Tanking Warlocks

There are two types of people: one group is looking for World of Warcraft Cataclysm Classic, and the other wants to dive back into Vanilla WoW. Blizzard had to listen to the fans’ cries, and they introduced us to the WoW Season of Discovery.

So, right here, you’ll learn about the new WoW Season of Mastery, which is called Warcraft Classic SOD:

  1. When it will finally be released.
  2. What Blizzard has to offer to players.
  3. What about renovated dungeons?
  4. What about experience rates for the players?
  5. What is the rune engraving system all about?
  6. What is the raid for the 25 levels?
  7. How to ride in Azeroth at the 25th level!
  8. New SoD classes!

And finally, the answer: Can the SOD allow us to relive the old nostalgia feelings of the Vanilla World of Warcraft 1.8?

Note: This is an overview based on the first phase of the Season of Discovery! Stay on the line if you want to get information about phase 2. To learn more about Season of Discovery with all the details, you can read our other guides (adds by updating):

Wow classic season of discovery Release date

Wow Season Of Discovery Release Date

And we start from the primal! The Season of Discovery is coming to most servers worldwide on November 30. If you need more accurate details of the release time in your region, please refer to this table of WoW Season of Discovery release dates..

Date & TimeTimezoneCommentary
2023-11-30 11:00 a.m.HawaiiDive into secrets
2023-11-30 1:00 p.m.PacificDiscover new mechanics
2023-11-30 2:00 p.m.MountainA sign for adventures
2023-11-30 3:00 p.m.CentralDecided on new strategies
2023-11-30 4:00 p.m.EasternExplore new locations
2023-11-30 5:00 p.m.PEIUnleash your passion
2023-11-30 6:00 p.m.Brazil, ArgentinaTurn the page to new chapters
2023-12-01 5:00 a.m.PerthWitness the unveiling
2023-12-01 8:00 a.m.SydneyA new chapter of discovery
2023-12-01 10:00 a.m.WellingtonSecrets revealed at dawn
2023-11-30 21:00GMTThe global adventure begins
2023-11-30 22:00CETTime for European discoveries
2023-11-30 23:00EETA late-night quest in Eastern Europe

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Warcraft Classic: Season of discovery Phase systems

Warcraft Classic

Blizzard’s rolling out phase systems in World of Warcraft, and it’s a game-changer. Think early days of Warcraft, but with a twist. Each phase brings a new level cap, and with it, fresh abilities and talents. It’s the Season of Discovery, where every turn is about unearthing something new – gear, spells, even bosses. Come November, the community’s set to dive in. There’s talk of faction balance, making sure Horde and Alliance each get their fair share of glory. It’s not just a season, it’s a shift in how we play the game. Looking forward to watching what gets discovered. PvP, quests, events – it’s all in there. This launch? It’s about getting excited for what’s next.

Feature CategoryDetails in Phase 1
Leveling Phases & CapsCap at Level 25
New Player PowerRune Engraving and Runes
Class Role InnovationsMage Healer, Rogue Tank, Shaman Tank, Warlock Tank
Level-Up RaidsBlackfathom Deeps as a 10-player raid
Gear and ItemsFathomblade, Void Pearls, etc., plus new class gear
World PvP EventsAshenvale event with new NPCs and rewards
Unique Runes & EngravingsOver 100 Runes for various classes
World PvP Event RewardsReputation boosts, exclusive mounts, world buffs
Special Class AbilitiesNew spells from Rune Engravings for diverse roles
Event Launch DateNovember 30, 2023

New Xp Rates

Season Of Discovery Level Cap

XP rates might drop in the new season. We’ll see what’s up at launch. Keeping it interesting, that’s Warcraft for you.Начало формы It’s about leveling the playing field, giving newbies and veterans alike a brighter, fairer shot at glory.

