Wow Augmentation Evoker

Those Ewoks… They’re the most badass things in the Star Wars universe… Wait, did I mix up Ewoks and Evokers? Alright, let’s rewind. The Augmentation Evoker is the most badass guy in the World of Warcraft. And we got that straight from the last update, 10.1.7. So, what does it mean? Simply put, it’s time to write an Augmentation Evoker guide!

Right here, right now, for people with hands (not paws), Augmentation Evokers remain the top class for raids (S-Tier)… and, holy crap, they’re still the best in raids. God bless Bobby Kotick!

We’re also recommend to view our Mythic+ Compendium, with all the Dungeon tactics and M+ Loot.

Okay, maybe we started with one too many jokes. Let’s get serious… Pff, serious with all these anthropomorphic dragons? From this guide, you’ll discover the next data:

Augmentation Evoker
  • Why empowered spells are S… well, not rocks.
  • How to collect that targeted critical strike buff.
  • The pros and cons of Augmentation Evoker gameplay.
  • Why, among all Evoker specializations, the Augmentation Evoker remains SSS-tier in the game.

You’ll also delve into some perhaps “duller” topics, such as:

  • The optimal rotation for the Augmentation Evoker.
  • How the Devastation Evoker utilizes Dragonrage, while the Augmentation Evoker deals damage.
  • Your primary cooldown ability duration.
  • What to munch on for saving life in keys.
  • The best fashion choices if you’re interested not only in dps.
  • Which icons to slot into your addon toolbars. exactly if you’re play with bad healers.
  • Handy macros for Augmentation Evokers. they make abilities much more convenient.
  • The best stats for Augmentation Evokers.
  • Diverse talent builds for the Augmentation Evoker. to increase quality of your dps.
  • Enchants you should definitely avoid if you want play without boosting services.

We’ll also focus a bit on the top tier of all DPS in the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. Specifically, who’s dealing the best damage in retail WoW.

Almost forgot, expect some Ewok jokes thrown in their ebon might. They’re tearing stuff up while you’re focusing on the Evokers. Because Ewoks are both cute and machine-destroying menaces. And Evokers? Just comical dragons. So, without further ado… Let the madness begin!

Dragonflight 10.2 updates

So Dragonflight 10.2 is shaking things up for Augmentation Evokers, right? So let’s start from the very beginning.

Table of Changes:

ChangeDragonflight 10.2 Update
Aspects’ FavorMax health increase changed from 3/6% to 2/4%.
Molten BloodAbsorption reduced by 50% (unchanged in PvP).
Ebon MightGrants 8% of Evoker’s primary stat (down from 10%). Really Cool Bonus!
PrescienceClears on raid encounter/Mythic+ start; now has 2 charges.
Ebon Might (Ally Application)Skips allies with 2 Ebon Mights; seeks others, prioritizing damage dealers over Augmentation Evokers.
Prescience (Ally Application)Won’t apply to allies with 2 charges already; when casting with enemy target, prefers damage dealers over Augmentation Evokers.
Shifting SandsPrefers to apply to allies without Shifting Sands without human form.

So, there you go – an informal rundown and a table detailing the Augmentation Evoker changes in Dragonflight 10.2!

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Augmentation Evoker class overview

Augmentation Evokers

Hey, think of the Augmentation Evoker as the Shadow Priest’s cooler, reversed bro with a MASSIVE… presence. This dude’s spitting the “Breath of Eons” and juggling those draconic attunements like a boss. He’s got the orbs spawning, is tackling up to five targets at once, and basically makes every raid feel like a walk in the park. With that killer versatility buff, he’s the S-Class DPS rockstar of WOW retail. Evoker’s not just playing the game; he’s owning it!

