The Sunken Temple Raid Loot

So, it’s happened — the 3rd phase of Season of Discovery in the World of Warcraft Classic started. And it’s meant the simple things, like the new raid, new dungeons, new runes… But to be honest, the more Soda comes to end, the more it looks like a common classical season of mastery in the world of Warcraft… Oh, so we move far away from thread… So, the Sunken temple – the really new raid, which is required Sunken temple raid guide. Right here, just now you’ll learn:

  1. What changed in the Sunken Temple, as in the Raid in comparison to previous incarnations?
  2. Should you learn new tactics? Or it’s just enough to get the more powerful gear?
  3. Which runes are important for new raid in the Season of Discovery – part 3?
  4. How many bosses are in the new Sunken Temple?

Of course, it’s not all we’re also put important information like the Entrance, mob’s abilities, plot, skills, tactics, strategies, and tricks for the Sunken temple. And we’re ready to start our classic wow guide about Sunken temple for the Season of Discovery: phase 3.

Also, we’re must note you, about this guide is not a standalone. It’s a part of our compendium about World of Warcraft: Season of discovery – part 3.

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What is Sunken Temple?

The Sunken Temple Raid Loot

In the Season of Discovery Phase 3, the Sunken Temple, also known as the Temple of Atal’Hakkar, transforms into a groundbreaking 20-player level-up raid. This update revitalizes the entire instance with a rich quest chain that threads through the murky corridors and shadowy rooms, enticing party members with the promise of completing important quests, like those starting with Witch Doctor Uzer’i or involving the ancient egg. As adventurers delve into the left corner and upper levels, they face off against mini-bosses, green dragons, and the high-stakes final boss, requiring keen strategy over brute force to manage hit points, knockback abilities, and the mana pool effectively.

FeatureClassic WoW Sunken TempleSeason of Discovery Sunken Temple Raid
Instance TypeDungeon20-player Raid
LocationSwamp of Sorrows, large lake, commonly referredSame location, but revamped for raid experience
BossesSeveral mini-bosses, final boss Shade of Eranikus8 total boss fights, including new and returning bosses like Atal’alarion and Shade of Eranikus
LootUnique loot table with items like Embrace of the Wind Serpent, commonly referred to gear for leveling upRevamped loot table with hundreds of new items, set pieces, and revamped epic items. Bosses share loot but with added Tier Tokens
QuestsLevel 50 class quests, important quests like summoning HakkarContinued importance of class quests with upleveled rewards to remain relevant
Difficulty and MechanicsTraditional mechanics, crowd control important, several drops for pre-raid gearNew mechanics introduced, same abilities revamped for 20-player coordination, emphasis on raid strategy
AccessClimb stairs after swimming across lake, enter through instance portalSame access but with updated raid entry requirements
Notable FeaturesAncient blood god lore, iconic for its complexity and layout, XP gainsIntroduction of new raid mechanics, enhanced lore, and updated rewards system to accommodate 20-player groups

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Where’s the enter to the Sunken temple in World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery phase 3

Season Of Discovery The Sunken Temple Guide

The entrance to The Sunken Temple, formally known as the Temple of Atal’Hakkar, can be found at coordinates (69, 53) in the Swamp of Sorrows.

Route from the Closest Location:

  1. From Stonard (Horde): Start in Stonard, located in the central part of Swamp of Sorrows. Travel east across the main road until you reach the Pool of Tears. The temple is nestled in the northern part of this large lake. Look for a small path leading up to the entrance on the eastern side of the lake. You’ll see the foreboding steps that mark the entry into the temple’s depths.
  2. From Nethergarde Keep (Alliance): Leave Nethergarde Keep and head west towards the Swamp of Sorrows. Continue westward until you intersect with the road that loops around the Pool of Tears. Follow this road northward, keeping the lake to your left until you reach the northeastern edge of the water. Here, the entrance to The Sunken Temple is hidden among the trees, waiting to be explored.

