Sod Phase 3 Runes Guide - Season Of Discovery Runes Update Guide

Okay, Runes? Runes in the Season of Discovery Phase 3 are new. To be honest, that’s all you need to know about them from our SoD Phase 3 Runes Guide. But especially for you, we’ve done a little research, contacted some dataminers, and found:

  • The number of new runes in the SoD Phase 3.
  • The number of runes per class.
  • Descriptions of all the abilities that these runes provide when you incrust them into slots.

And of course, we’ll strive to provide all the routes and ways to give you the most current information about Runes in Phase 3. Also, we want to inform you that this article is not a standalone guide. Our SoD Phase 3 runes guide is part of the Phase 3 compendium. Right here, just so you know, for free, you’re free to learn about:

And we’re move towards!


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Base rune Overview — SOD phase 3

Sod Phase 3 Runes Guide - Season Of Discovery Runes Update Guide

Season 3’s bringing cool runes to WoW Classic, shaking up the game big time. From bumping up crit chances and speeding up attacks to supercharging spells and beefing up defenses with magic armor, these runes are game-changers. Think more punch in your hits, faster zaps and heals, and tougher shields. Plus, there’s new gear to snag and iconic abilities getting a boost. Whether you’re diving into dungeons, blasting through quests, or teaming up, these runes are here to level up your play. Keep an eye out for these enhancements as you gear up for what’s next. They’re not just add-ons; they’re a whole new way to play and conquer.

Each class is slated to receive over six new runes, introducing a vast array of gameplay enhancements and strategies tailored to different playstyles.

Warning: Please note, about we’re wrote this guide, when the Season of Discovery Phase 3, was on the PTR, so, most runes, their description and abilities, are based on the mined Data. So, some Of the Runes may be changed

ClassRune FeatureEffect
DruidEngrave Belt – BerserkTargets multiple enemies, increases attack speed and reduces energy cost. Bear form attacks benefit significantly.
DruidEngrave Boots – DreamstateEnhances mana regeneration and increases nature damage, aiding in mana efficiency and damage output.
HunterEngrave Belt – Expose WeaknessIncreases attack power based on agility after critical strikes, boosting DPS.
HunterEngrave Boots – Trap LauncherAllows traps to be placed from a distance and in combat, enhancing utility and versatility.
MageEngrave Belt – Frostfire BoltCasts frostfire bolt, slowing and dealing Frost and Fire damage, with increased crit chance for frozen targets.
MageEngrave Boots – Spell PowerIncreases critical strike damage bonus of spells, enhancing overall magic damage.
PaladinEngrave Bracers – Hammer of the RighteousHits multiple targets with Holy damage, empowered by holy wrath and holy shock for additional critical strike chance.
PaladinEngrave Helm – WrathMakes Consecration damage crit and boosts critical strike chance of holy spells like Exorcism and Holy Shock.
PriestEngrave Bracers – Surge of LightMakes next Smite or Flash Heal instant after a critical spellcast, enhancing healing and damage.
PriestEngrave Helm – Eye of the VoidSummons an eye that casts curses on targets, adding to the spell arsenal with periodic damage and debuff utility.
RogueEngrave Belt – Poisoned KnifeThrows off-hand weapon, applying poison. This can include effects like Unstable Affliction for strategic advantages.
RogueEngrave Bracers – CarnageIncreases damage to bleeding targets, synergizing with abilities causing periodic damage.
ShamanEngrave Belt – Maelstrom WeaponReduces cast time and mana cost for certain spells after melee hits, enhancing melee damage and cast efficiency.
ShamanEngrave Helm – Tidal WavesReduces Healing Wave cast time and increases Lesser Healing Wave crit chance, boosting healing output.
WarlockEngrave Chest – Lake of FireRain of Fire leaves a damage-increasing Lake of Fire, amplifying fire spells and causing additional damage to enemies.
WarlockEngrave Helm – VengeanceTemporarily increases max health and provides utility in Metamorphosis, enhancing survivability and control.
WarriorEngrave Belt – Focused RageReduces rage cost of offensive abilities, increasing the efficiency of melee attacks and abilities.
WarriorEngrave Boots – Gladiator StanceIncreases damage and block chance while reducing armor and threat, optimal for engaging enemies and protecting allies

