Sod Raw Gold Farm

Okay, traveler, it’s your first time diving into the SoD, and you’ve discovered that there’s no gold in the classic realm. However, you still need it for green and blue items, mats, potions, and your adventures. You also need it for traveling between flightpaths. But there’s no gold to be found. So, you can either buy SoD gold from wherever you want, or you can start farming gold in legal ways. Here, we offer you a WoW Season of Discovery gold farming guide. However, please be aware that it isn’t a shortcut from 0 to 100 gold per hour. It’s a real guide with actual routes and methods, so you need to have realistic expectations.

We’re UPDATED THIS GUIDE, NOW IT PASS, TO THE Phase 2. Scroll below the Advice on the Phase 1, and you will find phase advices in how to optimally farm gold.

From this guide, you’ll learn:

  1. Why Frostmages struggle, as there are no mob zones for “Blizzard”!
  2. Why you shouldn’t spend your time at the Auction House right from the start, even though it’s still the best way to make gold.
  3. Why dealing items is the best way to farm gold in the endgame.
  4. In which zones you should farm gold, even if you don’t want to spend your time gathering and mining.
  5. Why hunters are the wealthiest players at the beginning of the game and have an advantage in season farming. And is it best to play Alliance players in next phase, or horde players to earn more gold

We’ll also touch on alchemy (as part of raid preparation) and a trick with copper ore for gathering and mining. But instead of focusing on “why you need gold” and “why you should buy gold Season of Discovery,” we’ll concentrate on the main things to start with. So, the zones for mob annihilation!

This guide is just one part of our huge World of Warcraft: SoD guides. We strive to provide you with the best possible information in all aspects of the game. Feel free to check out our other articles through the following links

The best zones to farm gold in world of Warcraft: Season of Discovery

Gold Making Sod

So let’s start from a prime. Who to kill, to earn the gold. We’re analyze all the world of Warcraft content, and provide elite mobs by the following criteria:

  1. Most of them are humanoids, in cause humanoids drops the exactly gold (silver, copper)
  2. You can find many of those mobs, without any troubles.
  3. Their drop not only trash and gold, but some valuable things for crafting professions (like the clothes for example).

And some of those mobs are higher than 25 lvl. In cause? Simple! In cause you’re limited for a 25 level, but if you cooperate with other players (2-3 people), you can go farm higher locations, which are not limited to the 25 level. For example, you can farm some diggers who are 28 levels, and their can drop the more gold, the higher loot, and other advantages for your progression.

So without any extra words, catch the table!

Gold farming spotsMobCommentaryApprox. Silver/GoldMob Level
WestfallDefias BanditGreat for linen cloth and green items. Popular among crafting professions.5-10 silver12-15
Loch ModanTrogg GeomancerDrops clay talismans and green items, ideal for making gold early on.4-8 silver13-17
The BarrensOasis SnapjawTurtle shells for crafting, a steady income source for gatherers.3-7 silver15-18
The BarrensWitchwing SlayerFeathers for quests and crafts, a good spot for grinding mobs.6-12 silver16-20
Silverpine ForestRot Hide GnollDrops linen and wool cloth. Good for tailoring and other professions.4-9 silver14-18
DuskwoodWorgen in the WoodsHigher chance for green item drops. Useful for disenchanting.7-14 silver18-24
Hillsbrad FoothillsSyndicate ThiefDrops valuable items and potions. Ideal for early gold farming.5-11 silver20-24
WetlandsBluegill MurlocKnown for dropping clams and murloc fins. Useful for cooking recipes and crafting.8-15 silver25-28
AshenvaleFallenroot SatyrHigh chance of green item drops, great for enchanters.10-20 silver26-29
Stonetalon MountainsVenture Co. LoggerGood source of wool cloth and random green items.9-18 silver25-28
Thousand NeedlesGalak CentaurDrops a variety of items including cloth and sometimes weapons.10-22 silver26-29

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As you’ve discovered, we don’t recommend farming rare mobs or hunting for specific recipes in the world of Warcraft: Season of Discovery Phase One. It’s all pretty straightforward—the steady flow of gold is a controlled process that can address most of your needs. You can accumulate gold for the auction house (or engage in dealings with others) and more. Rare recipes may be underpriced because not everyone has enough gold for WoW Classic Season of Discovery right now!

