Dynasty Shipyard Boost

Expeditions is a New World’s take at good old dungeons — PvE activities designed for a group of 3-5 players. Dynasty Shipyard can be found in Ebonscale Reach – an area located north of Monarch’s Bluffs and west of Brightwood which is intended for players level 55 and above (see the location on this map). Dynasty Shipyard is a 5-man expedition for level 55+ players. In order to access it, one of your group members has to use a Dynasty Tuning Orb at the entrance.

Even though it says that the minimum number of players is 3, it is advised to bring a full party of 5 that includes a healer, a couple of DPS, and a tank with a dedicated taunt to make things a lot smoother. Dynasty Shipyard has a lot of trash mobs, 7 mini-boss encounters, and 2 boss encounters: Isabella, Oro & Joven, and empress Zhou Taiying. All of them take reduced Strike and Ice damage and are susceptible to Arcane, Thrust, and Nature damage.

Product Includes

Buying Dynasty Shipyard is a perfect way to get some great Tier IV and Gear Score 500 items. Our player will find a group and beat The Dynasty Shipyard expedition for you as many times as you select. You’ll get:

  • The Dynasty Shipyard expedition loot;
  • the “Dynasty Demolition” achievement for beating the final boss of the dungeon — Zhou Taiying;
  • a “Dungeon Dragon” character title;
  • 1k+ Weapon Mastery;
  • some gold that our player will collect during the run;
  • a chance to get special resources that drop from mobs and bosses in each expedition. These resources can be used to craft expedition-specific armor sets with pre-determined perk combinations;
  • Chance to get rare Tier IV Epic GS 500 weapons and gear, such as Tempest’s Call, Flamewake, Band of Ocean’s Oath, Rapier of Forgotten Queens, Inner Peace.

The ETA for this service is 2-4 hours.

This boost will be completed in Piloted mode.



We will need access to your New World account for some meaningful amount of time to work on your order. It will be occupied while we work.

You need to own enough Dynasty Tuning Orb for every run you select. Please select the “I don’t have Dynasty Tuning Orb” if you don’t have enough.

You need to own Azoth Staff to complete the expedition.

How do I craft the Dynasty Tuning Orb in the New World MMO?

Crafting a Dynasty Tuning Orb requires Stonecutting Lv. 75 and a Stonecutting Table Tier 4, and the following reagents:

  • 10x Corrupted Crystal – crafted with 3 Corrupted Shards (requires Stonecutting 75);
  • Orichalcum Chisel – x1 can be bought at Faction vendor;
  • Obsidian Voidstone – 10x;
  • 1x Energy Core – Crafted with an Elemental Heart and an Eternal Heart with Stonecutting Level 50.

Where is the entrance into the Dynasty Shipyard Expedition?

Dynasty Shipyard is located in the Ebonscale Reach territory, an area meant for level 51-60 players, near the Reekwated Settlement. The easiest way to get to it is by following the north side of the beach out to the island.

What is the required level for the Dynasty Shipyard?

Dynasty Shipyard is an expedition that requires you to be level 55 in order to be accessed but is really meant for fully leveled characters.

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