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Druid Runes Phase 3

Sod Phase 3 Runes Guide - Season Of Discovery Runes Update Guide

Season of Discovery Phase 3 brings a verdant growth of Druid innovations, infusing their toolkit with runes that magnify their adaptability and prowess across all forms. These enhancements not only deepen the Druids’ connection to nature but also bolster their roles in group dynamics, whether it’s tanking, healing, or dealing damage. From enhancing critical strike chances with explosive shots in cat form to bolstering healing spells with a touch of Elune’s light, the new runes promise a richer gameplay experience.

Rune SlotRune NameInformal Description
BeltBerserkMakes you a multitarget fury, ignoring fears. Do not increase the melee critical strike chance.
BootsDreamstateBoosts mana regen on spell crits, plus a nature damage bump.
BootsSurvival InstinctsBig health boost for a short time; regen rage, energy, or mana on dodging.
BracersEfflorescenceYour Swiftmend blooms into AoE healing, nurturing party members.
BracersElune’s FiresSpells extend your DoTs and HoTs, weaving longer threads of nature’s touch.
ChestLiving SeedCrit heals plant seeds of future healing, blossoming upon the next hit.
HelmGale WindsYour Hurricane spell turns into a relentless storm, cheaper and cooldown-free.
HelmGoreMelee and shred attacks might refresh your fiercest abilities, adding rage or resetting cooldowns.

With these runes, Druids in Season of Discovery Phase 3 can tailor their gameplay more distinctly to their chosen paths. A Feral Druid could lean into the Berserk and Gore runes for a frenetic, cooldown-defying presence in melee, while Balance Druids might prefer the harmonious power of Elune’s Fires and Gale Winds to cast down uninterrupted nature’s fury. Restoration Druids, meanwhile, find new depths of healing with Efflorescence’s garden of rejuvenation and the Living Seed’s future promise of recovery.

Hunter Runes Sod Phase 3

Sod Phase 3 Runes Guide - Season Of Discovery Runes Update Guide

Season of Discovery Phase 3 infuses Hunters with an arsenal of innovative runes, expanding their tactical gameplay across Beast Mastery, Marksmanship, and Survival talents. These runes sharpen their precision and agility, allowing for more dynamic play styles that capitalize on ranged prowess, pet synergy, and trap utility. Whether it’s enhancing attack power through agility or transforming traps into more versatile tools, Hunters gain a new edge in both PvE and PvP arenas.

Rune SlotRune NameInformal Description
BeltExpose WeaknessBoosts attack power following crits.
BeltSteady ShotPowers up your steady shot for more punch.
BootsTrap LauncherPlaces traps from afar, making them more strategic.
BracersFocus FireSpeeds up attacks by consuming pet’s frenzy.
BracersRaptor FuryAmps up Raptor Strike for stacking damage.
HelmCatlike ReflexesDodges more, slashes cooldowns for quicker commands.
HelmLock and LoadTriggers traps to ready your next shot without delay.
HelmRapid KillingQuickens Rapid Fire and boosts next shot post-kill.
PantsSniper TrainingBoosts crit chance when still, sharpening your aim.

With the introduction of these runes, Hunters can now refine their builds to either focus on enhancing their direct damage output, leveraging their companions in new ways, or maximizing their utility and control on the battlefield. A Marksmanship Hunter might weave the Sniper Training and Rapid Killing runes for a deadly sniper build, staying still for increased crits and leveraging kills for rapid shots. Beast Mastery Hunters can dive into the synergy between Focus Fire and Catlike Reflexes, creating a build that emphasizes swift, powerful attacks bolstered by pet interactions. Survival Hunters gain from Trap Launcher and Lock and Load, turning their traps into a more dynamic part of their arsenal for control and burst damage. These runes not only broaden the Hunters’ tactical choices but also promise new ways to engage with Azeroth’s many challenges, from the depths of the Sunken Temple to the sprawling battlegrounds.

