionThis bull charges hard! Dodge the waves or wipe.
Magma EruptionExtremeHealersMassive healing requiredHealers, time to shine—keep those heals coming or it’s game over.

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Magmatusk is not just about brute force; it’s a tactical beast that requires sharp movement, quick thinking, and coordinated team efforts to avoid a fiery wipe. Remember, avoiding the lava and managing the magma tentacles effectively can be the difference between a glorious victory and a smoldering defeat.

Chargath, Bane of Scales lava waves

Challenges And Achievements In Neltharus

Chargath, Bane of Scales, looms as a formidable presence in Neltharius, challenging adventurers with its fiery breath and scaling armor. Known for its scorching breath and magma shield, this dragon not only deals massive fire damage but can also turn the tide of battle with molten gold and lava waves. Keep your cool, strategize each move, and be prepared to dance around its deadly abilities to bring this beast down.

Ability NameWipe PotentialFocus GroupWhat to DoInformal Commentary
Grounding SpearExtremeTankKite boss to spearsTanks, play tag with these spears, make Chargath trip, and watch him fall.
Dragon StrikeModerateRandom PlayerSpot heal the targetHealers, keep an eye out; these dragon strikes hurt like a truck.
Fiery FocusExtremeTankKite and use defensivesTanks, keep moving or you’re barbecue.
Magma WaveHighAllAvoid direction of the waveWaves coming in hot—don’t get wiped out by this molten surprise.

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Chargath’s arsenal is a fiery gauntlet of blazing hazards and molten mayhem, requiring sharp reflexes and solid teamwork. Managing each ability effectively is key to surviving this encounter and living to tell the tale of your fiery foray into Neltharius.

Forgemaster Gorek hell for random party member

Neltharus Final Boss Guide

Forgemaster Gorek is the fiery artisan of Neltharius, wielding both hammer and anvil to craft molten calamities for any adventurers daring enough to challenge him. In this dungeon, Gorek turns up the heat with his forge, launching molten gold and unleashing volcanic guards that test the mettle of every party member. Mastering his blazing arena requires sharp reflexes and a cool head to handle the smelting heat.

Ability NameWipe PotentialWho Must FocusWhat to DoInformal Commentary
Might of the ForgeHighAllAvoid groupwide damage, watch for Blazing AegisAs he slams his hammer, feel the ground rumble—dodge the magma wave or face the molten elemental’s wrath! Groupwide damage incoming, this is the main mechanic!
ForgestormHighAllDodge randomly spawning swirlsSwirls of fiery doom spawn in random directions, delivering AOE damage. Keep moving or become part of the forge’s décor!
Heated SwingsHighTankMitigate damage, reposition as neededThis tank combo deals heavy damage and will test the mettle of your armor. Stand firm, mitigate wisely, and prepare for the molten onslaught with a moderate damage for randomly aimed frontal cone with a lava wave which deals damage and shield breaks for too many piles!
Blazing AegisModerateRandom PlayerActivate, use wisely, avoid spawning additional damageWhen the Blazing Aegis appears, it’s your chance to turn up the heat! Use it wisely, as mishandling could lead to more fiery chaos.
Blazing ammerExtremeHealerManage heavy healing, dodge impact areasThe ultimate test for healers—this main healer mechanic is a brutal mix of party-wide damage and dodging. Heal through this fiery barrage and keep your cool!


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Each of Gorek’s abilities brings a fiery peril, requiring precise coordination and swift responses to avoid turning the party into cinders. Whether it’s dodging molten gold or breaking through his molten barrier, success in this fight hinges on handling the high temperatures and punishing attacks with grace under fire.

Warlord Sargha without a magma tentacle

Neltharus Boss Fight Tactics

In the fiery depths of Neltharius, Warlord Sargha commands respect and fear, standing as a formidable adversary. Known for her fiery tactics and the ability to command molten forces, she challenges adventurers with a mix of raw power and cunning environmental manipulations. Facing her means dealing with molten gold, searing embers, and avoiding devastating lava flows that she masterfully orchestrates.

