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Ok, before we start our Season of Discovery Phase 3 gold farming guide, we need to apologize for skipping the Phase 2 guide for gold discovery. There’s an obvious reason. Even when the Season of Discovery was in Phase 1, the routes for gold farming were not obvious. We had to use our creative imagination, explore less obvious routes, and focus on specific crafting recipes in high demand. For the Season of Discovery Phase 3, everything is much more straightforward.

Yes, you’re still limited to level 50, and you can’t farm high-end raids, but most routes are pretty much close to those in other seasons of masteries, like WoW Hardcore or any other WoW Vanilla realm.

On the other hand, we’ve found that many players of the World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery are unaware of the expert tips and strategies used by professional gold farmers to provide the cheapest gold for Season of Discovery gamers.

So, here we’ll uncover the best routes for WoW SoD Gold farming. We won’t discuss multiboxing, multi-accounting, or dumping at the Auction House to arbitrage prices. Instead, we’ll focus on solo methods to give you the best gold farming experience in the World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery.

Some of our routes can net about 100 gold/hour, but they’re not stable. Others are more like 50-60 gold but consistent every hour. So, instead of a thousand words, let’s dive into:

  1. The Mage Dungeon Routes.
  2. The common Grind in Tanaris.
  3. Pickpocketing Gold.
  4. Spamming old dungeons.
  5. Spamming low-level raids.
  6. Gathering. Mining.

Oh, and we also forgot. Do not use Questing as your main way to get gold at the endgame. This approach may backfire in Phase 4. Why? Simple – when you reach the maximum level, you can always exchange your experience for gold in the Season of Discovery. But… when it comes time to level up again, you’ll be left without quests, and the gold you’ve earned won’t matter in Phase 4. You’ll struggle without the low-level quests that can boost your experience and give you a leg up in the leveling race.


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So, are we ready… or not? We must inform you that the Gold Farming Guide from Professionals for the World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery: Phase 3 is not a standalone guide. It’s part of our Compendium about The World of Warcraft SoD Phase 3. And you can dive deeper and find information about:

And we’re move towards!

The most obvious Way to get Gold in the World of Warcraft Season of Discovery Phase 3

Gold Making Sod

So, when you’re read the most Guides about GoldFarming in World of Warcraft, SOD, almost all the time, you will seen these routes.

LocationMethodWhat to Do
FeralasSkinning, Questing, Grey ItemsKill creatures, skin, and complete quests for grey items and raw gold.
Burning StepsHumanoids, Herbs, Veins, ChestsFarm humanoids for Mage weave, Rune Cloth, and look for herbs, veins, and chests.
Eastern PlaguelandsPlaguebats (Raw Gold, Grey Items)Kill plaguebats for items that render a lot of silver.
WinterspringWinterfall Fire Water (Melee Consumable)Farm Winterfall Fire Water consumables useful for melee classes.
Searing GorgeElemental Fire FarmingFarm Elemental Fire from creatures in the area.
FelwoodSkinning, Grey Items, FelclothKill bears and wolves for grey items, skin for more gold, and collect Felcloth.
AzsharaGolden Pearls from Big Mouth ClamsFarm Big Mouth Clams for Golden Pearls, also pay attention to chests.
SilithusElemental Earth Farming, Essence of EarthFarm Elemental Earth, look for herbs or veins, and possibly Essence of Earth.
Western PlaguelandsIron Web Spider Silk, Raw Gold (Bears)Farm spiders for Iron Web Spider Silk and kill bears for raw gold

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These Ways, are not the worst, not the best. But if you do not like to learn something, what can break your mind, do not want to push weird Dungeon routes, and others… This will be enough you, to earn gold for your routine spends in the World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery Phase 3.

Iconic Zul’Farrak Farm

Wow Gold Farming

gold mine that is Zul’Farrak (ZF) during the Season of Discovery Phase 3. If you’re aiming to rack up some serious gold, get your hands on epic loot, and have a blast while doing it, ZF is where you want to be. This isn’t just about mindless grinding; it’s a journey of discovery, uncovering waylaid supplies by mobs, snagging rare gear drops that’ll make other players green with envy, and maybe even uncovering some of those elusive flasks or runes. Whether you’re a master crafter hunting for materials to propel your professions or an adventurer ready for a challenge, ZF’s got the goods. With the next phase on the horizon, now’s the time to gear up, get in there, and discover what’s waiting for you.