Mage Runes SoD Phase 3

These runes offer enhancements that significantly affect combat dynamics, providing Mages with new ways to deal damage, protect themselves, and support their allies. From altering core spells to introducing entirely new abilities, these changes allow Mages to tailor their builds for a variety of situations, be it raiding, PvP, or solo play.

Rune SlotRune NameInformal Description
BeltFrostfire BoltDeals Frostfire damage, slows, and applies DOT.
BeltMissile BarrageIncreases Arcane Missiles speed and reduces its cost.
BeltSpellfrost BoltDeals Spellfrost damage and slows.
BootsSpell PowerIncreases critical strike damage bonus of spells.
BracersBalefire BoltDeals Spellfire damage, increases damage over time, and decreases spirit.
HelmAdvanced WardingBoosts warding spells and reduces Mana Shield drain.
HelmDeep FreezeStuns frozen targets or deals damage to stun-immune targets.
HelmTemporal AnomalyCreates a shield for nearby allies.
PantsLiving FlameSummons a flame that deals Spellfire damage to nearby enemies.

Mages in Season of Discovery Phase 3 can now experiment with builds that were previously not as viable or lacked the depth to be fully realized. For instance, a Frost Mage could combine the Frostfire Bolt and Deep Freeze runes to maximize control and damage against both single targets and groups, enhancing their role in crowd control and burst damage scenarios. Arcane Mages might find the Missile Barrage rune particularly useful for increasing their sustained damage output, while Fire Mages can explore the devastating potential of combining Balefire Bolt with Spell Power to maximize their critical damage.

Paladin Runes Sod Phase 3

Sod Phase 3 Runes Guide - Season Of Discovery Runes Update Guide

Season of Discovery Phase 3 brings significant enhancements to Paladins through new rune engravings, amplifying their roles as versatile supporters, defenders, and damage dealers in WoW Classic. These runes introduce novel abilities and augment existing ones, offering Paladins more strategic depth and flexibility in combat. By enhancing their holy and protective capabilities, these runes allow Paladins to better serve their parties and raid groups, whether by dealing holy damage, improving survivability, or increasing their utility.

Rune SlotRune NameInformal Description
BracersHammer of the RighteousDeals Holy damage to multiple targets.
BracersImproved Hammer of WrathResets Hammer of Wrath’s cooldown on low-health enemies.
BracersPurifying PowerReduces cooldowns and adds stun to Holy Wrath.
HelmWrathAllows critical strikes with Consecration and boosts Holy spell crit chance.

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With these new runes, Paladins gain access to powerful enhancements that can be tailored to their specific role within a party or raid. For example, a Protection Paladin could use the Hammer of the Righteous rune to enhance their AoE tanking capabilities, while a Holy Paladin might opt for the Wrath rune to increase their healing and damage output through critical strikes. Retribution Paladins, meanwhile, can benefit from the Improved Hammer of Wrath to finish off enemies more efficiently.

Priest Runes Sod Phase 3

Sod Phase 3 Runes Guide - Season Of Discovery Runes Update Guide

Season of Discovery Phase 3 is dropping some spicy new runes for Priests, and it’s all about amping up your game, no matter how you like to sling your spells. These upgrades are like the Swiss army knife for Priests, giving you more ways to heal, harm, and haunt your foes. Here’s the lowdown on what these bad boys do:

Rune SlotRune NameInformal Description
BracersSurge of LightMakes next Smite, Flash Heal, or Binding Heal instant after a critical spellcast.
BracersVoid ZoneCreates an area that deals Shadow damage to enemies within it every second.
GlovesShadow Word: DeathInflicts significant Shadow damage, with a repercussion if the target doesn’t die.
HelmEye of the VoidSummons an entity to cast curses on the Priest’s target.
HelmPain and SufferingRefreshes Shadow Word: Pain to its max duration with Mind Flay.

