Classic Wow Classes

Before I start describing each of the WoW Discovery phase 2 classes, I need to put a disclaimer. The internet is already overloaded with different tier list comparisons. But let me be honest about WoW Sod Tier List Phase 2, they’re all awful because they mostly rely on the memories of the World of Warcraft: Classic experience with high-end gameplay and more.


Wow Sod Tier List Phase 2
Wow Classic Sod Class Tier List

In World of Warcraft: The Season of Discovery, everything is maximally different. To be honest, today, as we sit in our editor’s office, it’s been at least four days since the start of Phase 2, and we’re still not sure about our choices (theoretical and practical). These choices are based on the rebalanced classes with their runes, level, talent limits, and new cursed gear items, which drop in the Season of Discovery. But among all those theoretical guides, we strive to spend our time and your attention on a real Tier-list, considering:

  1. The level limits for Phase one (please note that this guide is mainly written in the Phase 2 era. Even if you read it in Phase 2 or later, we’ve already made some changes to the tier-list, but the body and commentaries remain the same).
  2. The major rune changes, which Blizzard has already rebalanced after release.
  3. The rune system.
  4. The talent limits.
  5. The core gameplay changes.

We’ll strive to show you the wow classic best class for WoW Discovery, and we’ll also strive to separate them not only for pushing two dungeons and a bit of PvP matchmaking but also for:

  1. Simplicity of leveling with the best WoW Discovery class.
  2. The best class for a solo journey in WoW Season of Discovery.
  3. The best WoW Discovery class for gold-farming.
  4. The unique roles for mages with runes.

And of course, later (in about a month, or maybe at the start of Season 2), when everyone will learn how the core mechanics work and how to wow sod tank tier list with a warlock or heal with a mage, we’ll share our honest opinion on the best class for WoW Discovery class 2.

This guideline is part of the incredible WoW SOD phase 2 Compendium. We’ve already created the following guides, and they’re all awesome. If you need up-to-date information about World of Warcraft: the Season of Discovery, without ads and distractions, you’re welcome to read our guide:


So. let’s start overview WoW SoD phase 2 tier list right now

Wow Classic SoD Tier List Phase 2 UPDATE

WoW Season of Discovery Phase 2 has totally mixed up the DPS tier list, with some classes and specs showing up big time thanks to new runes, level cap changes, and the cool stuff like the Stranglethorn Vale PvP event. Warlocks are slinging those direct damage spells like bosses, sitting pretty in S Tier, thanks to awesome mana management. Meanwhile, Shadow Priests are finally getting some love, overcoming those mana issues to shine in raids. Fire Mages are all about that spell power, making A Tier their new home. On the flip side, poor Frost Mages are feeling left out in the cold in D Tier. Elemental Shaman and their buddies are trying to make a splash with elemental shaman focus, but still, find themselves a bit behind in the race. DPS Warriors and Rogues are bringing the heat with important raid buffs and sneaky moves, claiming their spots in A Tier. It’s wild how the discovery phase is shaking up the game, making us rethink our raid groups and the gear we’re chasing, especially for those long raid encounters.

Tierwow classic season of discovery best classSpecInformal Commentary
S-tierDPS WarlockallSitting atop thanks to their insane damage and mana management. A must-have for their curses in raid groups as sod dps tier list.
S-tierBalance DruidBalanceRose from the ashes this phase. Starsurge is now OP, making them a top pick for DPS.
S-tierShadow PriestShadowOvercame mana issues with new runes, showing up big time in raids with their damage.
A-tierFire MageFireTheir spell power and improved scorch are lighting up raids, making them super valuable in AOE scenarios.
A-tierDPS WarriorBothImportant for their raid buffs and exceptional base damage, especially in cleave situations.
A-tierDPS RogueallTheir utility and new poisons make them a great pick for most encounters.
B-tierElemental ShamanElementalTrying to catch up with decent healing and elemental focus, but still behind other classes.
C tierDPS PaladinAllHave burst potential but fall short in longer raid encounters and PvP.
C tierDPS HunterallExpected to lead but didn’t meet expectations. Their mobility and traps aren’t enough in most groups.
D-tierFrost MageFrostStuck at the bottom due to lack of scaling advantages and being overshadowed by other casters.

