WotLK Conqueror Title Boost

In order to get the WotLK Conqueror title, players must engage in player versus player (PvP) activities like as battles in Warsong Gulch, Arathi Basin, and Alterac Valley. Furthermore, you need to reach exalted status with the PvP factions that are connected to these contested zones.
Gaining the WotLK Conqueror’s Title will require significant game time. The good news is that this procedure can be sped up. Battlegrounds holidays are open for gameplay. When they happen, you’ll gain bonus reputation points that speed up the rate at which you gain reputation. But if you want to achieve it in endless mode, you should be prepared to farm battlegrounds for 10 hours a day for a couple of months.

WotLK Conqueror Title Boost Includes


Boost will take 60-70 days; due to unpredictable recipe chance rewards from dailies, it may take more time to get this title;

This boost will be completed in WotLK Conqueror Title BoostPiloted mode.


Level 80 character. Use our WotLK leveling boost service if you don’t meet this requirement.

We will need access to your World of Warcraft account for some meaningful amount of time to work on your order. It will be occupied while we work.

Please disconnect the Battle.net Authenticator or disable the "always require authenticator for login" setting in Security Settings. Your account will be protected by the secret question for the duration of your boost. Don't forget to re-enable it once we finish the service.

WotLK Classic Conqueror Title Boost Explained

You need to gain exalted standing with the Warsong Outriders, The Defilers, and the Frostwolf Clan in order to get the WotLK Classic Conqueror Title. To reach exalted with the Warsong Outriders, you must farm the 10 vs. 10 Warsong Gulch battlegrounds. This is the most vicious reputation out of the three that are necessary. Capturing flags is the only means of advancing in a game’s reputation system. You gain no reputation with the Warsong Outriders if your team loses and fails to take a flag. A total of 42,000 reputation must be farmed in order to become Exalted from a starting reputation of 0. Simple maths tells that you’ll have to win 400 Warsong to be done. If the odds are even, and your win rate is 50%, you’ll just need to play 800 games of Warsong Gulch Battlegrounds. If each battle takes an average of 20 minutes, you’ll be spending around 267 hours, or 11 days and 3 hours, in Warsong Gulch. However, the time commitment increases when queue times of 5-10 minutes are included. This is completely unreasonable, as it would take 29 days to play for 10 hours every day.

Fighting in Arathi Basin battlegrounds with a 15 vs 15 player count is required to improve your rep with the Defilers faction. It will take far less effort and time to become Exalted with Arathi faction than the Warsong one. As a reward for leading your squad to a 200-point performance on the BG, you will receive 10 reputation points. While a 100% victory is worth 100 points, a 50% victory is worth 50 points. This equates to a win being worth an average of 0.75 average points. To earn 42,000 and become exalted, you’ll need to engage in 560 matches. If you spend 25 minutes every Arathi Basin on average, the game will take you 233 hours to complete, or 24 days if you put in an hour per day.

Out of the three labels, Frostwolf Clan has the easiest reputation. In order to level up your reputation with the Hero of the Frostwolf Clan, you must participate in a battleground located in Alterac Valley. You may get close to 500 reputation points by winning an AV. This implies you’ll need around 84 victories to ascend from the lowest possible rank to Exalted. It would take 210 hours, or 21 days of playing on a 10-hour schedule, with an average time of 30 minutes and a 50% victory rate. To be fair, if you’re looking to boost your reputation on Alterac Valley, there are quests you can do to increase the rate. Exalted status with the Hero of the Frostwolf Clan requires a 10- to 14-day reputation grind.

If you don’t have 10 hours to play every day for 60+ days, you should consider the WotLK Classic Conqueror Title Boost. Only 4% of players in the original WotLK acquired this, thus it’s fair to say that this is a hardcore title. If you order a WotLK Classic Conqueror Title Boost from us, we guarantee that it will be completed by a skilled booster within the time limit specified. Our work is entirely manual; we never employ the use of automated systems or external software.

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