With these runes, Priests are getting a hefty toolbox for whatever the game throws at them. Discipline Priests can pop off with instant heals or damage after landing a crit, making clutch moments even clutchier. Shadow Priests get to double down on their DoT game, keeping that Shadow Word: Pain fresh with every Mind Flay.

Imagine dropping a Void Zone in a mob pack or during a boss fight for some sweet, sweet AoE damage. Or maybe calling upon the Eye of the Void to hex your enemies right when you need it. These runes aren’t just about power—they’re about options, and having the right trick for the right moment.

Rogue Runes SoD phase 3

Sod Phase 3 Runes Guide - Season Of Discovery Runes Update Guide

Season of Discovery Phase 3 is bringing Rogues a treasure trove of new runes, turning them into even more formidable shadows in the night (or day, rogues don’t discriminate). From lethal poison applications to evasive maneuvers that hit back, these innovations are all about enhancing what Rogues do best: striking hard, fast, and smart.

Rune SlotRune NameDescription
BeltPoisoned KnifeThrows off-hand weapon, applying poison and awarding 1 combo point.
BootsRolling with the PunchesIncreases health by 6% for each dodge or parry, stacking up to 5 times.
BracersCarnageIncreases damage by 20% to bleeding targets.
BracersCut to the ChaseRefreshes Slice and Dice or Blade Dance to max duration with Eviscerate or Envenom.
BracersUnfair AdvantageStriking back for 100% main hand damage upon dodging, once per second.
ChestDeadly BrewImproves poison effects and damage, applying Deadly Poison with any other poison and potentially triggering Instant Poison.
GlovesShadowstrikeTeleports behind the target from stealth, dealing 150% weapon damage and awarding 1 combo point.
PantsCutty’s RuneSeems identical to Shadowstrike, offering the same teleport and damage effect from stealth without ranged attack speed for only one unstable affliction.

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These runes open up new avenues for rogue gameplay in wow classic season of the discovery for the next phase, allowing for more strategic planning and execution in both PvE and PvP scenarios. With options ranging from enhanced survivability and damage output to novel ways of applying poisons and managing combo points, rogues are equipped to handle threats with even greater finesse and lethality. Whether it’s controlling the flow of battle with strategic poison use or capitalizing on mobility with Shadowstrike, these innovations promise to redefine rogue playstyles in exciting ways.

Shaman Runes SOD  Phase 3 with a melee critical strike chance

For the Shaman class in the Season of Discovery Phase 3, a myriad of rune innovations introduce new dimensions to gameplay across Elemental, Enhancement, and Restoration specializations. These runes bring a blend of utility, healing enhancement, damage output increase, and elemental mastery, allowing Shamans to tailor their abilities more closely to their play style and situational needs.

Rune SlotRune NameInformal Description
BeltMaelstrom WeaponChance to reduce cast time and mana cost for certain spells, with increased chance on Windfury hits.
BootsDecoy TotemSummons a totem that takes a hit for you and grants immunity to movement impairing effects.
BootsSpirit of the AlphaBuffs threat generation or attack power and reduces threat, depending on the target.
BracersOverchargedMakes Lightning Shield infinite and damages all nearby enemies.
BracersRiptideHeals and enhances the next Chain Heal on the target, triggering Ancestral Awakening.
BracersRolling ThunderLightning Bolt and Chain Lightning add charges to Lightning Shield, Earth Shock releases extra charges.
BracersStatic ShockLightning Shield has more charges, melee attacks can trigger a charge.
ChestDual Wield SpecializationIncreases hit chance with spells and melee while dual wielding, enhances offhand damage and makes Stormstrike hit with both weapons.
ChestOverloadSpells have a chance to cast a second time for free, at half effect.
ChestTwo-Handed MasteryBuffs when hitting with a two-handed weapon, lost on hitting with a one-handed weapon.
GlovesLava LashIncreases Lava Lash damage, further increased with Flametongue.
HelmBurnFlame Shock hits up to 3 targets.
HelmMental DexterityMelee attacks increase Attack Power and spell damage based on Intellect.
HelmTidal WavesChain Heal or Riptide grants buffs to Healing Wave and Lesser Healing Wave.
PantsWay of EarthBuffs threat, health, reduces damage taken, and modifies Earth Shock for tanking.