Key Things About Zul’Farrak Gold Farming Method

Key PointsDetails
LocationZul’Farrak, Season of Discovery Phase 3
Preferred ClassesDruids, Paladins, Warriors (Stealth and AoE abilities preferred)
What You’re Farming ForTransmog gear, enchanting materials, cloths, high-ticket items
Average Gold Per Hour100-200 gold (with a chance for rare items worth thousands)
Why It Rocks This SeasonIncreased loot value, especially with the upcoming transmog feature. It’s your chance to outsmart other players in this competitive phase. Plus, the thrill of the hunt for those high-value drops makes it all the more exciting. Get ready to tackle elite mobs, discuss strategies with fellow players, and maybe even face off against some sneaky rogues in the process. It’s a gold farming method with a mix of profit, challenge, and a bit of PvP fun.

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This season is all about making a huge profit, discovering the best loot, and mastering the art of killing mobs for their valuable drops. Whether you’re grinding through the Sunken Temple or discussing the best way to take down ZF’s elites, there’s always something new to discover. So, gear up, discuss your methods with fellow adventurers, and dive into the challenge. Happy farming, everyone!

Pro Method: Arbitrage Neutral AH gold

Sod Gold Wow

Arbitrage Neutral AH Gold Farming Method during the Season of Discovery Phase 3. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill gold grind; it’s about mastering the art of the snipe in WoW’s wild world. Picture this: you’re chilling at the neutral AH, eyes peeled for those underpriced treasures others slip up on, and BAM! You’re rolling in gold without breaking a sweat or the game’s ToS. Let’s dive into this gold farming guide, tailored for those in the thick of SOD phase 3, where everyone’s capped at level 50.

Item to ArbitrageHow to ArbitrageGold Per Hour
Black LotusSnipe underpriced listings early mornings or late nights.Varies greatly, up to 500g+ if you hit a jackpot item.
Elementals DeckLook for cross-faction transfer mistakes at a steal price.100-300g, depending on luck and market familiarity.
Arcanite BarsBuy low during weekly resets; resell during raid nights.50-200g, highly dependent on crafting demand.
Twink GearMonitor after popular PvP events or weekend battles.Varies, high profit from individual sales rather than hourly rate.

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The Gist of Neutral AH Sniping

How To Make Gold In Sod
  • Season & Phase: We’re in Season of Discovery Phase 3. Everyone’s hustling hard, and the gold farming game is fierce.
  • Discovery Gold: This method? Pure gold (pun intended). It’s about discovering those under-the-radar deals others miss, turning a tidy profit with minimal effort.
  • Farm Location: Neutral Auction Houses. Your new home. Get cozy, ’cause you’re gonna be spending a lot of time here.
  • Professions & Quests: Forget ’em. No need to sweat gathering, crafting, or questing. Your profession now? Professional AH sniper.
  • Challenge Level: High. This isn’t about killing mobs or grinding quests. It’s a battle of wits and speed, and the competition is low-key but fierce.
  • Making Gold: By snagging underpriced goodies others mistakenly list and flipping them for their true value. Easy money, right?

The Secret Sauce

Wow Sod Raw Gold Farm
  • Talk & Guarantee: Communication can be key. Sometimes, a polite chat can get you a sweet deal or even make someone’s day by returning a mistakenly listed item.
  • Value & Difficulty: The real value in this method is in its efficiency and the challenge it presents. It’s about outsmarting the system and the satisfaction of a successful snipe.
  • Season of Discovery Bonus: With everyone capped at level 50, the AH is your oyster. Less focus on endgame means more juicy deals slipping through the cracks for you to discover.

Farm routes for SoD Phase 3

Season Of Discovery Money Making

As we dive into the Season of Discovery Phase 3 in WoW Classic, it’s time to beef up those gold pouches. Getting that gold for your first epic mount at level 40 or stocking up on those raid essentials isn’t easy in the vanilla version of the game. But fear not! With the right strategies, you can farm efficiently and rake in some solid gold. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer looking for that gold farming edge, this guide’s got you covered. We’re focusing on those level 40-50 characters, hitting up spots where you can make a pretty penny without having to grind those levels first. So, let’s get into it!