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Expert Leveling Boost, Choose Speed Over Grind

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Rune Engraving system

Vanilla Wow

In WoW’s Season of Discovery, they’ve thrown in Rune Engraving. It’s simple: discover runes, slap ’em on your gear, boom – new powers. This season, it’s all about mixing up how you play with new abilities. Horde or Alliance, doesn’t matter. Everyone’s getting a piece of this. Come November, you’re in for a treat. Dive into Warcraft Classic with a twist. Find runes, cast spells, take on bosses. It’s the same world, but with fresh settings and surprises. Community’s buzzing, everyone’s keen to see what they’ll snag. A bit of the old, a dash of the new – that’s the point.

ClassRuneWhat this rune is doing?Slot
MageBurnoutSupercharges your spells, but watch your mana.Chest
MageFingers of FrostFreezes enemies solid.Chest
MageRegenerationBoosts mana recovery.Chest
MageEnlightenmentSharpens your spellcasting.Chest
MageIcy VeinsSpeeds up spellcasting.Legs
MageArcane SurgePowers up arcane spells.Legs
MageMass RegenerationBig mana boost for the group.Legs
MageLiving FlameHeals as it burns.Legs
MageRewind TimeResets cooldowns.Gloves
MageLiving BombExplosive damage.Gloves
MageArcane BlastHits hard with arcane magic.Gloves
MageIce LancePierces with frost damage.Gloves
DruidLiving SeedHeals over time.Chest
DruidWild StrikesEmpowers melee attacks.Chest
DruidFury of StormrageUnleashes nature’s wrath.Chest
DruidSurvival of the FittestToughens you up.Chest
DruidStarsurgeBlasts enemies with star power.Legs
DruidLifebloomBlossoming heal.Legs
DruidSkull BashInterrupts enemy casting.Legs
DruidSavage RoarRoars to boost damage.Legs
DruidSunfireBurns multiple foes.Gloves
DruidLacerateTears enemies apart.Gloves
DruidWild GrowthHeals the group.Gloves
DruidMangleMauls enemies badly.Gloves
PriestVoid PlagueSpreads dark damage.Chest
PriestSerendipitySpeeds up your heals.Chest
PriestStrength of SoulFortifies defenses.Chest
PriestTwisted FaithWarps reality.Chest
PriestPower Word: BarrierShields the group.Legs
PriestShared PainSpreads damage taken.Legs
PriestHomunculiSummons a helper.Legs
PriestPrayer of MendingJumps heals around.Legs
PriestPenanceRapid-fire healing or damage.Gloves
PriestMind SearScorches enemy minds.Gloves
PriestCircle of HealingGroup heal.Gloves
PriestShadow Word: DeathFatal spell.Gloves
WarlockLake of FireBurns everything.Chest
WarlockMaster ChannelerBoosts channeled spells.Chest
WarlockSoul SiphonDrains life.Chest
WarlockDemonic TacticsEmpowers demons.Chest
WarlockEverlasting AfflictionKeeps curses going.Legs
WarlockIncinerateBurns hot and fast.Legs
WarlockDemonic GraceImproves demon agility.Legs
WarlockDemonic PactBargains for power.Legs
