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So, we were eagerly anticipating the start of World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery with high expectations. We were waiting for lower rates, significant changes that would completely transform the way we create our Season of Discovery leveling guide, shortcuts to be found, runes to be abused, and the ability to handle more mobs at once, all to enhance the Vanilla WoW vibes. But… there’s nothing. Literally nothing new in the leveling process for World of Warcraft: Classic Season of Discovery. So, you will find all the required answers with our WoW SoD Leveling Guide. You’re Welcome!

We initially intended to conclude our Season of Discovery leveling guide and provide you with some links to our WoW Classic leveling guide, including the HC hardcore mode or even just the guidelines from 2019. However, then something awakened us – the last time people encountered completed World of Warcraft: Classic. It has been at least 5 years since you last read a WoW leveling guide for 1-25 in Season of Discovery.

And it sounds like a good idea to refresh our old guidelines on how to level up quickly in WoW Season of Discovery. So, prepare for a condensed version of the Season of Discovery fastest leveling 1-25:

  1. Where to start?
  2. Where to go?
  3. Which race and class are the best for SoD?
  4. Which addons to use?
  5. Why you shouldn’t skip Ashenvale until you reach level 25?
  6. Optimal route.

This Season of Discovery leveling guide is part of our compendium on the world of Warcraft: Season of Discovery. So if you want to learn more about:

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You’re welcome! We’re strive to update our guides, and left them actual!

Which is the simple combination race and class for fast leveling in 1-25?

Wow Leveling Guide 1-25 Sod

For simplicity and speed, I’d recommend a Human Paladin or an Orc Hunter. Human Paladins benefit from extra spirit and reputation bonuses, making them durable and versatile for solo play. Orc Hunters, on the other hand, have strong pet synergy and racial bonuses that enhance combat efficiency, speeding up the leveling process.

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General tips in leveling!

Wow Leveling Guide 2023

Please, chill, and do not get upset. Most of the classic WoW advice from this part will not impress you, even if you have your own leveling experience. It will sound like – complete quests, reach the maximum level by killing mobs, strive to use rune powers, and grind herbalism to be useful in dungeons.

Leveling Strategy

Quests: Focus on completing quests efficiently. In early zones like Elwynn Forest for Humans or Durotar for Orcs, quests are densely packed and offer good XP.

Rested Experience: Make use of rested XP by logging out in inns or cities. This bonus is crucial for faster leveling.

Dungeon Runs: At around level 15-20, start running dungeons. For instance, Deadmines for Alliance or Wailing Caverns for Horde. Dungeons offer good gear and XP.

Skill and Talent Build

For Paladins, focus on a Retribution build to maximize your damage output.

For Hunters, a Beast Mastery build is ideal for leveling, as it enhances your pet’s abilities, making solo play more efficient at the WoW SoD Phase 1.

General Tips

Keep your gear updated, especially your weapon, to maintain your damage output.

Keep an eye on your health and mana. Avoid unnecessary downtime.

If you find a good spot with quick respawn rates, some mob grinding can supplement questing effectivelyat the WoW SoD Phase 1.

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Zone Progression

Start in your race’s starting zone, then move to adjacent areas. For Paladins, this might be Westfall post-Elwynn; for Hunters, The Barrens after Durotar.

At around level 20, consider zones like Redridge Mountains or Stonetalon Mountains. These areas have quests that yield good XP.

Alchemy & Gathering

Taking up Alchemy can be beneficial. Potions for health and mana are always useful.

Pair it with a gathering profession like Herbalism to support your Alchemy and earn extra gold.

Choose a race and class that provides a balance of survivability and damage. Focus on efficient questing, take advantage of rested XP, and incorporate dungeon runs for gear and additional XP. Keep your gear updated and manage your resources wisely at the WoW SoD Phase 1.

The best route for the speed leveling 1-25

Fastest Way To Level In Wow

Here’s again nothing special. Utilize the starting zones. Do not go in thousand needles. Spend all your time in the Barrens chat. The Rates are usual. The routes are usual. The lower level recipes are usual. So catch the best routes for the both sides. There’s only a few differences. If you play dwarfes, elves, or Undeads, the starting location will differ. It can been a loch modan for e.g. AnyCase, such a lo level cap asap is for about 5-7 hours, which are border you from endgame content in the silverpine forest with all those new skills for run dungeons.