Wow Classic SoD TANK Tier List Phase 2 UPDATE

Wow Classic Sod Best Classes
Season Of Discovery Pvp Tier List

Tank enthusiasts of WoW SoD Phase 2, buckle up ’cause we’re diving into who’s ruling the roost in the tanking world right now. Protection Warriors are just killing it with their top-notch threat control, amazing utility, and damage that makes them a no-brainer for handling the gnarliest of mobs. Their ability to wear raid gear early and juggle multiple enemies with skills like Cleave and Sunder Armor makes them the go-to guys in any raid. But let’s not forget our Shaman pals, who’ve been given a solid boost, making them a fierce contender in the tanking arena. With the Way of Earth rune adding insane threat generation and survival perks, Shamans are showing they’re not just about mana management anymore. Both classes are enjoying the spotlight, thanks to excellent scaling, unique buffs, and the ability to adapt to the current meta, making them S-Tier studs in the Season of Discovery.

Tierbest class sod wowBuildInformal Commentary
S-tierProtection WarriorAbsolute beasts in threat control and utility, making them essential for any raid with their high base damage.
S-tierShamanShield MasteryStepped up their game with improved resource generation and unique buffs, tackling both single and AoE threats.
A-tierProtection PaladinStill viable with excellent scaling and utility, though a bit behind in AoE and threat generation compared to the S-Tiers.
B-tierDruidBear FormFinally getting AoE spells but needs more help to truly shine, making them decent but not top-tier.
C tierRogueJust a Flesh WoundStruggling to find their footing as tanks, lacking the necessary tools to maintain threat and survive tough encounters.

Then there’s the A-Tier squad, where Protection Paladins are hanging out. They might not be at the Warrior or Shaman level of awesomeness due to a bit of struggle in the AoE department and needing a bit more love in the threat generation game, but with the right raid gear and a smart mix of Protection and Holy talents, they can still hold their ground. As we keep our eyes peeled on how Blizzard might tweak things, especially with new runes that could shake up the tier list, it’s clear that the tanking scene in WoW SoD Phase 2 is as dynamic as ever

Wow Classic SoD Healer Tier List Phase 2 UPDATE

Sod Phase 2 Tier List
Wow Sod Best Leveling Class

Priests continue to dominate as S-Tier healers, with their unmatched versatility and array of healing tools, despite the nerfs to Circle of Healing, Prayer of Mending, and Penance. Their ability to adapt to most encounters with powerful AOE and single-target healing spells ensures they remain the top choice for raid groups. Meanwhile, Restoration Druid claim their spot in the A-Tier with their exceptional base damage and healing efficiency, proving once again that their AoE scenarios prowess and mana management are second to none. Both classes benefit from the new runes, enhancing their healing output and sustainability during longer raid encounters, reaffirming their positions at the top of the healer hierarchy.

Tierbest class season of discoverySpec phase 2Informal Commentary phase 2
SPriestHoly & DisciplineDespite nerfs, their versatility in handling both single target and powerful AoE situations keeps them on top with new rotational abilities and buff scaling.
ADruidrestoration druidTheir raid healing abilities, especially in AoE scenarios, combined with new runes, make them indispensable in most groups.
BShamanRestorationImproved with Chain Heal and Healing Rain, making them solid choices for raids needing decent healing and mana management.
C tierPaladinHolyStrong tank healers but lag in raid healing efficiency and mana issues, making them nearly half less favorible in longer encounters at alliance groups.
Magearcane mageBrings a unique approach to healing with new shots at single target damage and sustain, though struggles in AoE healing at alliance groups.