The most obvious way — Professions + Gather trick!

Gold Farm Sod
Wow Season Of Discovery Auction House

The professions are the most obvious ways, especially if you don’t want to buy WoW gold or resort to illegal methods like duping, hacking, or using fishing bots. We strongly advise against using an illegal sod gold farming method for gold making in SoD. So, let’s talk about professions.

There are always two ways to make gold. The most obvious one is to gather, craft, and sell on the AH. Most of you will opt for this method. Don’t forget to install Auctioneer and GatherMate, among others, to enhance your gold-making game.

The less obvious approach involves using complex recipes. It’s quite simple to explain. For instance, if you’re farming Copper ore, you can transform it into a Copper bar and combine it with Tin bar to create a Bronze bar. Bronze bars usually sell for a bit more than Copper bars + Tin bars (although not significantly if you want to conserve valuable resources).

So, you can farm Copper ores, monitor prices, and if needed, refrain from selling Copper ores, but instead, buy some Tin ores and craft Bronze bars. It just works! You can apply the same concept to Alchemy. So, here’s a table full of the most valuable (and liquid) recipes for valuable materials in the early Phase One gold farming routine!!

AlchemyMinor Healing Potion, Elixir of Minor Fortitude, Weak Troll’s Blood Elixir
BlacksmithingCopper Chain Vest, Runed Copper Belt, Silver Rod
EnchantingEnchant Bracer – Minor Health, Enchant Chest – Minor Mana, Enchant Shield – Minor Stamina
LeatherworkingEmbossed Leather Gloves, Fine Leather Tunic, Hillman’s Leather Vest
TailoringLinen Bag, Woolen Cape, Green Woolen Vest
EngineeringRough Boomstick, Coarse Dynamite, Flying Tiger Goggles
HerbalismPeacebloom, Silverleaf, Earthroot
MiningCopper Ore, Tin Ore, Coarse Stone

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Got a table here that’s pretty much a gold mine for early-level WoW Classic players. It’s like a cheat sheet for where to focus your energy if you’re into crafting or gathering. Think Alchemy for cool potions, or Blacksmithing for some nifty gear. Need ingredients? Hit up Herbalism or Mining. These are the gigs that’ll get you those valuable mats everyone’s after. And hey, it’s not just about grinding; it’s about knowing what sells and staying ahead of the game. So, whether you’re farming mobs for that sweet loot or mining ores like a pro, this table’s your ticket to racking up gold and staying golden in WoW Classic. Keep your eyes on what’s hot in the market, and you’re all set!

Alchemy note!

Wow Gold Farming Sod
Season Of Discovery Silk Farm

Making potions still rules, especially as we get a raid in Phase One of World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery. So, if you want to learn how to make gold in WoW SoD, just brew those pots and bottles. But don’t rush it at the start of the season because the first 1-2 weeks will be all about grinding in low-level areas!

Chests & Runes

Making gold in Season of Discovery classic is a breeze when you’re out there exploring Azeroth. Your ticket to riches? Hunt down chests loaded with powerful runes and incredible rewards. It’s the best raw gold farm in SoD and the ultimate way to fill your pockets with WoW gold.

Farming Rares

Wow Sod Gold Making

We strongly do not recommend this method for WoW SoD gold farming for the following reasons:

  1. It’s tough to find those rares.
  2. There are no layers in the Discovery season, so even the best gold farming spots may not work here.
  3. The drops from those mobs in specific zones aren’t the best.
  4. It’s tough to kill those if you want to use them as your gold farming method for SoD.

However, if you still want to pursue this path, here’s a table with mobs and their drops.

