SoD Ranking Boost

Rank awards the most prestigious titles in WoW Classic; this is the only way to earn any. Historically, few reached Grand Marshal or High Warlord, the apex of PvP ranks. Besides prestige, ranks unlock superior vendor items, even epic weapons at the coveted 14th Rank. Achieving this, however, is daunting, demanding extensive playtime. Our team specializes in Classic PvP rank boosts, including the season of discovery PvP rank boost, and offers support to navigate this challenge efficiently. Opt for our service to secure your desired rank and the exclusive rewards it entails without the exhaustive grind.

Service Includes

  • Boost up to the chosen PvP Rank;
  • Honor points and Honorable kills in your stats;
  • Access to gear according to your PvP Rank Boost;
  • All loot obtained during the boosting process.

This boost will be completed in SoD Ranking BoostPiloted mode.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 15-30 minutes;
Estimated Completion Time: 3-10 days, depending on chosen rank.

Additional Options

WSG Exalted Reputation – booster will concentrate on the WSG battleground to elevate your reputation to an exalted level. Please note the completion time for this service may extend up to 20 days;
Add 100 Gold – to improve your gaming experience; we will include 100 gold with your order;
Stream – request our unique streaming service for an enhanced gaming experience.


Active World of Warcraft subscription.
Level 60 character. Use our Season of Discovery leveling boost service if you don’t meet this requirement.

How it works

The ranking boost process, particularly for achieving your desired PvP rank in the Season of Discovery, can be intricate and requires specific knowledge. To facilitate a better understanding, we’ve prepared a step-by-step guide infused with key WoW SOD terms:

  1. Browse our offer to select your desired PvP rank or preferred PvP rank, along with any extra options for your WoW season.
  2. Upon completing the checkout for your WoW SOD rank boost, our customer service team will reach out within 3-10 minutes.
  3. Our SOD rank boost service will promptly assign a professional player, ready to begin your discovery PvP rank boost, and request you share your login details for account sharing.
  4. Throughout the SOD PvP ranking boost, our expert will manually secure honor points and higher ranks, avoiding third-party bots. If desired, witness the progress firsthand via a streamed personal link.
  5. We’ll notify you once the booster has finalized your PvP rank boost, achieving higher ranks or even an exalted WSG reputation.
  6. Congratulations on securing your new, prestigious rank within the season of discovery realm. Depending on the ordered Rank, you may purchase PVP rewards, a PVP cloak, or a faction tabard, enhancing your WoW experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

May I pause my boosting process for WoW SOD desired pvp rank boost and continue later?

Unfortunately, the boost for your desired rank in the Season of Discovery WoW season cannot be paused. Especially for high PvP ranks that require months to achieve. The ranking system in WoW Classic, including the SOD phase, incorporates decays, meaning your rank on the PvP ladder will gradually fall each week. If a pause occurs, we will require compensation for refarming the lost rank or provide a refund.

What will be my refund if I decide to stop the boosting process for my WoW SOD rank boost?

The refund for discontinuing your discovery PvP rank boost will be calculated based on the PvP ranks boost price already achieved. For example, if you aimed for a higher rank, starting from rank 2 and reaching rank 10 with the goal of rank 13, we will assess the cost for ranks 2 to 10 using our rank boost service and issue a refund for the remaining amount. Our team of professional players is committed to offering customizable offers for boosting services, ensuring your experience in the discovery pvp ranking and SOD PvP rank boost is seamless, with rewards reflecting the honor points obtained and your progress in the WoW season of discovery.

May I play on my account after the boosting hours for my WoW SOD rank boost?

Certainly, but we kindly request you provide your preferred schedule during the initial contact with our customer support manager. This flexibility is mainly available during the first and second phases of the Season of Discovery. For achieving desired ranks 11 and higher during the SOD phase, we advise not logging into your account, as these high ranks require extensive time to farm.

Where will you farm the honor points for my discovery rank boost?

Our skilled boosters will farm honor points in battlegrounds and PvP activities, integral to the Season of Discovery PvP. Exploits such as killing AFK friends are ineffective, as Blizzard’s adjustments to the WoW Season of Discovery ensure that rewards for repeated kills diminish, aligning with the game’s level cap and pvp ranking system.

Who will play on my account for the SOD PvP rank boost?

Your account will be managed by one of our professional boosters, skilled players with experience in achieving high PvP ranks in the original Vanilla and the Season of Discovery PvP. Upon providing the necessary details and confirming your active subscription, you can monitor the entire boosting process live. This is made possible through a personal stream, a customizable offer we provide, allowing you to witness your SOD PvP rank advancement in real time. This service is available from the season’s first phase, ensuring your ranks improve as desired. Buy the season boost and our dedicated team will handle the rest, aiming for the top ranks and rewards in the game.

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