Wow Sod Mounts Guide - How To Get Unique Mount Phase 1

In the new World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery, we’re able to ride starting from level 25. But there’s a little nuance, in the 25 level there wasn’t mounts. but with a new wow sod mount guide you will find that changed in Discovery season… Read on to learn how to ride at such a low level. But who cares? Let’s focus on the more essential things in this Season of Discovery mounts guide. How about:

  1. Learning how to obtain that mount at level 25.
  2. What you need to do to ride at level 25.
  3. Whether this mount can take you faster than the druid travel form.
  4. Which mounts we can ride in seasons 2, 3, and 4.
  5. Why there aren’t exclusive ashenvale mounts for Phase 3.

Please focus on this part. This Wow SoD mounts guide was written when the first phase was relevant. We know that for each phase, Blizzard will add unique mounts for special Area Events. So please come back when the phase is close to release, and you’ll find new, unique, very rare special mounts for SoD.

Note: This guide is part of our incredible Compendium, which includes everything about the new WoW SoD. If you require information about more practical aspects, you can find them here:


If you need to learn about new mounts

Mount phase 1 — Ashenvale pVp mount

Wow Sod Mounts Guide - How To Get Unique Mount Phase 1

So, the main trick that makes you much calmer than you were before reading this article is that the PvP Event Ashenvale Mount is available only in the Ashenvale zone while Phase 1 is ongoing. It is completely useless for farming, skipping, fast traveling, and any other things you usually do in the world of Warcraft: Season of Discovery.

  • Season of Discovery Fun: Ashenvale’s turning into a PvP hotspot with the new Season of Discovery in WoW Classic. Think of it like a mini Alterac Valley, but in Ashenvale.
  • PvP Madness: You’ll be diving into PvP battles, trying to take down or defend big-shot NPCs like the Horde Farseer and Alliance Priestess of the Moon.
  • Get Around Fast: Those new “trainee” mounts for both Alliance and Horde are there to help you zip through the zone super quick.
  • Extra Perk: Keep an eye out for a unique Ashenvale-only mount you can get from the Warsong Outriders or Silverwing Sentinels. Sounds like a sweet ride!

So, here’re both mounts for Ashenvale!

Wow Sod Mounts Guide - How To Get Unique Mount Phase 1
AshenVale Mount NameItem LevelBindsMount TypeRequired Race for Ashenvale MountRequired Level toobtain ashenvale mountsSpecial Use
Trainee’s Sentinel Nightsaber25When picked up from new pvp eventMount in sod phase 1Any Alliance race25 to summon sentinel nightsaber sodSummons a Trainee’s Sentinel Nightsaber, exclusively usable in Ashenvale. (3 Sec Cooldown)
Trainee’s Outrider Wolf25When picked up from new pvp eventone of Mounts sodAny Horde race25 to summon outrider wolf sodSummons a Trainee’s Outrider Wolf, exclusively usable in Ashenvale. (3 Sec Cooldown)

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Classical mounts in Season of discovery, which will be available in the next seasons

Wow Sod Mounts Guide - How To Get Unique Mount Phase 1
How To Get Mount Season Of Discovery

The levels in the Season of Discovery have limits for the next phases:

  1. Phase 1 — 1-25.
  2. Phase 2 — 26-40.
  3. Phase 3 — 41-50.
  4. Phase 4 — 51-60.
Wow Sod Mounts Guide - How To Get Unique Mount Phase 1
Warsong Outriders Season Of Discovery

So, we won’t provide information about which phases will be able to have one or another classical mount. Instead, we’ll provide information on the level required for those mounts. Additionally, we’ll include the ultra-mega-super rare mounts that can only be obtained from raids and dungeons. However, the level requirements remain the same, at least level 40.