WarlockMetamorphosisTurns demon form.Gloves
WarlockShadow Bolt VolleyRains dark bolts.Gloves
WarlockChaos BoltUnleashes chaos.Gloves
WarlockHauntTerrifies and damages.Gloves
HunterAspect of the LionEmpowers beastly attacks.Chest
HunterMaster MarksmanSharpens shooting skills.Chest
HunterLone WolfBoosts solo play.Chest
HunterCobra StrikesStrikes like a snake.Chest
HunterKill CommandOrders pet to attack.Legs
HunterSniper TrainingImproves long shots.Legs
HunterSerpent SpreadSpreads poison.Legs
HunterFlanking StrikeHits from the side.Gloves
HunterBeast MasteryStrengthens pet.Gloves
HunterChimera ShotTwo-pronged attack.Gloves
HunterExplosive ShotBlows enemies up.Gloves
HunterCarveCuts through groups.Gloves
WarriorFlagellationWhips enemies into shape.Waist
WarriorBlood FrenzyRages in battle.Chest
WarriorRaging BlowUnleashes fury.Chest
WarriorWarbringerCharges into battle.Chest
WarriorFurious ThunderStrikes like lightning.Legs
WarriorConsumed By RagePowers up when angry.Legs
WarriorFrenzied AssaultGoes berserk.Legs
WarriorVictory RushHeals on kill.Legs
WarriorEndless RageNever-ending fury.Gloves
WarriorDevastateCrushes defenses.Gloves
WarriorSingle-Minded FuryFocuses on damage.Gloves
WarriorQuick StrikeHits fast.Gloves
PaladinSeal of MartyrdomSacrifices for power.Chest
PaladinDivine StormUnleashes holy fury.Chest
PaladinHorn of LordaeronCalls to battle.Chest
PaladinAegisShields against harm.Chest
PaladinDivine SacrificeProtects the group.Legs
PaladinInspiration ExemplarInspires allies.Legs
PaladinAvenger’s ShieldBounces a holy shield.Legs
PaladinExorcistBanishes evil.Gloves
PaladinRebukeShuts down enemies.Gloves
PaladinBeacon of LightHeals from afar.Gloves
PaladinCrusader StrikeStrikes with holy might.Gloves
PaladinHand of ReckoningTaunts enemies.Gloves
ShamanDual Wield SpecializationWields two weapons.Chest
ShamanShield MasteryImproves shield use.Chest
ShamanOverloadOvercharges spells.Chest
ShamanHealing RainHeals in an area.Chest
ShamanAncestral GuidanceCalls on ancestors.Legs
ShamanEarth ShieldProtects with earth power.Legs
ShamanWay of EarthStrengthens earth spells.Legs
ShamanShamanistic RageUnleashes elemental fury.Legs
ShamanWater ShieldShields with water.Gloves
ShamanLava BurstErupts molten lava.Gloves
ShamanLava LashWhips with fire.Gloves
ShamanMolten BlastBlasts with heat.Gloves
RogueDeadly BrewPoisons enemies.Chest
RogueJust a Flesh WoundShrugs off damage.Chest
RogueQuick DrawStrikes fast.Chest
RogueSlaughter from the ShadowsStrikes unseen.Chest
RogueBetween the EyesDisorients foes.Legs
RogueBlade DanceSlashes rapidly.Legs
RogueEnvenomInjects deadly poison.Legs
RogueMutilateCuts deep.Legs
RogueShadowstrikeStrikes from shadows.Legs
RogueSaber SlashCuts with precision.Gloves
RogueShivPoisons quickly.Gloves
RogueMain GaucheStrikes with off-hand.Gloves