Boss tactics for the Sunken Temple in the Season of Discovery phase 3

The Sunken Temple Season Of Discovery Loot

Heading into the Sunken Temple, or the Temple of Atal’Hakkar if you’re feeling fancy, is like diving into a maze full of gnarly bosses that’ll test your skills. Here’s the lowdown on the big baddies waiting to dance:

  • Avatar of Hakkar: Think of this guy as Hakkar the Soulflayer’s less-friendly shadow. You gotta kick off a whole event to get him to show up. It’s like the ultimate chain quest party crasher.
  • Jammal’an the Prophet: This dude’s the head honcho of the Atal’ai fan club, trying to dial up Hakkar into our world. Taking him down is key, and it feels like nailing an important quest in your quest line.
  • Dreamscythe and Weaver: The dynamic dragon duo chilling in the temple’s VIP section. They’re like the bouncers you gotta get past to see the main show.
  • Hazzas and Morphaz: Another pair of dragon troublemakers. Each one’s got a bag of tricks that’ll keep your party on its toes.
  • Shade of Eranikus: Imagine a mighty green dragon got grounded and turned into a temple’s haunting ex. That’s this guy. Big loot if you can wake him up from his eternal timeout.
  • Ogom the Wretched: Jammal’an’s right-hand man, helping stir up the dark pot. Squashing him is part of cleaning up the temple’s act.
  • Atal’alarion: A stone giant that’s more puzzle than punch. Solve the temple’s brain teaser to get him to pop up.
  • The Spawn of Hakkar: Mini Hakkar alert! Not as chill as you’d hope, but defeating him gives you major bragging rights.
  • Morphaz: He’s part of the Hazzas tag team, but with enough unique moves to deserve his own spotlight.

Tackling these bosses isn’t just about brawling; it’s about knowing the dance steps – from melee range tango to dodging the deadly disco of fall damage

Atal’ai Defenders

Wow The Sunken Temple Raid Guide

Atal’ai Defenders in the Sunken Temple, or as I like to call it, the mini-boss buffet. These guys are part of your classic WoW dungeon crawl, where you’re ticking off all the quests on your chain quest list and hoping for some sweet loot drops.

Key Features of Boss: These defenders are scattered around, chilling in their own spots waiting for some action. Each has its unique flair but generally, they’re here to test your party’s mojo before you get to the main gigs.

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  • Heal: Keep those heals steady and be ready to patch up any party member who’s taking a beating. Watch out for the defenders’ AoE attacks that can quickly turn your party’s health bars red.
  • Tank: Grab their attention and keep them focused on you. These defenders can pack a punch, so use your damage mitigation abilities wisely to reduce the incoming hurt.
  • DPS: Unleash everything you’ve got but in a cool, calculated manner. Focus fire as directed by your tank or raid leader to take them down one by one efficiently.


Sod Raid Guide

Atal’alarion in the Sunken Temple, this boss is like the bouncer at the club of ancient mysteries. Positioned in the heart of the dungeon, he’s not just any regular Joe; you’ve got to solve a circle quest puzzle to even get a chance to face him. He’s that first big challenge that says, Welcome to the big leagues, kiddo.

Key Features of Boss: Atal’alarion is a stone guardian with a penchant for slamming the ground hard enough to make you think twice about your life choices in WoW Classic. He’s like that first major roadblock in your raiding career that makes you go, Oh, so this is what they meant by tough.


  • Heal: Be on your toes. When Atal’alarion decides to throw his weight around, you’ll need quick reflexes to patch up the party.
  • Tank: Keep him facing away from the rest of your crew. His moves can pack a wallop, and it’s your job to be the wall that stands firm.
  • DPS: Dance around him, but not too close. When he goes for the big moves, make sure you’re not in the splash zone.
AbilityWipe PotentialInformal Commentary
Sweeping SlamHighThis’ll send you flying faster than a goblin rocket. Stick the landing, or it’s curtains.
Ground TremorMediumFeels like the whole room’s got the jitters. Don’t let it shake you up too much, or it’s game over.

Facing Atal’alarion is like the ultimate test of whether you’re ready to dive deeper into the Sunken Temple’s secrets. Solve his puzzle, stand your ground, and you might just walk away with some of the best loot this side of Molten Core. Plus, it’s a chance to strut those cloth legs or leather legs with pride. Get it right, and you’re golden; mess up, and you’ll be seeing screecher spirits. Keep your wits about you, and you may just earn your place in the WoW Classic hall of fame.