Augmentation Evoker pros

  • Easy Lover: Just like that one ex, super easy to play with.
  • Group’s Plaything: When you walk in, everyone’s DPS gets… excited.
  • Endurance King: Survivability? Let’s just say you last longer than most.
  • High Flyer: Soaring in The Forbidden Reach, like joining the Mile High Club solo.
  • Tail Tease: Tail Swipe gives ’em a playful smack. Spanking’s never been this fun.
  • Double Dip: With Azure Strike, it’s always a threesome. Why settle for one?
  • Hot ‘n Ready: Living Flame. Whether you’re in the mood to give or receive, you’re covered.

Augmentation Evoker cons & Empowered spells

  • Shortcomings: 25-yard range. But it’s not the size; it’s how you use it, right?
  • Sensitive Soul: Lose your buffed-up buddies and you go a little… limp.
  • Underestimated: Those addons? They can’t handle all of your… magnitude.
  • One per Realm: Being exclusive’s sexy, but sometimes you just want more company in bed.
  • Selective Pleaser: Wing Buffet is great, but doesn’t love backdoor action.

Augmentation Evoker in tier Dragonflight DPS

Wow Evoker Guide

Augmentation Evoker is total S-tier in World of Warcraft. Can handle a crowd, shoot some spicy Fire Breath, and jazz up your allies’ DPS cooldowns. But don’t get too comfy shaking that booty; your hands need to be more rockstar than the class. While you’re out there, empowering spells and making everyone’s DPS go wild, remember it’s not just the class that sizzles, it’s how you wield that power.

For keys

  1. Fire Mage (S Tier): Hot to the touch, huh? I guess they aren’t just making things spontaneously combust for fun.
  2. Frost Mage (A Tier): Colder than my ex’s heart. No wonder they’re in high demand.
  3. Arcane Mage (C Tier): Who needs clarity when you’ve got sparkles?
  4. Shadow Priest (S Tier): Embracing the darkness and making it look good.
  5. Unholy Death Knight (A Tier): Because zombies have never been more fashionable.
  6. Frost Death Knight (B Tier): Crispier than a morning frost. Watch out, Frost Mages!
  7. Enhancement Shaman (A Tier): Smashing things with the power of the elements. What’s not to like to contribute it efficient?
  8. Elemental Shaman (A Tier): Throwing lightning and causing earthquakes. Another day at the office.
  9. Demonology Warlock (A Tier): Because why summon one demon when you can summon an army?
  10. Affliction Warlock (C Tier): Painfully ironic they’re not at the top rqual to augmentation evoker. Guess those dots aren’t as scary anymore.
  11. Balance Druid (A Tier): Moonfire-spamming their way to near stardom! Do not love any eruption for upheaval.
  12. Feral Druid (B Tier): Rawr means ‘I love you’ in Dinosaur… and apparently ‘Mediocre DPS’ in WoW.
  13. Subtlety Rogue (A Tier): Sneaky peaky like. No one sees them coming… or their DPS.
  14. Outlaw Rogue (B Tier): Yarr, they might not be the captains of DPS, but they’ve got heart!
  15. Assassination Rogue (D Tier): So much for being deadly, huh?
  16. Fury Warrior (A Tier): All that rage, and still not number one? Oh, the irony! Play well only with good gems.
  17. Arms Warrior (B Tier): Arm yourself, but maybe not with this spec for top-tier DPS.
  18. Retribution Paladin (B Tier): Holier than thou? Maybe not in the DPS department.
  19. Windwalker Monk (B Tier): Walking on air… in the middle of the pack still can acts better in good hands.
  20. Survival Hunter (B Tier): More like ‘barely surviving’ the DPS competition, right sight?
  21. Beast Mastery Hunter (B Tier): Best friends with their pets, just not with the DPS extend charts.
  22. Marksmanship Hunter (C Tier): Guess they missed the mark this time.
  • Havoc Demon Hunter (B Tier): Creating havoc, but apparently not enough.
  • Augmentation Evoker (S Tier): Augmented reality or just an augmented ego?
  • Devastation Evoker (A Tier): Sowing devastation, but not quite as much as their augmented cousins.