ZoneRare MobCommentary
Dun MoroghThe RakeKnown for its fast respawn and low-level loot, good for early gold farming in SoD.
Elwynn ForestHoggerA classic low-level rare mob, often hunted for its reputation as an early challenge.
DurotarSarkothA low-level rare scorpion, sought after for its stinger, which is valuable for early alchemy.
MulgoreMazzranacheKnown for its low-level leather drops, a good option for leatherworking.
Tirisfal GladesFellicent’s ShadeRare undead mob with a chance to drop valuable low-level cloth.
Loch ModanEdan the HowlerLow-level rare buzzard with a chance for gray items and vendor trash for wow gold sod.
DurotarCaptain Flat TuskDrops valuable gray items and is often farmed for SoD gold making.
WestfallMother FangA rare spider with valuable vendor trash, a good choice for gold farming in SoD.
Elwynn ForestThuros LightfingersA low-level rare Defias mob, drops linen cloth and other valuable items.
TeldrassilThreggilRare treant mob with a chance to drop elemental items, good for elemental farming in a proper best gold farming sod spot.
DurotarDeath FlayerLow-level rare mob with valuable gray items, a potential gold farm in SoD.
Elwynn ForestNarg the TaskmasterRare mob with a chance to drop crafting recipes, good for gold farming in SoD.
Tirisfal GladesDeebDrops valuable cloth and is often farmed for SoD gold making.
DurotarWarlord KolkanisDrops valuable gray items and is often hunted for SoD gold making.

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As you will look on their loot table, you’d been impressed, and it doesn’t matter will you farm them, even if you’re on a high ground, or while leveling.

Auction House Gold Farming Guide for a SoD

How To Make Gold In Sod
Wow Sod Gold Making Guide

Okay, now you’re ready to access the WoW Season of Discovery gold guide without crafting materials, buying WoW Season gold from providers, or duping it. So, it’s all about the Auction House.

To be honest, we have two guides that describe how to trade on the Auction House and establish a trading network. Both of them are suitable for a WoW Season of Discovery gold guide. We’ll provide links to them, and then, more concisely than usual, we’ll describe how to use valuable drops to make SoD gold!

  1. Gold Guide for the Retail (pay attention for the Auction House guide partline)
  2. Gold Guide for the WoW Hardcore (very similar to discovery, but harder, and more impressive).

But what exactly can you do?

First and foremost, you’re free to analyze the market, buying cheaper and selling more expensive. It’s the obvious way, isn’t it?

The second less useful guideline on how to exploit the WoW Season of Discovery gold routines through the auction house is by creating a dealer center. What does it mean? Simple. Buy valuable drops (even those suitable for elemental farming) from miners and farmers at a lower price, and then sell them on the auction house for a higher price.

If in the current and other versions of World of Warcraft, this method doesn’t work perfectly, it’s still viable for the WoW Season of Discovery because people need to spend a lot of time traveling to capitals to trade their crafts. They can simply send them to you through mailboxes, saving them time. So let’s learn together in wow sod how to make gold without using wow sod best gold farm, but by arbitraging the Discoveries auction house.

The third way you might not like, but it’s to accumulate a lot of gold and create your own market trends. Why? Just buy everything you see in the Auction House (I mean crafting materials or specifically blue items) and set higher prices. There will always be individuals who buy WoW Season items in the auction house rather than elsewhere.

Analyze Market and TradeBuy items at lower prices and sell at higher ones, a fundamental strategy.
Create a Dealer CenterPurchase valuable drops from miners and farmers at lower prices, then resell them for profit.
Accumulate Gold and Set TrendsAccumulate gold and influence market trends by buying crafting materials and valuable items.
Snipe Deals with Auction AddonsUse auction addons to snipe underpriced items about to expire, securing profitable deals.

Auction house addons for the Season of Discovery

Gold Farming Sod
Wow Sod Gold Guide

To make your Auction routine more convenient, use the table of addons. For not without an exactly links, in cause the World of Warcraft, the Season of Discovery is updating everyday, and it better to download the actual versions exactly at CurseForge, than use outdated links

AuctioneerOffers auction scanning, price suggestions, and automated listing.
AuctionatorSimplifies auction listing and item searching with a user-friendly interface.
AuxProvides additional price information and tools for identifying profitable items.
TradeSkillMaster (TSM)A powerful tool for advanced players, offering group management, automated listing, and more.
AuctionFasterQuickly scans and lists items on the auction house.
Vendor PriceDisplays vendor sell prices to help evaluate whether to auction or sell items to vendors.
BeanCounterTracks auction history and sales for analysis.
MailGetStreamlines the process of collecting won auction items.
EasyAuctionA straightforward addon for simplifying auction interactions.
GatherMate2Useful for gathering materials that can be sold for gold on the auction house.