The Sunken Temple Raid Bosses

Dreamscythe is one of those bosses in the Sunken Temple that makes you glad you paid attention to your raid guide. Nestled in the upper levels of this ancient temple, Dreamscythe doesn’t play around. With wings flapping and claws ready, this dragon’s set to turn your raid into a playing field for his aerial antics.

Key Features of Boss: Dreamscythe is all about that aerial superiority, swooping down with precision strikes and making the whole room his playground. His skills and abilities make him a formidable foe, turning the encounter into a dance of dodging and striking at just the right moment.


  • Heal: Keep those heals agile. Dreamscythe’s attacks can come fast and furious, so be ready to patch up the party in a pinch.
  • Tank: It’s all about positioning. Keep him angled away from the rest of the party to minimize the damage his sweeping attacks do.
  • DPS: Stick and move. His attacks have a wide range, so staying mobile while dishing out damage is key.
AbilityWipe PotentialInformal Commentary
Wing BuffetMediumLike getting hit by a hurricane. Brace yourself or get blown away.
Tail SweepHighTail whip faster than you can say ‘ouch.’ Don’t get caught or it’s lights out.

Taking on Dreamscythe is a true test of your raid’s ability to adapt on the fly—literally. With the right mix of quick heals, strategic positioning, and DPS agility, you’ll ground this dragon and lay claim to some of the Season of Discovery’s coveted loot. Nail the encounter, and you’re one step closer to becoming a legend in the raiding world of WoW SoD. Keep your wits about you, and Dreamscythe’s downfall will be another feather in your cap—or, more fittingly, another scale on your armor.


Mantle Of The Thresher Slayer

Weaver, the next big challenge in the Sunken Temple, swoops in with its own brand of terror. This dragon isn’t just another mob to clear; it’s a test of your raid’s ability to handle what the SoD guide throws at you. With its place in the raid lineup, Weaver’s set to make an impression with its unique set of skills and aerial supremacy.

Key Features of Boss: Weaver is all about that control of the skies, raining down chaos from above. It’s got a toolkit designed to disrupt and damage, making it crucial for your party to stay sharp and responsive.


  • Heal: Be ready to move. Aerial attacks mean damage can come from any direction, and it’ll be on you to keep everyone in fighting shape.
  • Tank: Positioning is everything. You need to anchor this fight, keeping Weaver’s attention while dodging whatever it throws your way.
  • DPS: Focus and firepower. Weaver’s not the type to go down without a proper fight, so keep the pressure up and avoid getting caught off-guard.
AbilityWipe PotentialInformal Commentary
Acid BreathHighThis’ll melt your armor quicker than butter on a hot pan. Spread out or prepare for a gear check.
Wing GustMediumGot wings? No? Then you might want to watch out for that gust or find yourself flying—minus the landing gear.

Weaver’s down but not without teaching you a thing or two about aerial combat in WoW SoD. This dragon’s defeat not only adds to your raid’s growing legend but also gets you closer to the juicy loot Season of Discovery has in store. Handle Weaver correctly, and you’re setting the stage for what’s to come, proving once more that in the playing world of SoD, it’s not just about the loot, but how you earn it. Keep this momentum, and who knows? Maybe the next raid will be your smoothest yet.

Jammal’an the Prophet

The Sunken Temple Loot Table

Jammal’an the Prophet is like that main event in the Sunken Temple everyone’s been waiting for. As the head honcho of the Atal’ai, this guy’s all about bringing back Hakkar and has some tricks up his sleeve to make sure he keeps your raid on its toes. In the world of classic WoW, taking down Jammal’an isn’t just a fight; it’s a rite of passage.

Key Features of Boss: Jammal’an is your classic spellcaster boss, loaded with abilities that can mess with your raid big time. He’s guarded by mini-bosses and surrounded by green dragons and other mobs, making the fight to him as memorable as the encounter itself.