But there’s a question left. How to get all those runes.

Faction Balance

There’re three main ways, in how you can obtain your new powers and become the strongest warlock tank among all the players in the season of discovery!

  1. Just discover the chests.
  2. Just complete the dungeons.
  3. Just move into raid.

All those new powers from runes, which was introduced us by dataminers are placed exactly somewhere in the Azeroth! After release, we’re obviously create a special guide, which will adapt the real access of runes droprate and ways to farm exactly rune you need for a wow season of discovery!

New Mounts

Wow Season

Season of Discovery’s got this new mount, right? Here’s the catch: ride from level 25, but there’s a twist. Not just any mount – this one’s special for the season. Think Warcraft Classic with a fresh spin. You gotta conquer the Ashenvale PvP event first, and let me tell you, it’s no walk in the park. This thing’s tough. So, dive into the world, mix it up in Ashenvale, prove your mettle. It’s Warcraft Classic stepping up its game.

New Addons

New Abilities

As you already know, the world of Warcraft season of discovery is mainly based on the world of Warcraft 1.15 (not completely), and by the knowing the future mechanics, we can introduce you the most helpful addons for conquering the world of Warcraft. But for the detailed information please read our Wow Discovery Addon Guide!

AddonPurposeWhy It’s Cool for WoW Classic: Season of Discovery
QuestieQuest tracking and locationsEssential for maxing out quests at level 25. Get stuff done faster.
AuctioneerAuction house managementMakes you the market boss, perfect for early-game gold grinding.
GathererTracks resource nodes (herbs, ores)Never forget where you found that rare herb. Goldmine for gatherers.
AtlasLoot ClassicShows potential loot drops from bossesKnow what you’re fighting for. Loot planning is key.
Deadly Boss ModsProvides alerts and timers for boss encountersMakes boss fights less of a headache. Stay sharp, stay alive.
BagnonCombines all bags into one interfaceSay goodbye to bag clutter. Everything in one place.
HealBot ContinuedSimplifies healing and buffing for healersHealing made easy. Keep your buddies topped up.
OmniCCAdds cooldown timers on abilitiesTiming is everything. Never miss a beat.
RecountDamage and healing meterCheck your DPS and heals. Always know how you stack up.
Titan PanelAdds a top-bar for easy access to information like gold, location, XPAll your stats at a glance. Keep track of the important stuff.

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New possibilities

Wow Season Of Discovery

The new possibilities in the world of Warcraft: Season of the discovery are about mixing your new abilities, which you’re get fro your wow classic runes, and create new classes. All those things, like a warlock tank, was datamined just in combining common warlock spells (remember about you’re limited with your spell book, jut with spells up to 25 level). So one of the most important renovation, which is totally rebalance game, is giving you some of your future spells earlier by the rune upgrades.

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More loot in chests

Vanilla World

Season of Discovery in WoW Classic’s all about the loot hunt. More goodies in chests than ever, and no addon’s gonna track it all for you. It’s about diving in, Alliance or Horde, and finding the loot yourself. The community’s buzzing – everyone’s chasing that next big find. No video or guide, just pure passion and discovery.

New Level up raids and dungeons

Level Cap

In the WoW Season of Discovery, Blizzard’s spicing things up. Classic dungeons you know, but with a twist. Some are even reworked as raids, making for a fresh experience.

Available Dungeons

  • Deadmines: A staple for early adventurers. Classic, challenging, fun.
  • Wailing Caverns: Twisting paths, loads of bosses. A true maze.
  • Shadowfang Keep: Haunted and eerie, with some cool loot.

Of course, we shouldn’t forget about the Ragefire Chasm, a favorite among Horde players, is still there for those hungry for early dungeon action. This fiery pit beneath Orgrimmar offers a great introduction to group dynamics and dungeon mechanics for new players and veterans looking to revisit the classics.

Reworked as Raid

  • Blackfathom Deeps: Expect tougher bosses, new mechanics. A real test for your team. Perfect for the community looking to push their limits in a familiar yet new setting.

Season of Discovery isn’t just about bringing back the old; it’s about adding new layers to it. Whether you’re Alliance or Horde, these dungeons are where you’ll find action, teamwork, and, of course, some sweet loot.

New PvP events in SOD

Rune Engraving System

What can we tell you about the New PVP season in the World of Warcraft: Season of discovery

  1. Ashenvale PvP Event: One of the major new additions in the Season of Discovery is the World PvP event in Ashenvale. This event is designed to be challenging and engaging, offering a unique experience for both Horde and Alliance players.
  2. Event Mechanics and Rewards:
    • The event involves defending or attacking enemy camps with new NPCs.
    • Participating in the event earns players reputation for the Warsong Outriders/Silverwing Sentinels.
    • New reputation rewards are added to the respective faction quartermasters.
    • Exclusive Ashenvale mounts can be earned through participation.
    • Winning the event grants an on-use item that provides a World Buff.
  3. Community Engagement: The event is anticipated to generate significant interest and activity within the WoW community, fostering both competitive spirit and cooperation.
  4. Strategic Gameplay: The PvP event in Ashenvale is expected to encourage strategic gameplay, where players must decide whether to focus on defending their camps or launching attacks against their enemies.
Level Up Raids

This PvP event in the Season of Discovery aligns with the theme of exploration and conquest, adding a dynamic layer to the PvP experience in WoW Classic.