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These addons enhance your auction experience and are valuable for gold farming, making gold in SoD, and general WoW gold-making in 2023. You’re free to use our guide for a Wow HC, for more addons you need for a game.

BAGS are the key for domination

Wow Sod Gold Farm
Wow Classic Season Of Discovery Gold Farm

Look, here’s a simple Math. You’re limited with a 25 level. And the 10 slot bags, cost for about 1.8 gold from a vendor in a capital city. And it requires just to get the 20 level, to craft them by yourself.

Bag NameSlotsTailoring Skill RequiredCrafting Level
Linen Bag611
Small Brown Pouch611
Woolen Bag8401
Red Linen Bag87010
Green Woolen Bag89510
Small Silk Pack1012520
Black Silk Pack1017520

The toughness of this method, is that you need to kill high leveled mobs (23-30 levels) to farm enough Silk clothes (or buy them in AH still works, but not aswell). And transform those Clothes into Bags.

All the peoples need the huge bags, and it doesn’t matter their class, specialization or style of playing. Their requires a bags for their travels.

Other Items. As Bag method

How To Make Gold In Wow Sod
How To Make Gold Season Of Discovery

As you have homies with whom you will farm high-end mats for professions and transform those mats into epic gear, valuable resources, and other highly sought-after items that you can trade with other gamers, this method works perfectly for all professions. You can earn a lot of SoD gold by simply grinding mobs in specific zones. Just remember one thing: elemental items are not available in Phase 1 of the WoW Season of Discovery.

Fishing. With bots or whatever

Sod Gold Farm
Fishing Is Still The Best Season Of Discovery Money Making

Fishing in WoW Classic can be a relaxing and lucrative way to earn gold, but using fishing bots is strongly discouraged as it carries a high risk of getting banned by Blizzard. It’s always best to play the game fairly and enjoy the experience.

Here’s a table with fishing spots in Classic WoW along with coordinates, fish types, required fishing skill levels, and recommended character levels:

season of discovery wow gold CoordinatesFishFishing Skill RequiredRecommended Character Level for wow classic sod gold farming
32,42 in WestfallRaw Brilliant Smallfish11-10
22,70 in Loch ModanRaw Longjaw Mud Snapper5510-20
42,69 in DarkshoreRaw Rainbow Fin Albacore7510-20
31,53 in Redridge MountainsRaw Brilliant Smallfish110-20
29,60 in DuskwoodRaw Nightfin Snapper13020-30
22,43 in WetlandsRaw Bristle Whisker Catfish13020-30
63,41 in OrgrimmarRaw Slitherskin Mackerel11-10
61,53 in Thunder BluffRaw Brilliant Smallfish11-10
38,15 in AshenvaleRaw Rainbow Fin Albacore7510-20
80,33 in Thousand NeedlesRaw Longjaw Mud Snapper5520-30
sod best gold farm

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We strongly do not recommend using bots for gold farming with gathering professions. However, you are free to fish in World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery in a semi-AFK mode. What does this mean? Instead of searching for epic gear or arcane crystals, you can run World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery in windowed mode (even better if you have at least two active screens). Start fishing at the best gold farming spots, and then focus on your PC work, watch streams, TV, or whatever you usually do, instead of buying WoW SoD gold. This way, you can continue enjoying your passion for WoW Classic Season of Discovery while earning a significant amount of gold with less effort.

Phase 2 locations and mobs

We updated our guide with new Recommendations, in where to farm gold in the most optimal way on the Phase 2.

As we step into Phase 2, it’s prime time to dive into the nitty-gritty of racking up that shiny WoW SoD gold. Whether you’re a seasoned gold farmer or just starting to explore the gold-making horizons, this phase is bursting with opportunities to fill your pockets.

From the lush, monster-infested zones to the bustling activity at the auction house, gold farming in SoD has never looked better. If you’re looking to up your gold game, the WoW SoD gold farming scene is ripe for the picking. We’re talking about classic spots and new hotspots where the gold flows as freely as the waters of Azeroth.

For those who’ve mastered the art of the SoD gold farm, there’s a whole world of resources out there. Think raw gold farms, silk cloth farms, and, yes, even fishing spots that are more lucrative than ever. The season of discovery gold farm is not just about battling mobs but also about strategic auction house plays, where the savvy can dominate with the right SoD gold guide.