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  • Heal: Be ready to cleanse and heal through some hefty damage. Jammal’an isn’t shy about throwing around curses and AoE damage.
  • Tank: This one’s all about add control. Keep the mini-bosses and other threats in check so the DPS can focus on taking Jammal’an down.
  • DPS: Prioritize targets as called by your raid leader. Jammal’an should be your main focus, but those adds need to go down fast to reduce overall raid damage.
AbilityWipe PotentialInformal Commentary
Hex of Jammal’anHighGet hexed, and you’re a frog. Ribbit. Keep those dispels ready unless you fancy hopping.
Summon SpiritsMediumHe calls in his ghostly buddies to crash the party. AOE them down or they’ll overwhelm you.

Knocking out Jammal’an the Prophet isn’t just about bragging rights; it’s about proving your raid’s got what it takes to handle the big leagues in the SoD guide. Get past him, and you’re well on your way to facing off against the avatar of Hakkar himself. Plus, Jammal’an’s stash of loot is nothing to sneeze at, often dropping some of the best gear before the next raid. Take him down, and you’re a step closer to becoming legends in the Temple of Atal’Hakkar.

Ogom the Wretched

The Sunken Temple Raid Guide

Ogom the Wretched serves as Jammal’an the Prophet’s right-hand man in the Sunken Temple, making him a key figure in the quest line to thwart the Atal’ai’s dark plans. Situated in the temple’s upper levels, this boss might not have the flash of green dragons, but his dark magic packs a punch, setting him apart from your run-of-the-mill mini bosses in classic WoW.

Key Features of Boss: Ogom’s skill set is a cocktail of dark magic and curses, designed to wear down a raid group through attrition. His abilities can disrupt even the most seasoned raid teams, making him a formidable gatekeeper in the temple of Atal’Hakkar.


  • Heal: Stay on your toes for quick dispels and healing through Ogom’s damage-over-time spells. His curses can quickly turn the tide of the battle if not addressed promptly.
  • Tank: Keep Ogom locked down and away from the rest of the party. His damage isn’t to be underestimated, and proper positioning can mitigate some of his more devastating effects.
  • DPS: Consistent pressure is key. Ogom might not be the tankiest of foes, but underestimating his ability to heal and mitigate damage can drag the fight out longer than necessary.
AbilityWipe PotentialInformal Commentary
Dark OfferingMediumFeeds his buddies to keep them fighting. Interrupt or watch the fight drag on forever.
Shadow BoltHighA rain of shadowy doom. Spread out or get ready for a group hug at the respawn point.

Taking down Ogom the Wretched clears a significant hurdle in your raid’s journey through the Sunken Temple, bringing you one step closer to confronting the avatar of Hakkar. His defeat not only signals your readiness for the challenges ahead but also drops a hint of the best loot waiting deeper within. Keep the momentum going, and soon you’ll be recounting tales of victory at Steamwheedle Port, with Ogom’s head as the crowning anecdote.


Sod The Sunken Temple Loot Table

Morphaz, gliding through the upper levels of the Sunken Temple, is more than just a checkpoint on your way to god Hakkar. As one half of the notorious two dragons duo, this winged terror brings a splash of icy fear into the main room, reminding everyone why he’s considered a top-tier threat in the SOD guide. His presence is a strong clue that you’re getting close to the heart of darkness within the temple.

Key Features of Boss: Morphaz’s arsenal is chilly to the bone, focusing on frost-based attacks that can freeze a party in their tracks. This dragon isn’t just about brute force; his skills in controlling the battlefield make him a slippery foe.


  • Heal: Frost damage means a lot of quick, intense healing to keep party members from becoming dragon snacks. Watch for the debuffs and keep everyone thawed out.
  • Tank: Grabbing Morphaz’s attention is one thing, keeping it amidst his icy onslaught is another. Position him in a way that minimizes his ability to blanket the party with frost.
  • DPS: Time to turn up the heat. DPS needs to be relentless to break through Morphaz’s cold exterior, focusing down this frosty foe before the fight drags on too long and resources run thin.
AbilityWipe PotentialInformal Commentary
Frost BreathHighThink of the coldest winter you’ve ever had, then multiply it. Don’t stand in front, or you’ll be a popsicle.
Wing BuffetMediumThis buffet doesn’t serve food; it serves pain. Brace yourself or get knocked back to last Tuesday.

