SoD Stratholme Boost

Buy WoW SoD Stratholme Boost and step into the shoes of a legendary hero! Our expert team, unlike Uther the Lightbringer, is ready to follow you through Stratholme! Those undead won’t slow you down – we’ll clear the path and bring you the loot you want. March into Stratholme, scorch at the Scourge and get the most out of every run. We are your personal party – except you don’t need to yell at us and listen to us complain about cooldowns!

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Service Includes

You can choose either SoD Stratholme BoostSelf-Play or SoD Stratholme BoostPiloted mode for this boost.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 30 – 60 minutes;
Estimated Completion Time:

  • Normal – 2 hours;
  • Express – 1 hour 25 minutes;
  • Super Express – 1 hour.

Additional Options

Key to the City – we’ll get you Key to the City that grants fast access to Undead Part of the Dungeon.
Add 500 Gold – an additional 500 gold will be added to your order, enhancing your gameplay experience.
Stream – upon request, we'll provide a personalized stream to improve your experience.


Active World of Warcraft subscription.

Level 58 character. Use our SoD leveling boost service if you don’t meet this requirement.

How It Works

Get ready for a fight on the haunted streets and halls of Stratholme! Our WoW SoD Stratholme carry service will help you experience all the action! Here’s how we make it happen:

  1. Simply select the WoW SoD Stratholme Boost service;
  2. Choose any additional options you want;
  3. Complete your purchase. Our team will start organizing your run immediately.
  4. After your order is confirmed, one of our team members will reach out to you. We’ll schedule the boost at a time that suits you best.
  5. Make sure your character is ready. Equip the Argent Dawn Commission if you want those Scourgestones!
  6. At the scheduled time, our expert boosters will either guide you through Stratholme or pilot your character, ensuring every boss is defeated and loot is collected.
  7. Enjoy the spoils of your run, including chances for rare mounts, gear, and profession items. If you added the gold option, we’ll trade you the gold after the run.
  8. If you selected the streaming option, watch the entire run live and cheer on your boosters as they clear the dungeon!

Ready to enter Stratholme? Place your order now, sit back, and let us handle the undead for you. Enjoy the game-changing experiencewith Epiccarry!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many bosses are there in WoW Classic SoD Stratholme?

In WoW Classic SoD Stratholme, you’ll face a total of 19 bosses including rares and summoning ones. Stratholme is split into two main sections: the Live Side and the Undead Side. Each side has its own set of bosses and unique challenges.

On the Live Side, you will encounter 11 bosses. This side is known for its bustling, chaotic atmosphere, full of Scarlet Crusaders and other living foes who have taken control of part of the city.

On the Undead Side, the true terror begins. This section features 8 bosses. The Undead Side is teeming with the Scourge’s minions.

Each boss in Stratholme has its own mechanics and strategies, requiring a well-coordinated group to overcome. Here is the list of every boss withing Stratholme:

  1. Ezra Grimm Skul
  2. Hearthsinger Forresten
  3. The Unforgiven
  4. Postmaster Malown
  5. Timmy the Cruel
  6. Malor the Zealous
  7. Cannon Master Willey
  8. Crimson Hammersmith
  9. Archivist Galford
  10. Balnazzar
  11. Magistrate Barthilas
  12. Stonespine
  13. Nerub’enkan
  14. Black Guard Swordsmith
  15. Maleki the Pallid
  16. Baroness Anastari
  17. Ramstein the Gorger
  18. Baron Rivendare

No matter if you’re trying to get rare Deathcharger’s Reins or powerful pre-raid gear, having strong group is crucial. Our WoW SoD Stratholme Boost service can help you! Let us guide you through each encounter.

Is WoW Classic SoD Stratholme hard?

WoW Classic SoD Stratholme can be quite challenging, especially for players who are not familiar with its layou. Stratholme is huge and divided into two main sections: the Live Side and the Undead Side. The difficulty depends on the experience and coordination inside your group.

The Live Side is generally considered easier compared to the Undead Side. The mechanics are straightforward, but underestimating can lead to trouble. Proper crowd control, interrupting spells, and managing adds is the key.

The Undead Side ramps up the difficulty significantly. This section is packed with undead minions and powerful bosses. The Undead Side demands a higher level of coordination and gear from the players. Mistakes can be costly, leading to wipes and extended run times.

That said, the difficulty of Stratholme also brings its rewards. Players can earn valuable pre-raid gear, profession items, and the chance to obtain the rare Deathcharger’s Reins from Baron Rivendare.

Our WoW SoD Stratholme Boost will help you with tough mechanics!

Where is the WoW Classic SoD Stratholme entrance?

The entrance to WoW Classic SoD Stratholme is located in the Eastern Plaguelands. This region is plagued by the undead Scourge and other horrors. Stratholme is a large city dungeon with two different entrances, one for the Live Side and one for the Undead Side.

To find the entrance to the Live Side, head to the northwestern part of the Eastern Plaguelands. This entrance is known as the Main Gate entrance, and it’s where you’ll begin your journey into the Live Side of Stratholme.

The entrance to the Undead Side is a bit trickier to locate. It is found on the eastern side of Stratholme, accessed by going through a small passage near the main gate. This entrance is often referred to as the Service Entrance. As you enter, you’ll notice more sinister atmosphere, as this side of the city is completely overrun by the undead. The Service Entrance leads you directly into the heart of the Undead Side.

With our WoW SoD Stratholme Boost service you don’t have to worry about finding your way! Our experienced team knows exactly where to go and how to handle any threats along the way!

Why is WoW Classic SoD Stratholme so popular?

WoW Classic SoD Stratholme is popular among players for several reasons. Stratholme is steeped in rich lore and history, making it a fascinating and immersive experience. As one of the key locations in Warcraft’s storyline, Stratholme was the place where Prince Arthas purged the city in an attempt to stop the spread of the undead plague. This dramatic backdrop adds a layer of narrative depth that resonates with many players.

Also Stratholme offers great rewards. Players often come here for pre-raid best-in-slot gear and profession items like the Righteous Orb.

The large number of bosses and the chance for rare items mean that many players return multiple times. You will find here a lot of quests to do and reputation with the Argent Dawn to farm! This factor keeps Stratholme relevant even at the end of the expansion.

What is Live and Undead WoW Classic SoD Stratholme?

Stratholme is divided into two sections: the Live Side and the Undead Side.

The Live Side of Stratholme, also known as Scarlet Stratholme, is inhabited by members of the Scarlet Crusade. This is a fanatical organization which eradicates the undead. This section is ideal for farming specific pre raid BiS gear some profession-related drops.

The Undead Side, or Scourge Stratholme, is a part of the city overrun by the undead Scourge. This area is much more challenging. Rewards here are highly better, including the rare Deathcharger’s Reins mount dropped by Baron Rivendare.

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