Gold making in SoD is an art, and with the WoW SoD auction house seeing all kinds of action, from silk farm SoD to the ever-popular sod gold wow ventures, there’s no shortage of ways to make your fortune. And let’s not forget the specialized farms – wool, silk, you name it, there’s a demand for it.

But where to start? Whether it’s the best gold farm SoD style, or diving into the specifics of WoW SoD gold farmen, we’ve got you covered. From the raw gold farm sod delights to the intricacies of TSM SoD, the gold farming wow sod scene is bustling. And if you’re into the specifics, such as WoW SoD fishing gold farm or looking for the best professions for season of discovery, there’s a strategy for everyone.

Curious about how to make gold in SoD or hunting for the best gold farms SoD has to offer? Maybe you’re eyeing the season of discovery auction house prices, wondering where to farm silk SoD, or just looking for the best way to farm gold WoW SoD. No matter your angle, the gold farm season of discovery is in full swing, offering myriad ways to boost your coffers.

CoordinatesLocationMobs or ActivityRecommended Character Level
35,46Hillsbrad FoothillsSyndicate members, Hillsbrad Farmhands26-30 hillsbrad foothills
44,39WetlandsBluegill Murlocs, Mirefin Murlocs are the best for making gold sod26-30 not such bad as for wow sod gold making
46,33Arathi HighlandsBoulderfist Ogres30-35
63,37Stranglethorn ValeJungle Stalkers, River Crocolisks30-35 stranglethorn vale
52,56Thousand NeedlesRaceway scavengers, Saltstone Basilisks30-35
34,48DesolaceKodo Beasts, Bonepaw Hyenas30-35
67,23Dustwallow MarshRisen Husks, Darkmist Spiders35-40 when you’re ready for serious wow gold farming
48,24BadlandsWhelps and dragons35-40
53,34Alterac MountainsCrushridge Ogres35-40 still the best way to farm gold sod
45,49TanarisSandfury Trolls, Wastewander Bandits40-45 the best for wow gold season of discovery
sod raw gold farm

Reputation farm for capital city — the most unobvious way to farm gold!

Sod Gold Farming
Wow Sod Farm Gold Method

The perfectness of this way, is that all you need to do, is farming the reputation with a capital city you play. You can do it with tabards in dungeons. by doing quests. But there’s a little question. In why you need to farm reputation with your capital city? And how it can create a lot of Gold, exactly in the Season of Discovery!

It’s all Maximally simple! The Simplest way ever! When you farm a reputation with the one of favorite factions. You get a Discount. And you can use this Discount, for buying Crafting matts, and sell them!

Reputation LevelDiscount
HatedNo Discount
HostileNo Discount
UnfriendlyNo Discount
NeutralNo Discount
Friendly5% Discount
Honored10% Discount
Revered15% Discount
Exalted20% Discount
how to make gold sod

You’re free to sell them in one of two ways.

Wow Gold Farming 2023
Gold Making Sod In Ah

The first way is through the Auction House. However, please do not forget about the Auction Fees, which typically range from 5% to 10% (exact rates may vary in the release). Even with the maximum discount, you might still end up selling the items at a lower price than the vendor offers. So, you farm the Exalted reputation and sell the vendor materials, creating a price range between what you buy the materials for and what you sell them for.

Also you can get gold with a supply officer wow season of discovery. this method is not usual for season of discovery gold making. But if you can arbitrage the Sod Auction House, you can use it as the TSMSOD GOLD guide for yourself.

The other method is to use the chat to sell those materials. It still works, and you can potentially earn more gold (since you cut your costs on Auction Fees and commissions). However, keep in mind that this method may be more challenging for selling a larger quantity of items, and it could also expose your strategy to other gold farmers.

Best Gold Farm Sod
Conclusion Of Season Of Discovery Gold Wow

Why isn’t this method mentioned in other guides? It’s simple! It does work, but the amount of gold you can earn from other gold farming methods or buying WoW SoD gold at higher levels is obviously higher than the range between the discount and the selling price. However, when you’re limited by your character’s level, this method becomes effective. You can earn hundreds of gold a day by using it, and it’s absolutely legal.