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Bringing down Morphaz is like passing a trial by ice, a chilling prelude to the ultimate showdown with god Hakkar. It’s a battle that tests not just your brawn but your ability to adapt and overcome. Killing Morphaz provides more than just a notch on your raid belt; it gives a clear signal: you’re ready to face whatever else lurks in the depths, including the quest for Hakkar’s head. Make sure your lock ID is ready; you’re going to need it for what comes next.


Wow Sod The Sunken Temple Guide

Hazzas swirls through the upper levels of the Sunken Temple, another guardian between you and the ultimate prize, Hakkar’s head. Not just any first boss, Hazzas challenges raid teams to rethink their strategy at an average level of play, where the right moves mean victory, and mistakes could lead to a chilly defeat.

Key Features of Boss: Hazzas, like its counterpart Morphaz, brings a storm of abilities that can disrupt even the most seasoned teams. With attacks that can sweep through the upper levels with ease, this dragon poses the highest threat to unprepared parties, especially those seeking to complete the quest that starts with killing Jammal’an.


  • Heal: Staying above low health is crucial. Hazzas’ attacks can drop the health of the entire party in a heartbeat, requiring quick, efficient healing to keep everyone in fighting shape.
  • Tank: Positioning Hazzas immediately right or left, depending on the encounter’s layout, minimizes the raid’s exposure to its deadliest abilities. Keeping the dragon’s attention is paramount, as its gaze brings nothing but destruction.
  • DPS: Damage dealers face the task of maintaining high output while navigating the hazardous environment Hazzas creates. Striking in the correct order, focusing on Hazzas when its health drops to low levels, ensures the dragon’s swift demise.
AbilityWipe PotentialInformal Commentary
Poison CloudHighBreathing in green is generally a bad sign. Stay out of the clouds unless you fancy a trip back from the graveyard.
Tail LashMediumGetting smacked by a dragon tail? Expect to fly. Positioning is key unless you want to test the upper level’s air resistance twice.

Hazzas stands as a formidable barrier on your path, with the correct order of attacks and strategies being the difference between victory and defeat. Overcoming this dragon is a testament to your raid’s ability to handle the highest threats, bringing you one step closer to the ultimate goal: Hakkar’s head. In this quest that starts with ambitions of killing Jammal’an and ends in the pursuit of godly blood, ensuring Hazzas reaches low health quickly is crucial for those looking to conquer the upper levels of the Sunken Temple of the upper level instead of hacker head near to the Hakkari blood. Also focus on things where the quest starts from immediate right point to start the battle with hazes.

Avatar of Hakkar

Sod The Sunken Temple Guide

In the depths of the Sunken Temple, or the Temple of Atal’Hakkar as the scholars call it, lies the Avatar of Hakkar. This spectral figure isn’t just another boss; it’s the centerpiece of a quest that tests the mettle of every party member brave enough to face it. As outlined in every Sunken Temple raid guide, summoning and then defeating the Avatar is a rite of passage in WoW’s Season of Discovery, promising both challenge and coveted loot.

Key Features of Boss: The Avatar of Hakkar brings a unique blend of abilities to the fight, distinguishing him from other bosses within the instance. His spectral form and ability to manipulate the very essence of life make him a formidable foe, demanding attention from every raid role.


  • Heal: This fight is a marathon, not a sprint. Healers need to manage their mana efficiently while keeping the party above water through the Avatar’s sustained damage phases.
  • Tank: Although the Avatar might not adhere to traditional tank-and-spank mechanics, maintaining control over the encounter space and any additional threats is crucial.
  • DPS: Patience and persistence are key. DPS members must balance between damaging the Avatar and managing any mechanics or adds the boss introduces.
AbilityWipe PotentialInformal Commentary
Cause InsanityHighMind control with a twist. Keep your friends close but your MC’ed friends at arm’s length.
Summon Spectral SwarmsMediumBug spray won’t help here. AOE these down before you’re overwhelmed.