On the other hand, the B-Tier and C-Tier see some interesting shifts, with Holy Paladins struggling with mana issues and raid healing efficiency, placing them lower in the rankings. Shamans, however, make a solid B-Tier appearance thanks to their improved Chain Heal and Healing Rain, bolstered by the new Power Surge rune for enhanced mana regeneration, making them more viable in large-scale AoE situations. Arcane Mage, a surprising addition to the healer discourse, bring unique buffs and spell power to the table, although they face challenges in AoE healing due to their reliance on single-target damage for healing output. As the meta evolves and players gain access to lower level raid gear and new strategies, it’s clear that the discovery phase 2 has brought significant changes to the healer landscape, encouraging players to explore new builds and compositions for their raid groups.

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Warriors and Warlocks, with their enhanced specs and new abilities, deliver robust performances. Shamans, now viable tanks, enhance their gameplay with windfury totem and lava lash. Rogues, despite having a rough time with bosses and spellcasters, play a unique role with their melee-focused spec. Watch for potential shifts in these rankings in later phases.

Surprise best tanks in the world of Warcraft: SOD phase 2

Best Classes For Wow Classic
Wow Classic Season Of Discovery Tier List
  1. Shaman Tanks in the Season of Discovery resemble Protection Paladins from retail WoW in some aspects. Like Prot Paladins, Shaman Tanks in SoD use a combination of damage mitigation and utility spells. Their use of totems and shields can be compared to the Paladin’s use of auras and blessings, providing both defensive and support capabilities.
  2. Warlock Tanks have a unique style in SoD but they share some similarities with Demon Hunters in retail WoW. The Warlocks’ use of the Metamorphosis ability for tanking is reminiscent of the Demon Hunters’ transformation abilities. Both classes leverage a mix of damage absorption and high mobility, along with a focus on critical strikes and dodging.
  3. Rogue Tanks, as you pointed out, have parallels with Monks in retail WoW, particularly the Brewmaster spec. Both classes rely heavily on dodge and parry mechanics for mitigation. The Rogue’s focus on evasion, agility, and managing threat through finesse is similar to the Brewmaster’s approach of avoiding damage and using stagger to manage incoming hits.

Description of each class, and why it placed on it place in the exactly specialization.

Warrior in SoD tier list

Protection Warrior as best classes in sod phase 2

Wow Classic Season Of Discovery Best Dps
Tier List Season Of Discovery

Protection Warriors in the Season of Discovery have received notable improvements, particularly with the addition of these runes. Warbringer provides a solid foundation for tank defense, while Devastate and Furious Thunder enhance their threat generation and area control capabilities. These upgrades position Protection Warriors as a reliable and strong choice for tanking in SoD, making them one of the best classes for this role. Their ability to absorb damage and control the battlefield is key to their success in raids and dungeons.

Protection Warrior in wow season of discovery best classes list

TierClassSpecAdvantageous RunesCommentary
A tier classesWarriorProtectionWarbringer, Devastate, Furious ThunderProtection Warriors in SoD have improved significantly, offering solid tanking abilities and enhanced survivability with new rotational abilities and buff scaling.

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Runes and Their Advantages:

  1. Warbringer: This chest rune is essential for tanking, as it’s the only one that significantly enhances tanking capabilities. It provides a necessary boost to the Protection Warrior’s defensive abilities.
  2. Devastate: Selected as the hand rune, Devastate is a powerful tool for tanking. It strengthens the Warrior’s ability to maintain threat and deal damage, crucial for effective tanking.
  3. Furious Thunder: Chosen for the legs, this rune allows the use of Thunder Clap in Defensive Stance, a key ability for area control and maintaining multiple enemies’ attention.

