Plunderstorm Boost

Ahoy, matey! Step aboard our swashbuckling Plunderstorm Boost service. We’re setting sail to the Arathi Highlands to take part in pirate-infested Battle Royale!

With our salty dogs at the helm, ye’ll be plunderin’ tons of cosmetic rewards faster than you can say, “Shiver me timbers!” It’s not just about the loot, though—prepare for an adventure that’ll have you hooked, line, and sinker.

Our crew is ready to make this time-limited WoW Plunderstorm event boost a voyage to remember. So hoist the Jolly Roger, ready your cannons, and let’s set sail to victory! Arrr, it’s going to be a plunderful time!

Service Includes

  • Desired Keg’s Leg Crew Renown level;
  • Silver Tidestallion for renown level 10;
  • Royal Seafeather for renown level 20;
  • Polly Roger for renown level 39;
  • Plunderlord’s Tabard for renown level 40;
  • Plunderlord title for renown level 40;
  • Various Battle Pets;
  • Various Transmog items;
  • Various Titles;
  • Classic WoW Rewards: Special pet and mount for Wrath of the Lich King Classic.

You can choose either Plunderstorm Boost | Buy BoostSelf-Play or Plunderstorm Boost | Buy BoostPiloted mode for this boost.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 15 minutes.
Estimated Completion time

  • Normal: 3 days 6 hours (78 hours);
  • Express: 3 days (72 hours);
  • Super Express: 1 day 12 hours (36 hours).

Additional Options

Plunder Wonder — win a game of Plunderstorm and get Plunder Wonder achievement.
Plunderkind — collect 1,000,000 of Plunder and get the Plunderkind FoS achievement.
Stream — watch the battle live.


Active World of Warcraft Subscription.

How It Works

Ahoy, future captains of the Plunderstorm! To embark upon this grand adventure and claim yer rightful treasures, a few simple steps is all it takes. Chart yer course with us, and let the winds of fortune guide ye to glory and riches untold. Avast, ye hearties, your quest for booty begins now!

  1. Begin by marking yer X on our treasure map (placing the order) for the Plunderstorm carry service. This be the first step in joining our crew for the high seas adventure.
  2. Share yer sailing orders (account details) or opt to meet at the crow’s nest (arrange a session with our booster). Fear not, for all hands are trustworthy and skilled in navigating through the stormiest of battles.
  3. Our lookout will be in touch to chart the course (schedule the start time) for our expedition. With the wind at our backs, we’ll be setting sail within a quarter hour (15 minutes) of yer boarding.
  4. Will ye be observing from the crow’s nest (Pilote Mode) or swabbing the deck alongside the crew (Self-Play)? The choice be yers. Either way, ye’ll be in for a journey filled with action and treasure.
  5. As we return to port with our hull full of plunder, ye’ll be basking in the glory and riches of the Plunderstorm. Enjoy yer newfound treasures and the tales of adventure that come with them!

Arrr, get ready to jump into the quest like no other, matey! Our Plunderstorm Boost service is the key to unlocking vast treasures and experiences across the Arathi Highlands. Choose your path, and let the adventure begin!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need the latest WoW expansion to play Plunderstorm?


Plunderstorm is open to anyone with an active World of Warcraft subscription. There’s no need to purchase any expansions. Just ensure you have the WoW client installed and you’re ready to set sail into the adventure.

How do I access the Plunderstorm event in the game?

Getting into the Plunderstorm event is a breeze. Start by launching the application and selecting World of Warcraft. Verify your game installation, and once you’re in the retail version of WoW, Plunderstorm can be selected directly from the in-game menu. The event introduces a unique character creation feature, allowing for a fresh start for all participants, eliminating the need for prior game knowledge.

Can I play the Plunderstorm event solo or with friends?

Plunderstorm caters to both solitary adventurers and teams of two. You can embark on this journey alone or link up with a friend through right from the Plunderstorm character creation menu. Should you opt for the Duo mode without a companion, the game will seamlessly find you a match.

How does character progression work in the event?

Throughout your Plunderstorm adventures, you’ll stumble upon a variety of abilities, spells, and enhancements that dynamically appear on your Action Bar. These discoveries not only bolster your character’s power but also allow for customization through upgraded spells and abilities to bolster their impact.

What happens if I die during a match?

Falling in battle doesn’t mean the end of your Plunderstorm experience. You’ll have the option to continue watching the match through the eyes of your allies or switch to other players, allowing you to remain involved and learn from others until the match wraps up.

What kind of rewards can I earn from participating in Plunderstorm?

Participating in Plunderstorm earns you a treasure trove of rewards, ranging from unique cosmetic items to pets, titles, and even mounts. Highlights include the Plunderlord parrot mount and Bubbles the crab pet, along with pirate-themed apparel and Pirate Pepe as a charming companion. Victorious battles aren’t a prerequisite for claiming these prizes.

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