LocationWhat to FarmRecommendationsGold/HourTips & Requirements
Arathi HighlandsElemental Water, Solid StonesBest for levels 40-45. Focus on the water elementals near the lakes.50-70gBring empty vials to collect Elemental Water. Skinning for extra gold from nearby creatures. No special requirements, just watch out for PvP encounters!
Stranglethorn ValeHeavy Leather, White Spider MeatLevels 40-50. Venture into the jungle and hunt panthers and tigers. Spiders for White Spider Meat.60-80gSkinning recommended. Cooking can turn White Spider Meat into Craft Spider Sausages for extra profit.
Dustwallow MarshOily BlackmouthLevels 35-45. Fish along the coast.30-50gFishing skill required. Oily Blackmouth is used for crafting potions, making it a steady income source.
Alterac MountainsSolid Chests, Thundering CharmsLevels 40-50. Search for Solid Chests and kill earth elementals for Thundering Charms.70-90gLockpicking or keys for chests. Earth elementals drop Solid Stone and Thundering Charms, which sell well on the AH.
Arathi HighlandsSilk Cloth, Raw MaterialsLevels 40-45. Farm Syndicate mobs for Silk Cloth and various raw materials.40-60gNo specific requirements, but be prepared for PvP. Silk Cloth is always in demand for tailoring and first aid.

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Remember, the world of WoW Classic is filled with opportunities to make that gold. Use these spots to your advantage, stay vigilant, and keep an eye on the Auction House for fluctuating prices to maximize your profits. Whether you’re crafting potions with Oily Blackmouth, turning Heavy Leather into gear, or simply gathering raw materials, there’s gold in every corner of Azeroth waiting to be discovered.

Simple Farm Routes for Season of Discovery Phase 3

Gold Farm Season Of Discovery

Snagging gold in the WoW Classic season isn’t just a stroll through Elwynn Forest—it’s as gnarly as taking down Hogger with your hands tied. But hey, don’t sweat it! Whether you’re a rogue owning the dark alleys of Stranglethorn Vale or a mage casting flashy spells in Dustwallow Marsh, we’ve cooked up the raddest gold farming guide to fatten up those pouches.

So, ready your gear, hit those cooldowns twice, and let’s leap into the gold rush. With a sprinkle of strategy and a dash of good old luck, you’re all set to bag a treasure trove of valuable items. Time to flip those rare finds into heaps of gold at the auction house!

ItemWhere to FarmGold/HourDeets & Must-Dos
Spider’s SilkArathi Highlands or Stonetalon Mountains30-50gAny class can do this! Skinning? That’s extra gold, baby.
Arcane CrystalSilithus or Un’goro Crater Thorium Veins100-200gCrafters’ goldmine. Yep, you’ll need Mining.
Disgusting OozelingFelwood or Western Plaguelands50-70gTough find but sells for a pretty penny.
FormulEnchant Weapon – CrusaderTyr’s Hand80-120gBuddy up if you’re not max level; it’s a wild ride.
Righteous OrbStratholme Cathedral30-60gA max-level gig or bring your squad. Dungeon loot awaits!
Chimaerok TenderloinIsle of Dread20-40gWhip up those Spider Sausages. Chefs, you’re in for a treat.
FelclothFelwood or Azshara20-50gWhip up superior healing potions or cash in at the auction house.
Evil Bat EyeEastern Plaguelands60-80gEasy peasy, solid gold.

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Get chummy with the auction house, especially on weekends when the crowd’s buzzing. Spider Sausages or Superior Healing Potions? They’re your ticket to making a killing. Always on the prowl for solid stones and elemental water—they’re the bread and butter for crafting those must-have potions.

From the frostbitten peaks of Alterac Mountains to the eerie swamps of Dustwallow Marsh, gold’s ripe for the taking. This season, we’re all about turning those farms into your personal gold mines. With each sale, you’re not just raking in steady income—you’re setting the stage for your legendary status in the classic WoW season.

So, embrace this new phase with the best classes, flex those experienced player muscles, and let’s make this second phase of discovery insanely profitable. Remember, most players only dream of the riches you’re about to make. With every farm, expect to uncover a good source of items that’ll fetch a good amount of gold. Solid chests, heavy leather, and even those elusive small flame sacs? They’re all yours for the taking.

Professions and crafting recipes in Season of Discovery gold Guide Phase 3

Season Of Discovery Wow Gold

So, if you’ve been dreaming about raking in the gold with your crafting skills, now’s your chance to shine. With everyone scrambling to gear up, level up, and potion up, you’ve got golden opportunities knocking. But remember, it’s gonna be a bit of a puzzle with the level cap throwing a wrench into your usual gold farm plans. Crafting recipes that were once out of reach are now the hot commodities, and those cooldowns? They’re worth their weight in gold. Let’s break down which professions and recipes are your ticket to banking big in this quirky new phase.