Facing the Avatar of Hakkar is a testament to a raid’s cohesion and skill, a true highlight in the Season of Discovery’s Sunken Temple raid guide. Triumph here offers not just bragging rights but access to some of the most sought-after loot tables in the game. Perfect your roles, respect the mechanics, and the Avatar’s defeat could mark your party as legends in WoW SoD’s raiding chronicles.

Shade of Eranikus

Season Of Discovery Raids

The Shade of Eranikus looms as a formidable guardian within the Temple of Atal’Hakkar, marking a climactic battle as detailed in every Sunken Temple raid guide. This spectral dragon, steeped in the lore of the Season of Discovery, challenges raid parties with its ancient power. The encounter is not just a test of strength but of strategy, positioning, and teamwork, as outlined in the WoW SoD The Sunken Temple guide.

Key Features of Boss: The Shade of Eranikus embodies the essence of dragon might, wielding abilities that can decimate unprepared groups. Its attacks are a mix of physical prowess and mystical energy, making it one of the highest threats in the temple.


  • Heal: The raid’s survival hinges on the healers’ ability to counteract Eranikus’ potent magical and physical onslaught.
  • Tank: Holding Eranikus’ attention is crucial. Tanks must navigate the room’s terrain to minimize the impact of his area-of-effect abilities on the rest of the party.
  • DPS: Damage dealers need to deliver a consistent output while staying vigilant to Eranikus’ abilities, moving swiftly to avoid area attacks and focusing on whittling down the dragon’s substantial health pool.
AbilityWipe PotentialInformal Commentary
Deep SlumberHighNaptime’s lethal here. Getting caught means sitting out the fight, maybe permanently.
Acid BreathMediumThis breath’s worse than its bite. Avoid the front to keep your armor from dissolving.

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Conquering the Shade of Eranikus stands as a pinnacle achievement within the Sunken Temple, encapsulating the essence of raiding in the Season of Discovery. Successful parties will find themselves richly rewarded, not just with the Sunken Temple raid loot but with the satisfaction of having overcome one of the most challenging bosses the instance has to offer. Mastery of this encounter is a testament to a raid’s capability and earns a place in the annals of WoW SoD raiding lore.

Sunken temple – Same loot table Season of Discovery

Season Of Discovery Raid

In the heart of the Season of Discovery with the Sunken Temple raid loot table—a treasure chest overflowing with rewards that’ll make any raider’s heart beat faster. This isn’t just any loot; it’s the culmination of every challenge faced within the ancient walls of the Temple of Atal’Hakkar, as detailed in the essential WoW SoD The Sunken Temple raid guide. From the Mantle of the Thresher Slayer to the Perfect Blackfathom Pearl, each piece of The Sunken Temple raid loot symbolizes mastery over the dungeon’s darkest corners.

Essence of EranikusQuest
Atal’ai SpauldersShoulderLeather Armor
Atal’ai BreastplateChestMail Armor
Atal’ai LeggingsLegsLeather Armor
Atal’ai BootsFeetMail Armor
Atal’ai GlovesHandsCloth Armor
Atal’ai GirdleWaistPlate Armor
Drakeclaw BandFingerRing
DrakestoneHeld In Off-handOff-hand Frill
FirebreatherOne-HandOne-Handed Sword
Atal’alarion’s Tusk RingWaistPlate Armor
Darkwater BracersWristLeather Armor
Slitherscale BootsFeetLeather Armor
Wingveil CloakBackCloak
Blade of the WretchedMain HandOne-Handed Sword
Fist of the DamnedOne-HandOne-Handed Mace
Eater of the DeadMain HandOne-Handed Axe
Vestments of the Atal’ai ProphetChestCloth Armor
Kilt of the Atal’ai ProphetLegsCloth Armor
Gloves of the Atal’ai ProphetHandsCloth Armor
Dire NailOne-HandDagger
Dragon’s EyeNeckAmulet
Horns of EranikusHeadMail Armor
Crest of SupremacyShieldShield
Rod of CorrosionRangedWand
Tooth of EranikusMain HandOne-Handed Axe
Might of HakkarMain HandOne-Handed Mace
Windscale SarongLegsLeather Armor
Featherskin CapeBackCloak
Warrior’s EmbraceChestPlate Armor
Bloodshot GreavesFeetMail Armor
Drakefang ButcherTwo-HandTwo-Handed Sword
Bloodfire TalonsHandsLeather Armor
Nightfall DrapeBackCloak
Dawnspire CordWaistCloth Armor
FormulEnchant Cloak – Greater ResistanceEnchanting Formula