Arms Warrior in tier list SoD phase 2

Arms Warrior in WoW Classic’s Season of Discovery:

TierClassSpecAdvantageous RunesCommentary
A tier classesWarriorArmsFlagellation, Single-Minded Fury, Consumed by RageArms Warriors excel with enhanced damage output and improved critical strikes, making them formidable in DPS roles.
  • Flagellation: Boosts physical damage, crucial for Arms Warriors’ damage output.
  • Single-Minded Fury: Increases damage and movement speed, enhancing overall combat effectiveness.
  • Consumed by Rage: Amplifies melee damage, critical for maximizing the Arms Warrior’s DPS potential.

Fury Warrior in SoD season of discovery best classes list

Fury Warrior in WoW Classic’s Season of Discovery:

TierClassSpecAdvantageous RunesCommentary
A tier classesWarriorFuryBlood Frenzy, Endless Rage, Consumed by RageFury Warriors shine with high burst damage and sustain, making them a top DPS choice with new rotational abilities and buff scaling.
  • Blood Frenzy: Ideal for generating additional rage with bleed damage, crucial for maintaining high DPS.
  • Endless Rage: Enhances rage generation from damage dealt, further fueling the Fury Warrior’s aggressive attack style.
  • Consumed by Rage: Boosts melee damage significantly, essential for Fury Warriors’ relentless assault strategy.

Paladin as wow classic sod best class

Best Class Wow Classic Season Of Discovery
Best Classes Season Of Discovery

Holy as best class in sod phase 2

With a Holy Paladins are nothing new. Their increase their open-world survivability, but all stay the same, you have to play in open world in other spec, and switch to holy only for dungeons and raids in the world of Warcraft: Season of discovery.

TierClassSpecAdvantageous RunesCommentary
S tier PaladinHolyBeacon of Light, Horn of Lordaeron, Divine SacrificeHoly Paladins are effective healers with runes enhancing healing and survivability. Nearly half of maximal potential, but still S
  • Beacon of Light: Enhances group healing capabilities.
  • Horn of Lordaeron: Boosts raid or party strength and agility.
  • Divine Sacrifice: Provides damage redirection and a survivability boost in critical situations.

Protection in season of discovery class tier list

If you need our honest opinion, all still the same. Passive tanking increased by Runes. And the Bubble still rules. All as it was. But who knows, what will change in the following phase 2.

TierClassSpecAdvantageous RunesCommentary
S tier PaladinProtectionAegis, Hand of Reckoning, Divine SacrificeProtection Paladins excel in tanking with runes boosting defense and threat management.
  • Aegis: Increases block value and chance, vital for tanking.
  • Hand of Reckoning: Essential for taunting and mana management.
  • Divine Sacrifice: Offers a strong cooldown for damage redirection and a boost to damage and healing.

Retribution Paladin in wow classic sod tier list

Again, nothing new. The runes are mostly allow you to get the abilities, which are from 26 to 60 levels, this is designed exactly to provide paladins become a useful in low level dungeons and raids.

TierClassSpecAdvantageous RunesCommentary
A tier classesPaladinRetribution paladinDivine Storm, Crusader Strike, ExorcistRetribution Paladins deliver high DPS with runes enhancing damage output and critical strikes.

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  • Divine Storm: Provides AoE damage and party healing.
  • Crusader Strike: Crucial for damage output and mana regeneration.
  • Exorcist: Offers critical strikes against certain enemy types and versatility in targeting.

Hunter in SoD tier list

Best Wow Season Of Discovery Class
Season Of Discovery Best Solo Class

Beast Mastery in SoD ranged dps tier list

Beast Mastery is all about letting your pet do the heavy lifting. With runes that boost pet crits and attacks, it’s a top-tier pick for those who like to watch their furry friends tear things up.

TierClassSpecAdvantageous RunesCommentary
A tier classesHunterBeast MasteryCobra Strikes, Beast Mastery, Kill CommandBeast Mastery excels with high pet damage, making them one of the best WoW SoD classes for DPS.
  • Cobra Strikes: Enhances critical hits and pet damage.
  • Beast Mastery: Boosts overall pet damage.
  • Kill Command: Provides a powerful damage ability for pet-based attacks.