For raids

Augmentation Evoker Guide — Rotation, Calculation, Why It Rocks, And Other Frequently Questions Which You’re Scare To Ask!
  1. Fire Mage (S Tier): Setting the world on fire, or just burning through their rotations without a clue?
  2. Frost Mage (S Tier): Guess they’re not just chilling at the bottom anymore, eh?
  3. Arcane Mage (A Tier): Sparkling on the outside, clueless on the inside.
  4. Shadow Priest (A Tier): Dark and edgy, but still can’t top the charts. Too busy listening to My Chemical Romance?
  5. Unholy Death Knight (S Tier): With that stench, it’s no wonder they’re trying to end fights quickly.
  6. Frost Death Knight (A Tier): You’d think with two weapons they’d do better. Double the effort, half the impact.
  7. Enhancement Shaman (S Tier): Smashing totems and hopes. Mostly their group’s hopes.
  8. Elemental Shaman (A Tier): Got their head in the clouds, probably why they missed S Tier.
  9. Demonology Warlock (S Tier): Guess they’re compensating for something with all those demons.
  10. Affliction Warlock (S Tier): Hoping their DoTs are as painful as their fashion choices.
  11. Destruction Warlock (B Tier): More like ‘Self-Destruction’ with that DPS.
  12. Balance Druid (C Tier): Lost their balance and landed face-first in the average zone.
  13. Feral Druid (B Tier): Trying to claw their way to the top but only managing to scratch the surface.
  14. Subtlety Rogue (A Tier): So subtle, they sneakily avoided the top spot.
  15. Assassination Rogue (D Tier): Missing their targets more than a stormtrooper.
  16. Outlaw Rogue (C Tier): Playing pirate in a world that’s moved on to spaceships.
  17. Arms Warrior (B Tier): Apparently, one arm is just for show.
  18. Fury Warrior (B Tier): Angry, and not just about their DPS.
  19. Retribution Paladin (C Tier): Seeking retribution for their lost DPS.
  20. Windwalker Monk (A Tier): Walking on wind and tripping over their rotations.
  21. Marksmanship Hunter (C Tier): Could miss the broad side of a barn. A for effort, C for execution.
  22. Beast Mastery Hunter (C Tier): At least their pets still love them… right?
  23. Survival Hunter (C Tier): Surviving, but just barely.
  24. Havoc Demon Hunter (B Tier): More havoc in their fashion choices than on the battlefield.
  25. Augmentation Evoker (S Tier): Augmented DPS or just over-inflated egos?
  26. Devastation Evoker (B Tier): Less ‘devastation’, more ‘mild inconvenience’.

Augmentation Evoker playstyle leveling

Evoker Augmentation Spec

You wanna level up as an Augmentation Evoker? First thing’s first: forget all the hardcore tactics. This ain’t some frost mage relying on optimal rotations for XP. Nah, it’s more like an all-you-can-eat buffet – munch on whatever catches your fancy!

Of course, in retail WoW, reaching maximum level? Kinda like an “everyone gets a trophy” situation. You can dance your way there, cast a couple of empowered spells, or just dazzle enemies with that new Fire Breath you picked up from the last talent tree. The world’s your oyster.

Now, I gotta mention, just for laughs:

  • Damage output? like Look ma, no hands!
  • Damage dealing abilities? like Oops, did I do that?
  • Maximum level? Oh, did I reach that already? Neat.

Honestly, you could probably sneeze and take out a mob. Not to mention, your movement speed makes you feel like you chugged five energy drinks – zipping around while consistently casting spells, because… why not?

Just remember, while leveling, don’t stress about ‘optimizing’ every little thing. Have fun, cast spells, sneeze on enemies, and before you know it, you’ll be tackling challenging raids and showing off those Blistering Scales of yours.

Augmentation Evoker Rotation logic

Wow Evoker Talents

The Augmentation Evoker is all about juggling two main buffs: Ebon Might and Prescience on two targets. Aim for almost 100% uptime.