Alliance Speed Leveling Route (1-25) – WoW Season of Discovery 2023

Zone (Wowhead Link)Level RangeCommentary
Elwynn Forest1-10Starting zone for Humans. Dense quest clusters for fast completion, minimal travel.
Westfall10-15Close to Elwynn. Good for gaining attack power and new abilities. Watch out for elite quests.
Redridge Mountains15-20Offers a mix of quests. Focus on completing objectives efficiently to minimize downtime.
Duskwood20-25Challenging quests for pushing towards level cap. Find alchemy trainer here for potion needs.

Essential Tips: Start in your race’s starting zone. Prioritize questing and aim for zones with dense quest objectives. Group up with party members for elite quests to save time.

Horde Speed Leveling Route (1-25) – WoW Season of Discovery 2023

Zone (Wowhead Link)Level RangeCommentary
Durotar1-10Orc and Troll starting zone. Efficient for quick leveling with straightforward quests.
The Barrens10-20Central hub for Horde players. Large area with lots of quests; great for gaining new abilities.
Stonetalon Mountains20-25Good quest flow and progression towards level cap. Keep an eye out for alchemy trainers.

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Essential Tips: Utilize your starting zones effectively. Keep track of quest objectives and try to complete them in batches to minimize downtime. Team up for difficult or elite quests at the WoW SoD Phase 1.

Which are the best addons for the leveling speed

Sod Leveling Guide 1-25

To get more accurate information, please visit our the best addons guide for Wow classic Season of discovery.

In the world of WoW Classic, especially during the Classic Season of Discovery, leveling efficiently is key. Addons can significantly enhance your experience, making the journey from 1 to 25 smoother and more enjoyable. Whether you’re exploring the Redridge Mountains or battling through dungeons, these addons provide the extra edge needed for the fastest way to level in WoW.

AddonWhat It DoesWhy It’s Helpful (Commentary)
QuestieTracks quests and locationsEssential for managing quests efficiently; shows exact locations and objectives.
TomTomGPS-like arrow for navigationPoints you to the next quest or objective; a huge time-saver.
AtlasLoot ClassicDisplays potential loot from dungeons/raidsHelps plan dungeon runs for the best gear to speed up leveling.
Vendor PriceShows item selling prices in your bagUseful for managing inventory and knowing what to keep or sell for gold.
GatherMate2Records locations of gathering nodesPerfect for players with Herbalism or Mining; aids in finding alchemy ingredients.
Leatrix Plus (Classic)Quality of life improvementsAutomates mundane tasks (like selling junk) to focus more on leveling.
Azeroth Auto Pilot – ClassicOptimizes questing routeGuides you on the fastest questing path, tailored for WoW Classic Season.
RecountDPS meterHelps tweak your performance in combat for faster mob grinding.
BagnonSingle-window bag managementSimplifies inventory management so you spend less time sorting loot.
Details! Damage MeterAdvanced combat analysisProvides in-depth insights to optimize your class performance.
RealMobHealthShows actual mob healthEssential for knowing how much more you need to hit a mob, especially at low levels.
Speedy AutoLootFaster loot collectionMinimizes the looting time, speeding up overall leveling process.
ClassicCodexManual addon for questing and levelingOffers detailed guides and info for quests, an alternative to Questie.

These addons are invaluable tools in your WoW leveling guide, especially in the Classic Season of Discovery. They cover various aspects of the game, from quest tracking to inventory management, ensuring that your journey through Azeroth is as efficient and enjoyable as possible. Remember, the right tools can make all the difference in achieving that level cap ASAP!

Tips and tricks

Fastest Way To Level In Sod

In WoW Classic’s Season of Discovery, the fastest way to level involves smart questing, taking advantage of group dynamics, and staying on top of gear and skill upgrades. Remember, every class has its strengths and weaknesses, so tailor your approach to your character’s abilities and the game’s aspects. Happy leveling!

Approximated Time to Reach Level 25 with These Tips: Roughly 24-30 hours, depending on class and efficiency at the WoW SoD Phase 1.