Marksmanship as season of discovery best class

Marksmanship is where it’s at for Hunters who love raining arrows from afar. With a focus on powerful shots and AoE damage, these Hunters are killing it in the Season of Discovery

TierClassSpecAdvantageous RunesCommentary
A tier classesHunterMarksmanshipExpose Weakness, Explosive Shot, Serpent SpreadMarksmanship Hunters stand out in WoW Discovery phase 2 for their exceptional ranged DPS.
  • Expose Weakness: Increases attack power significantly.
  • Explosive Shot: Combines direct and bleed damage for effective DPS.
  • Serpent Spread: Enhances AoE damage capabilities, especially useful in group

Survival as one of best sod classes

Survival mixes things up with a cool, trap-laden approach. It’s perfect for Hunters who enjoy a tactical playstyle, making it a solid choice with some interesting runes to play with.

Survival Hunter

TierClassSpecAdvantageous RunesCommentary
B tier classesHunterSurvivalLone Wolf, Flanking Strike, Way of EarthSurvival Hunters offer a unique playstyle, focusing on traps and utility, a solid choice in the WoW Discovery phase 2 best DPS ranks.
  • Lone Wolf: Increases damage when not accompanied by a pet.
  • Flanking Strike: Provides a simultaneous attack from Hunter and pet.
  • Way of Earth: Enhances threat generation and survivability, useful in various combat scenarios.

Rogue as wow sod best solo class

Classes Wow
Best Class In Season Of Discovery

Assassination as best class wow sod

Assassination Rogues are all about deadly poisons and quick, lethal strikes. Ideal for players who enjoy a methodical, calculated playstyle.

TierClassSpecAdvantageous RunesCommentary
B tier classesRogueAssassinationDeadly Brew, Mutilate, EnvenomPerfect for players looking for a blend of strategy and aggression in their gameplay.
  • Deadly Brew: Amplifies poison effects, perfect for an assassination-style play.
  • Mutilate: Provides a strong direct damage ability, essential for burst damage.
  • Envenom: Acts as a powerful finisher, leveraging the rogue’s poisons for maximum impact.

Combat in wow season of discovery tier list

Combat Rogues in Season of Discovery are all about fast-paced action, offering a thrilling playstyle with significant damage output.

TierClassSpecAdvantageous RunesCommentary
B tier classesRogueCombatQuick Draw, Main Gauche, Blade DanceThey’re a powerhouse in close-quarters combat, ideal for players who favor an aggressive style.
  • Quick Draw: Boosts initial strike damage, great for getting an edge early in the fight.
  • Main Gauche: Enhances parry chance, adding a defensive edge to this aggressive spec.
  • Blade Dance: Increases parry duration and effectiveness, ideal for sustained melee encounters.

Subtlety in SoD wow sod class tier list

Subtlety Rogues bring a unique and nuanced playstyle to SoD phase 2, focusing on precision and timing to maximize their effectiveness:

TierClassSpecAdvantageous RunesCommentary
B tier classesRogueSubtletySlaughter from the Shadows, Shadowstrike, ShivPerfect for those who enjoy a stealthy and tactical approach in combat.

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  • Slaughter from the Shadows: Reduces energy costs, allowing for more frequent use of key abilities.
  • Shadowstrike: Enables stealthy teleports and devastating strikes, defining the subtlety playstyle.
  • Shiv: Provides a quick, additional strike that can apply off-hand weapon poisons effectively.

Priest in SoD tier list

Best Classes World Of Warcraft
Wow Season Of Discovery Best Solo Class

Discipline in SoD tier list

Discipline Priests balance healing with moderate damage output, ideal for players who like a hybrid role.

TierClassSpecAdvantageous RunesCommentary
S tier PriestDisciplineStrength of Soul, Penance, Power Word: BarrierThey offer a blend of sustainability and utility, crucial for challenging encounters.