Warlord Sargha: Ability Breakdown

Here’s an in-depth look at Warlord Sargha’s abilities, highlighting the strategic responses needed to mitigate her fiery onslaught:

Ability NameWipe PotentialWho Must FocusWhat to DoInformal Commentary
Magma ShieldHighAllBreak the shield to make her vulnerableSmash that shield as soon as it pops! It’s crunch time, literally.
Burning EmberModerateAllAvoid/CC the embers to prevent damage spreadKeep those embers in check or get ready for a fiery dance floor.
Dragon’s KilnHighAllDodge the frontal cone attackStep aside! This dragon’s breath is worse than its bite.
Molten GoldHighAllDispel or avoid to reduce damage over timeDon’t get too greedy grabbing that gold; it bites back!

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Each of these abilities requires quick thinking and dynamic movement, as Warlord Sargha doesn’t just test your combat skills but also how well you can adapt to her ever-changing battlefield tactics. Staying alert and responsive to her attacks can mean the difference between victory and a fiery defeat in the challenging environment of Neltharius.

Wow Season 4 Neltharus Mythic+ Dungeon Guide | Loot table

Neltharus Enemy Types

In Neltharius, gear up with some fiery finds like the Obsidian-Hardened Wraps for resilience, Scalebane Signet for dragon-slaying prowess, and Erupting Spear Fragment for that explosive edge. Don’t miss out on the Pristine Magma Stompers and Dragonscale Ripper for stepping and slicing through your foes with style. If protection is your game, the Dragonkiln Chestguard and Qalashi Defender offer top-notch defense. For those who prefer to smash, Sargha’s Smasher and Warlord’s Cindermitts provide the power you need. Finally, wrap up your raid with stylish pieces like the Flare-Singed Strap and Lavabearer Legwraps, ensuring you look good as you conquer the heat. Each piece not only enhances your abilities but also prepares you for the challenges of mythic difficulty, making each boss fight a rewarding experience.

Obsidian-Hardened Wraps
Scalebane Signet
Erupting Spear Fragment
Pristine Magma Stompers
Dragonscale Ripper
Spoils of Neltharus
Warlord’s Cindermitts
Dragonkiln Chestguard
Helm of Hardened Gold
Qalashi Defender
Sargha’s Smasher
Flare-Singed Strap
Lavabearer Legwraps
Emberguard Harness
Irontorch Igniter
Forgemaster’s Grips
Mutated Magmammoth Scale
Mammoth-Trainer’s Drape
Molten Magma Mantle
Fural’s Blazing Faulds
Searing Tusk Shard

Wow Season 4 Neltharus Mythic+ Dungeon Guide | Plot

Bosses And Encounters In Neltharus

Neltharus isn’t just another dungeon; it’s where the djaradin dragon slayers are making a stand, having crashed into the Obsidian Citadel’s deepest treasures. These guys are serious about snatching the black dragonflight’s secrets and they’re not shy about it.

  • Chargath, Bane of Scales: This big dragon hunter loves a good fight. He’s hyped to test his skills against tough adventurers like you. But watch out, his heated swings and dragon strikes deal heavy damage. Chargath is not too happy when he loses, though.
  • Forgemaster Gorek: As a master blacksmith, Gorek’s all about hammering out some deadly weapons in the dragonflight’s forge. Interrupt him and he’s not pleased. Expect molten barriers, fiery forges blazing, and volcanic guards making a mess.
  • Magmatusk: Imagine a mammoth mixed with fiery tentacles—thanks to some wacky djaradin experiments. This beast is chaos on hooves with lava drips and slag eruptions to dodge.
  • Warlord Sargha: The boss lady herself, surrounded by treasures and wielding a mean flaming weapon. Sargha’s got high health targets around her and isn’t afraid to toss a burning chain or unleash a final slam.

Each boss in Neltharus brings a unique challenge, packed with mythic difficulty moves, and some serious loot if you can handle the heat!


From molten elementals causing a ruckus to bosses like Magmatusk and Warlord Sargha turning up the heat with every frontal cast and burning ember they throw our way. Whether you’re aiming to master heroic difficulty or the fiercer mythic keystone trials, remember—every player’s blazing aegis counts when dodging those random lava drips and grounding spears.

Boss spawns in Neltharus aren’t just random targets; they’re tests of skill, where only one person’s quick curse dispel or timely hammer toss can mean the difference between victory and a fiery wipe. So, keep your wits as sharp as a dragon strike, stay cool amid the burning roar, and always be ready to sidestep that slag eruption. With this guide and a bit of luck, you’ll blaze through Neltharus, turning every challenge into a burning ember beneath your feet