MountTypeWay to Get the mount in the gameLevel RequiredRarityCommentary
Brown Horse BridleHorseVendor Purchase40RarePerfect for galloping through Ashenvale. A classic choice for WoW Classic enthusiasts starting their journey.
Chestnut Mare BridleHorseVendor Purchase40Rare season of discovery ashenvale mountIdeal for experiencing the new PvP events in WoW Classic Season. Brings back that vanilla WoW nostalgia.
Pinto BridleHorseashenvale mount vendor Purchase40RareA must-have for anyone looking to dive into world PvP or explore the Warsong Gulch battleground.
Black Stallion BridleHorseVendor Purchase40Rare sod how to get mountSleek and fast, great for rushing into the new PvP events or escaping from a tight spot in world PvP.
Gray RamRamVendor Purchase40Rare mounts season of discoveryPerfect for those cold nights in Ashenvale, especially if you’re participating in WoW SOD’s new PvP events.
Brown RamRamVendor Purchase40Rare ashenvale mount season of discoveryA sturdy mount for any adventurer ready to tackle the Gnomeregan raid or join the Warsong Outriders.
White RamRamwow sod mount vendor Purchase40Rare wow sod mount levelStands out in the Warsong Gulch battleground, making you the envy of the Silverwing Sentinels.
Swift Brown RamRamVendor Purchase60Epic mount in sodSpeed through Ashenvale on this mount, showing off your achievements in the new PvP event.
Swift Gray RamRamsod mount vendor Purchase60Epic mount wow sodA symbol of prestige in WoW Classic Season, perfect for leaders of the new mounts revolution.
Swift White RamRamVendor Purchase60EpicConquer the Gnomeregan raid or lead the charge in world PvP with this swift beast.
Chestnut Mare BridleHorseVendor Purchase40Rare sod mount wowMistakenly categorized, but imagine it as the Trainee’s Outrider Wolf, a testament to your PvP prowess in Ashenvale.
Pinto BridleHorseVendor Purchase40Rare mount sodIdeal for those seeking the thrill of the new mount rush in WoW SOD’s world PvP events.
Black Stallion BridleHorseVendor Purchase40Rare wow sod ridingEvokes the spirit of the Warsong Outriders, perfect for WoW Classic’s new PvP landscape.
Brown Horse BridleHorseVendor Purchase40Rare mount sod wowIts golden coat shines in Ashenvale’s woods, a beacon for those participating in the new PvP event.
Chestnut Mare BridleHorseVendor Purchase40RareA rare sight in the Warsong Gulch battleground, this mount is a symbol of honor among the Silverwing Sentinels.
Reins of the Striped FrostsaberNightsaberVendor Purchase40Rare
As elusive as the Trainee’s Sentinel Nightsaber, this mount is a favorite for Ashenvale mounts collectors.  
Reins of the Spotted FrostsaberNightsaberVendor Purchase40one of Rare wow classic sod mountsBlend into the forests of Ashenvale or stand out in WoW Classic’s new PvP event arenas.
Reins of the Striped NightsaberNightsaberVendor Purchase40RareA shadow in the night, perfect for surprise attacks in WoW SOD’s world PvP.
Swift Blue RaptorRaptorVendor Purchase60EpicA symbol of speed and agility, ideal for those leading the charge in the new pvp event.
Swift Olive RaptorRaptorVendor Purchase60EpicThe mount of choice for champions of the Warsong Gulch battleground, a true vanilla WoW icon.
Deathcharger’s ReinsSkeletal HorseDrop from Baron Rivendare in Stratholme60EpicA rare gem in WoW Classic, evoking the thrill of the hunt and the glory of vanilla WoW raids.
Swift Zulian TigerTigerDrop from High Priest Thekal in Zul’Gurub60EpicAs majestic as it is rare, a must-have for collectors and Ashenvale mount enthusiasts.
Swift Razzashi RaptorRaptorDrop from Bloodlord Mandokir in Zul’Gurub60EpicEmbodies the spirit of the new mounts revolution in WoW SOD, perfect for PvP veterans.
Blue Qiraji Resonating CrystalQiraji Battle TankDrop in Temple of Ahn’Qiraj60EpicA unique mount that turns heads in any new PvP event or WoW Classic season gathering.
Green Qiraji Resonating CrystalQiraji Battle TankDrop in Temple of Ahn’Qiraj60EpicStands out in world PvP, a testament to your victories in vanilla WoW’s most challenging encounters.
Yellow Qiraji Resonating CrystalQiraji Battle TankDrop in Temple of Ahn’Qiraj60EpicBright and bold, perfect for leading your guild into the Gnomeregan raid or any new PvP event.
Red Qiraji Resonating CrystalQiraji Battle TankRare drop in Temple of Ahn’Qiraj60LegendaryThe ultimate status symbol in WoW Classic, for those who’ve conquered the toughest challenges of WoW SOD.  

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Phase 2.3.4 mounts… Conclusion

Wow Sod Mounts Guide - How To Get Unique Mount Phase 1
How To Get Ashenvale Mount Season Of Discovery

And there you have it, folks! We’ve dived deep into the world of mounts in WoW’s Season of Discovery, starting from those nifty level 25 rides all the way up to the epic beasts you can snag in later phases. Whether you’re roaming Ashenvale on your PvP mount or showing off your rare drop from a dungeon raid, there’s something for everyone in this season.

Remember, this guide is just the tip of the iceberg. We’re constantly updating with new info, so keep your eyes peeled for the latest on those elusive Phase 2, 3, and 4 mounts. And hey, if you’re hungry for more WoW content, don’t forget to check out the rest of our Compendium. There’s a goldmine of tips and tricks waiting for you!

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So, whether you’re a veteran player or a newbie to the Season of Discovery, I hope this guide helps you find your perfect mount. Ride on, champions, and see you in Azeroth!