Runes Explanation for wow season of discovery best class:

  • Strength of Soul: Enhances healing effectiveness, key for maintaining group health.
  • Penance: Offers a versatile spell for either damage or healing, crucial for adaptive gameplay.
  • Power Word: Barrier: Provides a strong defensive cooldown, essential for mitigating heavy damage phases.

Holy in SoD tier list

Holy Priests are the quintessential healers, perfect for players who focus on keeping their team alive.

TierClassSpecAdvantageous RunesCommentary
S tier classesPriestHolySerendipity, Circle of Healing, Prayer of MendingRenowned for their powerful AoE and single-target healing capabilities.

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Runes Explanation: for best classes sod phase 2

  • Serendipity: Reduces cast times, allowing for more rapid response to healing needs.
  • Circle of Healing: Provides excellent AoE healing, perfect for raid scenarios.
  • Prayer of Mending: Delivers immediate and delayed healing, versatile for various combat situations.

Shadow in SoD tier list

Best Class For Sod Wow
Wow Season Of Discovery Class Tier List

Shadow Priests excel in dealing sustained magical damage, suited for players who enjoy a darker, damage-focused role.

TierClassSpecAdvantageous RunesCommentary
B tier classesPriestShadowTwisted Faith, Mind Sear, Shared PainThey bring a unique playstyle with a focus on DoTs and psychic horrors.

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Runes Explanation:

  • Twisted Faith: Increases damage against targets affected by Shadow Word: Pain, enhancing DPS output.
  • Mind Sear: Offers effective AoE damage, great for dealing with multiple enemies.
  • Shared Pain: Spreads Shadow Word: Pain, maximizing the priest’s DoT effectiveness.

Shaman (Horde only) in SoD tier list

Elemental shaman as wow sod best class phase 2

Elemental Shamans harness the raw power of the elements to deal damage, perfect for players who enjoy a caster role with explosive potential.

TierClassSpecAdvantageous RunesCommentary
C tier classesShamanElemental shamanDual Wield Specialization, Lava Lash, Shamanistic RageIdeal for players looking for a mix of utility and burst damage.

Runes Explanation:

  • Dual Wield Specialization: Enhances hit chance, crucial for consistent damage output.
  • Lava Lash: Delivers strong offhand weapon skill damage, amplified by Flame Tongue.
  • Shamanistic Rage: Reduces damage taken and regenerates mana, adding sustainability.

Enhancement Shaman among wow sod best classes phase 2

Enhancement Shamans are all about empowering their melee combat with elemental forces, great for players who like a hybrid melee-caster role.

TierClassSpecAdvantageous RunesCommentary
BShamanenhancement shamanShield Mastery, Molten Blast, Way of EarthThey stand out with their unique totemic and enhancement shaman abilities.

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Runes Explanation:

  • Shield Mastery: Boosts mana regeneration and armor upon blocking, key for sustained engagements.
  • Molten Blast: Deals fire damage in a cone, effective for cleave damage.
  • Way of Earth: Increases threat generation, adds survivability and makes Earth Shock a reliable taunt.

Restoration in sod class tier list phase 2

Best Class Wow Season Of Discovery
Most Fun Class Sod Phase 2

Restoration Shamans are the quintessential healers of the Shaman class, ideal for players dedicated to supporting their allies.

TierClassSpecAdvantageous RunesCommentary for best class sod phase 2
B tier classesShamanRestorationHealing Rain, Water Shield, Earth ShieldThey excel in healing with a strong focus on versatile and area-effect healing spells.

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Runes Explanation:

  • Healing Rain: Offers an AoE heal, great for raid and group scenarios.
  • Water Shield: Provides mana regeneration, crucial for maintaining healing output.
  • Earth Shield: Delivers both protection and healing, a key ability for any Restoration Shaman.


Best Wow Classic Class
Wow Season Of Discovery Classes Phase 2

Arcane mage in SoD tier list

Arcane Mages wield mysterious energies to deal damage. They are great for players who enjoy managing resources for powerful spell bursts.

