SoD BiS Gear Boost

Season of Discovery introduced new features, activities, and rewards. Now, everyone can enjoy the classic vanilla experience with a twist of the unknown – new raids, new PvP battles, and of course, new gear. Every player needs to start planning their list of BiS (Best in Slot) gear as everything has changed. But no worries, Epiccarry’s boosting service is here to help you from the ground up. Our professional boosters will present a list for your approval and fulfill it in the shortest terms. Forget about the tedious grind or, even worse, respawn camping. Leave it to our professional team and enjoy your full set of best-in-slot gear!

Service Includes

  • An amazing full set of best-in-slot gear for Phase 3;
  • Multiple runs through the Sunken Temple raid;
  • A decent number of 5-man dungeons completed;
  • All the world quests that award best-in-slot items have been completed;
  • A minimum of item level 55+ equipment geared towards your chosen spec;
  • All the gold, resources and other loot dropped during the process.

This boost will be completed in SoD BiS Gear BoostPiloted mode.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 1-12 hours;
Estimated Completion Time:

  • Normal – 40 days;
  • Express – 28 days;
  • Super Express – 20 days.

Additional Options

Express – your order will receive top priority and is guaranteed to be fulfilled within 25 days from the date of your order, ensuring a swift and efficient service.
Add 300 Gold – you will receive an extra 300 gold with your order for a more comfortable playing experience;
Unlock 7 Runes – you will get five runes of your choice unlocked on each possible slot – hands, legs, chest, boots, belt, helm, bracers. The service completion time may be increased by up to 2 extra days;
Stream – at your request, we will offer you a personalized stream to enhance your experience.
Unlock Dual Specialization — you will be able to switch between talent sets without further reset costs. Enhance your gameplay versatility!


Active World of Warcraft subscription.
Level 50 character. Use our Season of Discovery leveling boost service if you don’t meet this requirement.

How it works

We aim for clarity and transparency with every customer, which is why we have prepared a detailed guide on how your full set of best-in-slot (BIS) items will be farmed for the WoW Season of Discovery BIS Gear Boost:

  • Please review the product offer for the WoW season of discovery bis gear boost and choose the option you prefer for your specific class.
  • After completing the purchase, one of our customer support agents will contact you within 3-10 minutes to check and confirm all the order details;
  • We will need some time to coordinate with our Season of Discovery boosting team to find the right booster for you and present you with the list of best-in-slot items, ensuring a tailored WoW experience with powerful gear sets.
  • Once we receive your approval, we will initiate the boosting process, which will include:
    • Completion of the Gnomeregan raid;
    • Clearing of 5-man dungeons;
    • Completing all required quests for BIS gear;
    • Engaging in grinding and other activities to obtain items from the BIS list, enhancing your character’s power and efficiency.
  • Upon your request, the booster will provide you a personal link to the stream, offering a secure and transparent view of the Season of Discovery BIS gear boost progress.
  • Our boosting team will update you at least once per week or more frequently, according to your preferred schedule, about the ongoing progress. If you have any additional requests or questions, our customer support is available 24/7.
  • After the booster completes your best gear farming service, we will inform you instantly.
  • That’s it! Enjoy your full set of best-in-slot items, and feel free to contact us for any further assistance or to review additional services for your WoW journey.
Please note that due to potential unpredictability in drop rates, you will be presented with a list of two items: a primary item and an alternative. Should fortune not favor us with the desired drops, some items may be substituted with alternatives that have equivalent stats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to choose analogs for my SOD BIS gear?

Unfortunately, some items, including SOD bis gear and discovery bis gear, may not drop even after extensive farming. This can mean the item might lose its relevance by the time we acquire it. We always strive to ensure every customer is satisfied with their WoW season gear, but the drop rates of items, a factor beyond our control, impact this effort. Boosters will prioritize the main item; however, if it does not drop during the boosting process, we will replace it with a suitable alternative, ensuring your character remains equipped for success in WoW’s Season of Discovery.

Does this mean I might receive alternative gear instead of Season of Discovery BIS Gear?

Absolutely not. The booster is allowed to replace only up to three pieces of your gear with alternatives in cases where the original items, integral to your WoW season of discovery bis gear, have not dropped over an extended period. This process, part of our piloted mode services, is carefully managed by our customer support managers. However, we cannot predict which specific items might be replaced. Items from reputations or quest rewards, which have a guaranteed drop, ensuring success in raids and dungeons, cannot be replaced with alternatives. This approach maintains the integrity of your gear set, aligning with the total price and effort invested, while providing access to the best possible gear boost for your adventure in the world of Warcraft.

What happens if my boost isn’t completed within the guaranteed timeframe?

For the Express option, if the booster is up to 5 days late, you may request a refund of 50% of the option cost you paid for the SOD bis gear boost or 100% of the express option cost if the delay exceeds five days. This ensures your investment in the WoW Season of Discovery is protected. For the default option, if your discovery bis gear boost has not been performed within the maximum period of 40 days, you are entitled to request a refund for the percentage of gear pieces that were not farmed, aligning with the total price paid.

Can I get a refund for my Season of Discovery BIS gear boost?

You are absolutely entitled to request a refund at any stage of your wow season of discovery Bis gear boost. The refund will be calculated using the formula: (number of slots not farmed) / (total number of slots in your BIS list) = % of the amount to be refunded. For example, if you paid $1500 for the service with the express option but decided to request a refund after acquiring eight items out of a total of 16 slots for your character, the calculation would be 8/16 = 50%; this is the percentage of your payment that will be refunded. However, please note that once the booster has begun their work on your account, aiming to conquer dungeons or complete raids like the Blackfathom Deeps raid, the refund amount cannot be less than 90%, as a fair compensation for the booster’s time spent on preparation. This policy ensures a secure and fair process for customers and boosters, reinforcing our commitment to customer satisfaction and security in the WoW game.

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