Quests for Sunken temple in WoW Season of Discovery

Wow Sod Raid Guide

quests awaiting in the Temple of Atal’Hakkar, each with its own slice of adventure and treasure. Starting with The Shriveled Heart, where you’re off to snatch a heart and bag some cool stuff. Then, take on Eranikus, Tyrant of the Dream to beat the big dragon and earn XP and pride. Into the Depths has you diving deep for a nice chunk of XP, while Into The Temple of Atal’Hakkar kicks off your adventure with a Guardian Talisman and XP in tow. Jammal’an the Prophet challenges you to take out Jammal’an for some sweet gear and XP.

Quest NameWhat to DoWhat’s Rewarded
The Shriveled HeartTake down some baddies, snatch a heartCool stuff, but ??
Eranikus, Tyrant of the DreamBeat the big dragon dream guyExperience and pride
Into the DepthsDive deep into the temple’s bellyA good chunk of XP
Into The Temple of Atal’HakkarGet into the temple, start your adventureGuardian Talisman & XP boost
Jammal’an the ProphetTake out Jammal’an, the big bossChoice of gear & decent XP
Secret of the CircleSolve the temple puzzleHakkari Urn & some XP
Starsong the ElderSpecial Lunar Festival questCoin of Ancestry (Festival loot)
The Essence of EranikusDefeat Eranikus’ shadeChained Essence of Eranikus & a bit of XP
The God HakkarSummon and defeat HakkarPick your reward & Essence of Hakkar + some cash & XP
The Sunken TempleGeneral temple run-throughA nice XP bump
The Temple of Atal’HakkarAnother entrance quest, get ready for funGuardian Talisman & some XP

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Don’t miss Secret of the Circle, solving puzzles for a Hakkari Urn and XP. Starsong the Elder mixes things up with a Lunar Festival task, rewarding you with a Coin of Ancestry. Battle The Essence of Eranikus to defeat Eranikus’ shade and grab the Chained Essence and XP. The God Hakkar awaits to test your might, offering a choice of reward, Essence of Hakkar, cash, and XP. For a general temple run-through, The Sunken Temple quest boosts your XP. Lastly, The Temple of Atal’Hakkar gets you ready for fun, rewarding a Guardian Talisman and XP.

Each quest not only propels your journey through the temple but also decks you out with rewards that are worth the hustle. Whether it’s for the loot, XP, or just the thrill of the encounter, these quests are your tickets to mastering the Temple of Atal’Hakkar.

Conclusion about Sunken Temple

Season of Discovery’s Sunken Temple, it’s clear that this isn’t just any raid—it’s an adventure that tests every facet of your raiding skills, from crowd control to boss mechanics. Whether you’re deciphering the mysteries behind Atal’alarion, dodging Dreamscythe’s deadly aerial assaults, or facing the haunting wrath of the Shade of Eranikus, each encounter offers its own unique challenges and rewards.

The Sunken Temple raid guide has led us through murky corridors and against formidable foes, showing that with the right strategy, coordination, and a bit of raid loot luck, any party can emerge victorious. The revamped loot table ensures that each victory feels rewarding, making every boss fight worth the effort.

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Remember, the key to conquering the Temple of Atal’Hakkar lies in understanding each boss’s abilities, executing the correct order of attacks, and making the most of the loot table to gear up for future challenges. As you collect hakkari blood and face the highest threats within these ancient walls, know that each step brings you closer to mastering the new raid and carving your name into the legends of WoW’s Season of Discovery.

So, whether you’re here for the loot, the lore, or just the thrill of the fight, the Sunken Temple stands as a testament to the ever-evolving world of classic WoW. Dive in, give it your all, and may the spirits of Atal’Hakkar guide you to victory.