TierClassSpecAdvantageous RunesCommentary
S tier classesMagearcane mageArcane Power, Presence of Mind, Arcane MissilesKnown for their high burst potential and strategic mana management.

Runes Explanation:

  • Arcane Power: Significantly boosts spell damage, essential for burst phases.
  • Presence of Mind: Allows for instant spell casts, crucial for reactive or burst gameplay.
  • Arcane Missiles: Provides a reliable and consistent damage stream, important for sustained DPS.

Fire in SoD tier list

Fire Mages are all about igniting enemies with combustive spells, ideal for players who enjoy seeing big damage numbers.

TierClassSpecAdvantageous RunesCommentary
S tier classesMageFireBurnout, Living BombThey excel in both AoE and single-target scenarios, making them a top choice for DPS.
  • Burnout: Increases critical strike chance while raising mana costs.
  • Living Bomb: Deals damage over time and spreads upon enemy death.

Frost in SoD tier list

Frost Mages control and freeze the battlefield, perfect for players who value crowd control and sustained damage.

Tier for phase 2ClassSpecAdvantageous RunesCommentary
S tier classesMageFrostFingers of FrostRenowned for their control abilities and consistent damage in WoW Discovery phase 2.
  • Fingers of Frost: Enhances the damage of key frost spells like Frostbolt and Ice Lance.


Best Wow Sod Class
Season Of Discovery Wow Tier List

Affliction in SoD tier list: phase 2

Affliction Warlocks are all about those nasty DoTs (Damage over Time). Perfect for players who love to see their enemies wither away slowly but surely.

TierClassSpecAdvantageous RunesCommentary
S tier classesWarlockAfflictionEverlasting Affliction, Soul SiphonMasters of curses and sustained damage, they’re a nightmare in any prolonged fight.

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  • Everlasting Affliction: Keeps that Corruption ticking endlessly.
  • Soul Siphon: Amps up those life-draining spells, because who doesn’t like to drain souls?

Demonology in SoD tier list: phase 2

Demonology Warlocks are the puppet masters of demons. Ideal for those who enjoy having a demonic sidekick doing their bidding:

TierClassSpecAdvantageous new wrath tune RunesCommentary
S tier classesWarlockDemonologyDemonic Tactics, Master ChannelerThey bring the big guns (or demons, in this case) to the battle, dealing solid damage.

Runes Explanation:

  • Demonic Tactics: Boosts your and your pet’s crit chance, because teamwork makes the dream work.
  • Master Channeler: Makes Drain Life instant – talk about a life-saver!

Destruction in SoD tier list

Destruction Warlocks are the pyromaniacs of WoW. Perfect for those who want to watch the world burn (quite literally).

TierClassSpecAdvantageous new wrath tune RunesCommentary
S tier classesWarlockDestructionRain of Fire, Chaos BoltThey’re like a walking apocalypse, bringing explosive damage to any fight.

Runes Explanation:

  • Rain of Fire: Because raining fire on your enemies never gets old.
  • Chaos Bolt: Delivers a massive, unresistable burst of fiery doom.

Druid in SoD tier list

Balance druid in SoD tier list

Balance Druids, or ‘Boomkins’ as we affectionately call ’em, are all about calling down the wrath of nature. Perfect for players who want to harness the power of the sun and moon to smite their foes.

TierClassSpecAdvantageous new wrath runeCommentary
S tier classesDruidbalance druidFury of Stormrage, SunfireThese guys turn the battlefield into their personal planetarium, dishing out cosmic damage.

Runes Explanation:

  • Fury of Stormrage: Makes that Wrath spell free, ’cause who doesn’t like free stuff?
  • Sunfire: Adds a bit of solar flair to your burn, cooking enemies with nature damage over time

Feral Druid in SoD tier list

Best Classic Wow Classes
Wow Classic Sod Pvp Tier List

Feral Druid in cat form are like the ninjas of WoW. Ideal for players who want to pounce from the shadows and shred their enemies.