Essence moves like Eruption and Emerald Blossom, especially with the Dream of Spring talent when you will come to the emerald dream.

Charged moves like Fire Breath and Upheaval.

Breath of Eons when you cast it.

Allies get Ebon Might based on:

  • If they’ve got the buff already.
  • If they’ve got Prescience.
  • Nearby fighters without someone else’s Ebon Might.
  • Closest fighters.
  • Any nearby buddies.

Prescience: Toss this on your top damage-dealers. In Mythic+ mode, just slam the button; it picks the top two damage-doers. Handy macros make this easier in big raids.

Blistering Scales: Slap this on a foe and it hits their target. With the Molten Blood talent, it becomes a shield, better when your mate’s health is in the dumps.

Breath of Eons: Use whenever you can for max damage, to pump up Ebon Might, hand out shields, and get that sweet Fury of the Aspects with the Plan of the Future talent.

Time Skip: Resets your big moves. In a pinch, it can reset others to trigger the Aspect’s Favor talent, but make sure Breath of Eons has a long enough cooldown first.

Augmentation evoker specialization for raids

Augmentation Evoker Guide — Rotation, Calculation, Why It Rocks, And Other Frequently Questions Which You’re Scare To Ask!

Hey, Evoker buddy! So you’re rocking the augmentation specialization, huh? Nice. Think of it as leveling up in a retro game. The ancient flame buff? That’s your power-up. Your supportive spells are your cheat codes, and landing critical hits is like smashing the high score. And those orbs spawn?

Ok, any case, you have at least two ways, and two talent builds for raids, which are will be better for different situations and both of them increases maximum health. So here they’re! And please, bear in mind that about Evoker in Dragonflight 10.2 better than us know only a google company. So if you want to deal damage for a cool raid encounter with entire fight, just read our rotatio guide and learn in how damage dealing roles about Augmentation evoker with an ebon might and kill tons of mobs.

Opener with Time Skip Talent

Pull phase

Opener with Interwoven Threads

Augmentation Evoker Guide — Rotation, Calculation, Why It Rocks, And Other Frequently Questions Which You’re Scare To Ask!

Pull phase

Continue normal rotation with a shifting sands.

Main Priority (Post-Opener)

Augmentation Evoker Guide — Rotation, Calculation, Why It Rocks, And Other Frequently Questions Which You’re Scare To Ask!

Augmentation evoker gameplay for keys

Evoker Talent Build

For M+, the talent largely hinges on quicker reactions, so play augmentation evoker even if you increases maximum health carefully. That faster casting speed is your best friend here – it’s like the turbo mode in old school games. Remember, while augmentation’s arsenal is dope for raids, dungeons are a different ball game. Prioritize that important secondary stat, actually, scratch that, make it your most important secondary stat. And always, always be on the lookout for valuable insights that’ll amp up your gameplay.

Augmentation Evoker The best stats

As usual, we have for you short and long answer. To be maximally laconic, remember that the Blizzard design their game

Short answer

Evoker Guide Wow

For Raids and M+: Intellect > Mastery >>>> Haste = Crit > Versatility.

Long answer

Everything’s balanced so that of all the secondary stats to ebon might and living flame, you’re basically wanting to grab as much Mastery as you can. Even when hitting those annoying diminishing returns, Mastery’s still shining twice as bright as Haste and Crit. It’s like three times more bangin’ than Versatility. Oh, and don’t get too wrapped up in hitting exact numbers—there’s no magic cap. No need to hit a specific number, no minimum to reach, and definitely no cap if you want increase your effectiveness of cooldown!

With the versatility buff automatically popping up, you might think of weaving in those melee attacks. But don’t get lost! Cooldown reduction in crucial moments can be significantly enhanced. Keep an eye out for that guaranteed critical hit, especially when receiving melee attacks. And hey, if you can hit multiple targets simultaneously, why the heck not?