ProfessionCrafting RecipeWhy It Rocks in Discovery Phase 3Pro Tips
AlchemySuperior Healing PotionsLevel cap means more dungeon runs, more damage taken, and a skyrocketing demand for potions.Stock up on mats early, especially since these potions are constantly sold out.
TailoringSpider Silk BootsWith everyone maxing at level 50, these become a sought-after item for casters.Farm white spider meat and silk cloth yourself to cut costs and sell for pure profit.
BlacksmithingSolid Sharpening StoneWarriors and melee classes need that extra edge, literally, for raids and dungeons.Solid stones are often overlooked, so mine them or buy them cheap and turn them into a steady gold farm.
LeatherworkingHeavy Leather BallSeems trivial, but in a world limited to level 50, even small items can become luxury goods.A fun way to make some extra gold; they’re often bought on a whim and can be easily crafted.
EnchantingEnchant Weapon – Minor BeastslayerGives weapons a cool, glowing effect that everyone loves, plus a tiny damage boost against beasts.Visual effects are a big sell in WoW Classic; enchant friends’ weapons for a discounted rate to build a customer base.

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Finally, it’s crucial to remember that in the realm of the Discovery Phase 3 gold farm, being creative and flexible with your professions can open up new avenues for making gold. Additionally, always be on the lookout for raw materials that can be easily accessed and quickly turned into high-demand items.

Alternative Ways to make gold in WoW Sod Farming

Raw Gold Farm Sod


Using bots, duping, or any forbidden methods to farm gold in WoW Classic, especially during Discovery Phase 3, is a BIG NO-NO! These practices are strictly against the game’s Terms of Service and can lead to severe consequences, including permanent account bans. Keep your gaming clean and fair—there are plenty of legit ways to earn gold without risking your account or your reputation. Stay safe, play smart!

Season Of Discovery Gold

Let’s talk about those alternative gold-making strategies—some legit, others… well, let’s just say they’re creative. Whether it’s casting a line into tranquil waters or exploring the gray areas of gold acquisition, Azeroth’s full of opportunities if you know where to look. But remember, folks, while adventure calls, so does the watchful eye of Blizzard. Here’s a quick and dirty rundown of the unconventional paths to padding your pockets:

MethodGold/HourLegit?Risks & Rewards
Fishing20-40gYesLow risk. Requires patience but pays off with fish and treasures sold or used in crafting.
DupeTempting, but…NoHigh risk. Could lead to account suspension. Not worth the gamble.
BotsAgain, tempting…NoVery high risk. Against ToS and could end in a permanent goodbye to your account.
Auction House Flipping50-100gYesMedium risk. Requires market knowledge but can lead to steady income. Keep an eye on date and demand trends.
Rare Item SalesVaries greatlyYesMedium risk. Finding and selling rare items or pets can fetch a good amount but is often time-consuming.

Finally, diving into the gold farm game in Discovery Phase 3 is all about finding what works for you, weighing the risks against the rewards. Legit methods like fishing and auction house flipping not only ensure a steady flow of gold but also keep your account safe. On the flip side, the allure of dupe and bots might sound like an easy path to riches, but it’s fraught with perils that could cost you more than just gold. Additionally, always be on the lookout for those rare item sales—they can be sold for a pretty penny, giving you access to that much-needed extra gold.


We’ve explored every nook and cranny that Azeroth has to offer in this unique phase. From the outset, we knew Discovery Phase 3 was going to be a game-changer with its level cap at 50, but little did we know how rich (pun intended) the opportunities would be for making bank!

Diving into the GOLD FARMING WOW SOD 3 landscape, we’ve laid out everything from the mage dungeon crawls to solo grind spots, ensuring that there’s something for every kind of player. Whether you’re into WOW Season of Discovery Gold by battling through Zul’Farrak or quietly fishing away in Dustwallow Marsh, it’s clear that the gold is there for the taking.

Our guide has bypassed the usual grinding spots to bring you fresh, lucrative strategies for your gold farm needs. Remember, it’s not just about the locations but also about how you play the game. From auction house flipping to picking professions wisely, the keys to your financial success in WOW Classic Season lie within your strategic decisions.

And let’s not forget the big no-no’s we discussed: bots, duping, and other frowned-upon methods. Keeping it legit is the name of the game in Discovery Phase 3, ensuring you enjoy the riches without the risk of losing it all to a ban.

As we look forward to what Discovery Phase 3 continues to unfold, keep these tips and locations in your adventurer’s backpack. The gold farming wow SOD 3 journey is as much about discovery as it is about the gold itself. So gear up, head out, and may your loot bags always be heavy with gold.