TierClassSpecAdvantageous new wrath runeCommentary
S tier classesFeral DruidFeral DruidWild Strikes, Savage RoarThese felines bring the ferocity with quick, lethal attacks, perfect for tearing up anyone in their way as single target output.

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Runes Explanation:

  • Wild Strikes: Because more attacks mean more fun, right?
  • Savage Roar: Turns your kitty into a roaring powerhouse, buffing up that physical damage.

Feral Druids in bear form are the tanks you don’t want to mess with. Great for players who like to be the unmovable object and the irresistible force.

TierClassSpecAdvantageous RunesCommentary
S tier classesDruidFeral DruidWild Strikes, MangleThese bears are tough as nails, soaking up damage and swiping back with a vengeance with a single target output.

Runes Explanation:

  • Wild Strikes: Adds some extra oomph to your bear swipes.
  • Mangle: Rips enemies apart, because who said tanking can’t be fun


Best Wow Class
Best Solo Class Season Of Discovery

As we wrap up our journey through the Season of Discovery Phase 2, it’s clear that the landscape of WoW Classic has been dramatically reshaped. The dps tier list, from the elemental shamans wielding their elemental focus to the fierce dps warlock casting direct damage spells, showcases the dynamic shift in power. Balance druid and fire mage have risen, thanks to their ability to dish out powerful aoe and single target damage, highlighting the importance of scaling advantages and resource generation in the current meta.

The frost mage, despite facing challenges with mana issues and competing against other casters, still finds a niche with their unique ability to control the battlefield in both large scale aoe and single target situations. On the other hand, shadow priests, with their improved scorch and new poisons, have shown that debuff slots and damage pacing are critical for maximizing boss damage, especially during the Stranglethorn Vale PvP event and other high-stakes encounters as larger threat.

Retribution paladins, often seen wielding lower level raid gear early in the discovery phase, have demonstrated that weapon skill and raid buffs can significantly impact a class’s standing in the dps class hierarchy. However, as we move through different tiers from a tier to d tier, it becomes evident that every class, including the underrepresented c tier and b tier classes, brings something unique to the table. Important raid buffs, damage mitigation strategies, and even burst potential play a significant role in shaping the battle against larger threat.

So, now with us, you’re finally learn whom to choose among all those Elemental Shaman, Arcane Mage, Feral Druid, Balance Druid, Fire Mage, Dps Warlock, Enhancement Shaman, Dps Warrior, Dps Rogue, Dps Hunter, Frost Mage, Shadow Priest, Retribution Paladin, Protection Paladin, Elemental Shamans, Shadow Priests, Feral Druids. And of course thier spells, details statistics, new cooldowns, abssence for weak auras in ranked games. But East or West, remember weak aura do not help you to compete the S class if you do not know in how to correctly play mechanic in Discovery Expansion phase 2

The healer tier list also sees significant shifts, with classes and specs focusing on decent healing, powerful aoe healing, and even damage mitigation to support their teams. Shadow priests and elemental shamans with reduced cast times, traditionally known for their dps capabilities, have shown that with the right raid gear and a focus on elemental focus, they can also contribute significantly to a group’s healing dynamics with reduced cast times.

As we look ahead, stay tuned for more updates in the Season of Discovery. The discovery phase 2 has only begun to unfold, bringing new shots, challenges, and opportunities for every dps class and healer spec. The introduction of new runes, level cap adjustments, and the ever-evolving wow sod pvp tier list and pve content promise to keep the meta fresh and exciting. Whether you’re a balance druid aiming for the best dps in large scale aoe encounters and larger threat or a retribution paladin navigating cleave situations, the journey through WoW Classic’s Season of Discovery continues to offer endless possibilities for growth, strategy, reduced cast times, and, most importantly, fun. Stay tuned, adventurers, as we continue to explore the depths of discovery phase 2 and search best classes wow sod, where every class and spec can shine in the ever-changing tapestry of WoW Classic.