TipRevised Commentary
Quest BatchingGroup multiple quests in the same area to reach quest objectives faster, optimizing efficient questing and minimizing travel time.
Dungeon RunsTackle dungeons for valuable loot and experience points. Deadmines and Wailing Caverns offer rapid progression and challenging encounters.
Party UpEngage in group play to share experience points, enhancing survivability through tough encounters and efficient completion of elite quests.
Use Hearthstone WiselySet your Hearthstone in strategic locations like Redridge Mountains to significantly speed up travel back, reducing downtime.
Keep Gear UpdatedUpdate gear to improve combat capabilities, particularly weapons for higher damage output, ensuring quicker leveling progress.
Optimize Talent BuildsSelect talent builds that enhance leveling efficiency, focusing on AOE damage, movement speed, or crowd control to adapt to challenging encounters.
Utilize Rested XPAccumulate rested XP in inns for double experience gains, speeding up the leveling process towards the level cap.
Train Skills RegularlyUpgrade skills with skill books as they become available to maintain peak combat efficiency, crucial for surviving unexpected attacks and grinding spots.

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Duo leveling still works for a leveling speed

Wow Fastest Way To Level 1-25

Duo leveling is more exciting and challenging. You get to share the grind, handle tough mobs, and enjoy gameplay synergy. Plus, swapping items and matching professions is a cool bonus.

Pick classes that jive well together. Like a warrior’s muscle with a mage’s spells or a rogue’s sneakiness with a priest’s healing. Think of it as a dance of skills and abilities. Classes are ranked in tiers (S to D) for how well they pair up. Avoid incompatible combos like paladins with shamans in classic – it’s a no-go.


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Rogue pairs well with a Paladin, turning them into a lethal duo. Also, Rogue + Rogue is fun but tricky with shared gear. Rogue + Shaman is another decent option, especially with a druid around.

Shaman + Warrior is a killer combo the best int tier list of discovery brings to us. Think big hits and cool heals. Plus, you get to whack mobs and watch those health bars drop. Warlock pairs nicely with most classes. For instance, Warlock + Shaman is solid, though not the top-tier kind of deal.

Double Hunters are great for solo leveling. They share speed boosts and can handle tough mobs easily. Gear sharing can be a bit of a headache, though. Double Mages are all about that AoE magic. Fast leveling, great for dungeons, but watch out for gear competition.

Priest + Warlock is a strong match and can complete multiple quests with their surviving tough encouneters and their talent build suits for remains challenging. Priests provide healing, while Warlocks bring the damage. Also, Priest + Warrior makes for a powerful duo. Paladins are Great for solo play but remember, other classes can rock hardcore mode too this is still works for phase 2. and you can continue your leveling quickly with those classes.

Druids pair well with Hunters, Warlocks, and Shamans. It’s all about balancing damage and healing while enjoying the shared speed boosts.

In the end, the best duo classes depend on your play style and preference.

Conclusion from wow classic season of discovery leveling guide

In wrapping up our dive into WoW’s Season of Discovery, it’s clear that the leveling landscape remains as challenging yet rewarding as ever. Our journey through the discovery phase, packed with discovery leveling tips, has reaffirmed that combining efficient questing with strategic approaches to tackle multiple objectives is key. While embarking on this adventure, the importance of completing multiple quests to minimize downtime and maximize experience gains cannot be overstated.

Throughout the leveling process, especially in the SOD Phase 2, finding the best grinding spots and employing the most efficient methods has proven essential for swift progression. The quest to hit the level cap involves navigating through elite monsters, large distances, and the occasional need for high-level food and drink items to ensure solo survivability and efficient recovery.

This Season of Discovery not only brings a renewed focus on the best classes and tier lists for overcoming tough encounters but also highlights the necessity of additional information to refine our strategies. Whether it’s mastering the vast expanses of Redridge Mountains or understanding the nuances of Phase 2, staying informed is our best choice for navigating the leveling WoW season with minimizing downtime.

In summary, the fastest way to ascend in WoW’s latest season hinges on our ability to adapt and apply these discovery leveling tips. From leveraging the best ways to complete quest objectives to ensuring we’re prepared for everything the discovery phase throws at us, our guide is designed to shepherd you through to max level with grace. Remember, the journey through Azeroth is one of constant learning and adaptation—embrace it, and you’ll find the efficiency and enjoyment in every quest, every encounter, and every milestone reached in the Season of Discovery.