Augmentation Evoker Talent builds

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Getting ready to drop a talent build link for your Augmentation Evoker! We’re gonna juice up those dps cooldowns, dive deep into the spatial paradox, and align with your allies’ dps bursts. Expect a wicked boost in damage output, especially that sweet aoe damage.

Important NOTE: we’re put the freshest talent builds, based on the current addon patch. We’re stole them right from MDI players in RIO and youtube, so we’re sure about it’s the best solution use our method to play better!

Dungeon guidesMythic Affix Guides
Dragonflight Everbloom Mythic+ Dungeon Guide.Fortified affix
Dawn of the Infinites: Galakrond’s Fall Mythic+ Dungeon Guide.Bursting Affix
Dawn of the Infinites: Murozond’s Rise Mythic+ Dungeon Guide.Tyrannical Affix
Dragonflight Throne of Tides Mythic+ Dungeon Guide.Spiteful affix
Mythic+ Dungeons CompendiumIncorporeal affix
In work…Entangling affix
Raging AffixSpiteful Affix+

Augmentation Evoker Talent builds for mythic+

Augmentation Evoker Talents

Import this to your Talent tree manager for the Mythic+: BEcBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAQSJpFJJahkkSCSSSDAAAAAAAAJBEiIhQSCAAAASk0ikISCENB

Week-specific Affixes:

  • Oppressing Roar and Overawe are crucial for handling the “enraged” effects, helping the group control and mitigate the additional threat from enraged mobs.
  • During “Void-touched” weeks, Lunacy (or SleepWalk) becomes handy for controlling adds, ensuring that your group doesn’t get overwhelmed and allowing for more strategic pulls.

Situational Talents:

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Wow Dragonflight Mythic+ Dungeons Boost — Product Image
  • Living Flame: An ability that can provide sustained AoE damage, ideal for burning through packs of mobs.
  • Twin Guardian: A defensive tool that can be particularly useful when facing tough elites or bosses.
  • Rescue: Primarily a utility talent, allowing you to save a teammate from potential danger.

Alternative Talents:

  • Terror of the Skies: Great for crowd control and managing large packs.
  • Tail Swipe / Heavy Wing Flaps: These are specifically useful for the “Bloody” affix, allowing you to knock back or control mobs that are empowered by the affix.
  • Time Spiral: Provides a utility for controlling time, which can be versatile in numerous situations.
  • Cauterizing Flame: A healing ability that’s great for when the group is taking a lot of damage.

Augmentation Evoker Talent builds for Raids

Even if you want buffing ability for raiding, you’re able to access our positioning strategies based on thisform of talent builds for your character. Explanation of differences between these builds you can find in a “Rotation part” of the Augmentation evoker guide.

Augmentation Evoker Talent Tree


Import this to your Talent tree manager for the alternate raid build: BEcBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAQikWkkQIJpkkIJJNAAAAAQAAQSAIiECJJAAAAIRSLSSikAhE

Augmentation Evoker Gearing

Evoker Wow Guide

Straight from the MDI elites, we’ve snagged the best gear insights for evoker specializations. Expect valuable buffs, talent utilization perks, and multi-target madness. It’s the crucial component you’ve been missing!

HeadCrown of Obsidian Secrets
RingsSignet of Titanic Insight
NeckMagmorax’s Fourth Collar
WeaponNasz’uro, the Unbound Legacy
ChestSundered Edgelord’s Breastplate
CloakUndulating Sporecloak
BracerComplicated Cuffs
GlovesClaws of Obsidian Secrets
BeltGloomfused Chemistry Belt
LegsChausses of Obsidian Secrets
FeetExacting Augmenter’s Sabatons

Augmentation Evoker enchants

Straight from the MDI’s top picks, our enchant collection boasts the valuable buffs, key insights for all evoker specializations, and that nifty skill for damage reduction. Augmentation streamlines your abilities, enhanced health is a game-changer, and, well, who doesn’t want more orbs spawning?

