SoD Stockade Boost

For those yearning for the nostalgic Vanilla World of Warcraft experience, the World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery offers a perfect opportunity to dive back into that era. This season introduces level caps that bring back the challenge of classic dungeons like the Stockade, requiring skillful play to navigate successfully. Our Stockade boost service is here to help those who find these challenges daunting. Our team has extensive experience with WoW Classic Season of Discovery and other classic expansions, adeptly handling dungeons such as the Stockade at the intended level, even with suboptimal gear and without the advantage of rune slots. This expertise ensures that our professional players are ready to assist you in conquering the difficulties of the Stockade during the World of Warcraft Vanilla Season of Discovery!

Service Includes

  • Completed the Stockade dungeon;
  • Chance to loot new gear pieces;
  • Some experience during the run;
  • All the other loot obtained during the boost.

This boost will be completed in SoD Stockade BoostPiloted mode.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 30 – 60 minutes;
Estimated Completion Time:

  • Normal – 2 hours;
  • Express – 1 hour 25 minutes;
  • Super Express – 1 hour.

Additional Options

Add 500 Gold – an additional 500 gold will be added to your order, enhancing your gameplay experience.
Stream – upon request, we'll provide a personalized stream to improve your experience.


Active World of Warcraft subscription.

Level 22 character. Use our SoD leveling boost service if you don’t meet this requirement.

How it works

We’re all about keeping things clear and straightforward for our customers. Here’s a simple breakdown of how we’ll get Stockade Boost in WoW Season of Discovery:

  1. First, look at our WoW Season of Discovery Stockade boost options and pick the one that fits your class best;
  2. After you buy, a support team member will contact you within a few minutes to confirm your order details;
  3. With your go-ahead, we’ll start the SOD Stockade Boost;
  4. Want to watch the action? Ask your booster for a stream link to follow along live;
  5. We’ll keep you posted on your progress regularly, and our support team is here 24/7 for any questions;
  6. Once we’ve cleared the Stockade dungeon, we’ll let you know immediately.
  7. Enjoy your new top-tier gear; remember, we’re always here to help with your WoW needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SOD Stockade dungeon strategy?

Right in the heart of Stormwind lies the Stockade, a place not bothered by payments or modern distractions. It’s a dungeon that plays by its own rules, filled with challenges and echoes of battles past. Here, you won’t find any ads, cookies, or data tracking – just the cold, hard stone and the stories of bosses like Targorr, Kam, and their formidable companions. It’s a place where your success depends on strategy, not stats or special boosts.

In the Stockade, it’s all about you, your team, and the thrill of the fight. There are no shortcuts, no custom options – just the raw, unfiltered experience of classic gaming. This battle is personal. There’s no scheduling around it, no online transactions – just you and the game, investing time to overcome challenges that demand skill and patience.

The Stockade stands as more than just a dungeon; it’s a tribute to the essence of gaming. It celebrates the patience and skill required to master its depths, offering a pure, undiluted World of Warcraft experience. Here, the focus is on the quality of the adventure, not the quantity of loot or levels. The Stockade isn’t just about playing; it’s about understanding and overcoming the true nature of challenge, with no frills attached. Just pure, classic Warcraft at its best.

NPC Name Type Ability
Defias Prisoner Trash Disarm
Targorr the Dread Boss Dual Wield, Enrage, Strike
Kam Deepfury Boss Defensive Stance, Improved Blocking, Shield Bash
Hamhock Boss Bloodlust, Chain Lightning
Bazil Thredd Boss Battle Shout, Dual Wield, Smoke Bomb
Dextren Ward Boss Battle Stance, Intimidating Shout, Strike
Bruegal Ironknuckle (Rare) Boss None
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