These runes offer Shamans more flexibility in both solo and group settings, enhancing their ability to adapt to various combat scenarios. Whether enhancing their role as healers, damage dealers, or even taking on tank-like responsibilities, Shamans can now fine-tune their abilities to better suit their group’s needs or their personal gameplay preferences.

Warlock new Runes Season of discovery phase 3

For Warlocks in the Season of Discovery Phase 3, the introduction of new runes ushers in a wave of strategic enhancements, diversifying the ways they can inflict damage, augment their survivability, and even explore Azeroth with a unique companion. These runes allow Warlocks to deepen their mastery over the dark arts, offering them novel ways to enhance their spells and abilities, whether focusing on solo play or contributing to group dynamics.

Rune SlotRune NameInformal Description
ChestLake of FireAmplifies Fire damage within a Rain of Fire’s aftermath.
HelmVengeanceBoosts max health temporarily and modifies Metamorphosis for safer falls.

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Innovation in the warlock class through these runes expands both the offensive and defensive capabilities. Lake of Fire boosts the destructive potential of Rain of Fire, making it a deadly tool for area control and damage enhancement. On the other hand, Vengeance offers a unique survival mechanism, especially useful when navigating dangerous terrains or during critical combat phases where a sudden health boost could turn the tide.

Imaginative builds might include a Demonology Warlock leveraging Vengeance for increased durability in the heat of battle, ensuring they remain a constant threat on the battlefield. Alternatively, an Affliction or Destruction Warlock could focus on maximizing area damage with Lake of Fire, turning their Rain of Fire into a lethal trap for foes, enhanced further when coupled with molten armor or immolation aura for a fiery spectacle.

Warrior Runes in SoD Phase 3 runes guide

Warriors in the Season of Discovery Phase 3 see an exciting expansion of their strategic depth through innovative runes, enhancing their versatility on the battlefield. These runes introduce new dynamic options for damage output, survivability, resource management, and even combat stance adjustments, offering Warriors more tailored approaches to both solo and group encounters.

Rune SlotRune NameInformal Description
BeltFocused RageLowers rage cost for offensive moves.
BeltPrecise TimingMakes Slam instant with a cooldown.
BootsEnraged RegenerationBig heal, but requires an active rage ability.
BootsGladiator StanceBoosts damage and block at the cost of armor and threat.
BootsRallying CryBoosts party and raid health temporarily.
BracersWrecking CrewCrits boost physical damage.
ChestBlood FrenzyBleed damage gives rage.
ChestFlagellationDamage boost following Bloodrage or Berserker Rage.
GlovesEndless RageIncreases rage from all damage dealt.
GlovesSingle-Minded FuryIncreases physical damage and speed when dual-wielding.
PantsFurious ThunderEnhances Thunder Clap’s effectiveness.

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The introduction of Gladiator Stance particularly stands out, giving Warriors a new tactical edge, especially when taking on tanking roles or needing to balance offense with defense. Coupled with Endless Rage for enhanced rage generation and Furious Thunder for area control and threat management, Warriors can now tailor their combat style even more closely to the demands of any battle situation.


This update a full-blown armor spell of awesomeness, dishing out runes that’ll make you rethink your gameplay, no matter your class. From instant cast blessings that light up the battlefield with holy light to wrist slots humming with power, this update is about getting you prepped and ready to face any enemy that dares cross your path.

We’ve seen summon felguard commands get an upgrade, and the release date for this content has everyone on their toes, ready to discover what’s lurking in the next phase. The preview videos barely scratched the surface; there’s so much more to explore and conquer. Each class gets a hefty dose of runes, making characters more robust, strategies more in-depth, and gameplay more thrilling. It’s about adjusting your armor spell in the heat of battle, landing that explosive shot right when it counts, and soaking in the glory under the radiant beams of holy light.