SlotEnchantment for dragonflight 10.2
RingsDevotion of Mastery
WeaponSophic Devotion
ChestWaking Stats
CloakGraceful Avoidance
BracerEnchant Bracer – Devotion of Avoidance
BeltShadowed Belt Clasp
LegsFrozen Spellthread
FeetWatcher’s Loam

Augmentation Evoker Addons, tips and macros

Here we’ll put the most important information, like about most important questions. Like about adons, macros, tips. and ways to use shifting sands in dragonflight 10.2 not only for devastation, but for all other damage dealing roles.

Your questions, our answers

Facing multiple enemies in those challenging raids? Our Evoker Augmenter’s here to help! With major cooldowns, leaping flames, and the ability to boost up to four allies, you’ll see damage dealt like never before. Just a heads-up: some powers require manual targeting. Dive into this FAQ and get ready to tackle the toughest fights!

  • Evoker Augmentation evoker – fighter or healer?

Fighter. Heals? Sure, like a cat trying to cook dinner. So you have to learn about damage dealing roles, before you’ll but your shifting sands empowered by ebon might to your allies.

  • Buff damage – who gets it, Augmentation evoker or the buffee?

Logs say it’s Augmentation evoker, but the buffee is like “Look at my stats, bro!”

  • “Timewalker Talent” – what’s the deets?

Boost spells and someone gets a shiny Universality buff for your ebon might. Also, your Mastery makes your buffs last like a cat video on the internet. Infinite!

  • Swap my shiny Mastery gear for fancy higher ilvl ones?

Regular stuff: ilvl’s the king, then Mastery. Rings/bling: Mastery first! Because who needs high ilvl when you can shine?

The badass who’s throwing punches and isn’t glowing yet. Just pick the MVP with the strong ebon might!

  • Key mashes for victory?

Peek at the guide: augmentation-faq. Or just press buttons, I dunno.

  • WA builds for Augmentation evoker?

Looky here, fellow evoker (or should I say ewok-er?): May the force be with ya!

  • Wanna look human post-battle?

Use “Chosen Identity”. It’s like the filter you use to hide your morning face.

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Augmentation Evoker Guide — Rotation, Calculation, Why It Rocks, And Other Frequently Questions Which You’re Scare To Ask!

We do not focus about addons for each specific guide anymore. Except the standard assortment, like details, DBM, and others, we designed the special article, full of different addons, and there you will find the best world of Warcraft addons for the augmentation evoker, which are help you to manage your ebon might!

Augmentation Evoker Macros

Mouseover or Specific Player Macro


/cast [@mouseover,help,nodead][target=PlayerName,help,nodead][] Foresight

This macro casts “Foresight” (translated from “Предвидение”) on a mouseover target if they are a friendly unit and alive. If no such mouseover target exists, it will try to cast on “PlayerName”. If neither condition is met, it casts on your current target or yourself.

Modifier with Mouseover or Specific Player Macro


/cast [@mouseover,help,nodead][mod:shift,@PlayerName,help,nodead][@PlayerName,help,nodead][] Foresight

This macro does a similar thing as the first but with a modifier. If you’re holding down the shift key while activating the macro, it will prioritize casting “Foresight” on “PlayerName”. Otherwise, it will default to the mouseover or “PlayerName” if no mouseover exists.

Make sure to replace “PlayerName” with the actual name of the player you intend to use this macro for.

Augmentation Evoker conclusion: Not as cool as Ewok, but with a enormous dps!

Evoker Consumables

Diving deep into the Augmentation Evoker’s bag of tricks, we’ve realized how rad it is to utilize empowered spells. I mean, who doesn’t love when an ability inflicts damage like it’s nobody’s business? Especially with that newly acquired empowering ability, it’s like giving your magic a spicy upgrade. It’s all about learning to empower spells to seriously boost the augmentation evoker’s performance.

While we’re all hyped about the Augmentation Evoker, don’t turn a blind eye to evoker specs. Those other evoker specializations? They’ve got their own flavor and might just surprise you with their kick!