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Ever been in a battleground and felt like you were wearing paper armor? Yeah, not fun. Buy World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery PvP Set Boost service and let our team show you some magic! Let’s be real. Nobody wants to spend months farming gear. We’re offering some great gear without you having to grind like it’s your day job.

With our SoD PvP Set boosting you’re the player everyone wants on their team. In the end of the day we are both here to make your WoW experience epic. Let us take the wheel for a bit and we’ll get you where you need to be. Ready to get started? Or need a bit more convincing? Ask yourself this: Do you want to be the player who’s always better? If the answer is yes, then you know what to do.

Service Includes

  • Phase 4 Full PvP set for your class and spec;
  • R10 reached;
  • Tons of Honor Points & Honor kills;
  • An amount of reputation with PvP Factions.

This boost will be completed in SoD PvP Set BoostPiloted mode.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 30-60 minutes;
Estimated Completion time: up to 20 days;

Additional Options

Alterac Valley Exalted – we will get you Exalted with the Frostwolf Clan or Stormpike Guard;
Arathi Basin Exalted – we will get you Exalted with the Defilers or League of Arathor;
Warsong Gulch Exalted– we will get you Exalted with the Outriders or Silverwing Sentinels;
Add 500 Gold – an additional 500 gold will be added to your order, enhancing your gameplay experience.
Stream – upon request, we'll provide a personalized stream to improve your experience.


Active World of Warcraft subscription.
Level 60 character. Use our Season of Discovery leveling boost service if you don’t meet this requirement.

How It Works

We are glad that you’re ready to transform your World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discover PvP gear! No more feeling like a clothie in a plate-wearing world! Here’s how we roll:

  • Select your faction, class and the desired PvP Set;
  • Also check our additional options;
  • You will also need to provide your account credentials. Our mages cast the best protection spells – your info is safe with us;
  • We will set the schedule and our team will start working then;
  • By the end of the process, your character will achieve Rank 10, unlocking all the associated perks and rewards;
  • If you’ve opted for additional reputation boosts, we’ll grind out the necessary reputation with the PvP factions;
  • Once the boost is fully complete, we’ll notify you;

With our SoD PvP Set Boost carry, you’ll stand out in the battlegrounds for sure! Imagine the look on your enemies’ faces when they realize they’re up against a fully geared champion. How good it is to finally be the player everyone wants on their team. Place your order, and get ready to enjoy WoW Classic PvP.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PvP Set in WoW Classic SoD?

A PvP Set in WoW Classic Season of Discovery is a special gear for PvP combat. They come with stats and bonuses that are critical for PvP success. Each PvP Set consists of multiple pieces, including helmets, shoulders, chests, gloves, pants, and boots. When you equip several pieces from the same set, you get set bonuses that improve your abilities.

Class Set Name
Druid Rare: Lieutenant Commander’s Refuge/Champion’s Refuge
Epic: Field Marshal’s Sanctuary/Warlord’s Sanctuary
Hunter Rare: Lieutenant Commander’s Pursuance/Champion’s Pursuance
Epic: Field Marshal’s Pursuit/Warlord’s Pursuit
Mage Rare: Lieutenant Commander’s Arcanum/Champion’s Arcanum
Epic: Field Marshal’s Regalia/Warlord’s Regalia
Paladin Rare: Lieutenant Commander’s Redoubt
Epic: Field Marshal’s Aegis
Priest Rare: Lieutenant Commander’s Investiture/Champion’s Investiture
Epic: Field Marshal’s Raiment/Warlord’s Raiment
Rogue Rare: Lieutenant Commander’s Guard/Champion’s Guard
Epic: Field Marshal’s Vestments/Warlord’s Vestments
Shaman Rare: Champion’s Stormcaller
Epic: Warlord’s Earthshaker
Warlock Rare: Lieutenant Commander’s Dreadgear/Champion’s Dreadgear
Epic: Field Marshal’s Threads/Warlord’s Threads
Warrior Rare: Lieutenant Commander’s Battlearmor/Champion’s Battlearmor
Epic: Field Marshal’s Battlegear/Warlord’s Battlegear

So, if you want to stand out in the crowd and show that you’re not just another face in the battleground, aim for those PvP Sets. Equip yourself with the best gear available, enjoy the stat boosts and bonuses!

What is PvP Ranking in WoW Classic SoD?

PvP Ranking in WoW Classic Season of Discovery is a system that evaluates your performance each week and gives you ranking points based on how well you’ve done compared to other players. The higher your rank, the better the rewards you can access.

The ranking system is divided into 14 tiers, with Rank 1 being the entry level and Rank 14 being the pinnacle. Each rank brings its own set of rewards, from basic gear at the lower levels to the most prestigious and powerful items at the top.

Rank Rating Points Title (Alliance) Title (Horde) Rewards
1 At least 15 HKs Private Scout
2 2000 Rating Corporal Grunt
3 5000 Rating Sergeant Sergeant
4 10000 Rating Master Sergeant Senior Sergeant
5 15000 Rating Sergeant Major First Sergeant
6 20000 Rating Knight Stone Guard
7 25000 Rating Knight-Lieutenant Blood Guard
8 30000 Rating Knight-Captain Legionnaire
9 35000 Rating Knight-Champion Centurion
10 40000 Rating Lieutenant Commander Champion
11 45000 Rating
(1.4% of players)
Commander Lieutenant General
  • Access to PvP Epic Mounts: Alliance / Horde
  • Ability to talk in the WorldDDefense Channel
12 50000 Rating Marshal General
13 55000 Rating Field Marshal Warlord
14 60000 Rating (0.1% of
Grand Marshal High Warlord

To achieve higher ranks, you need to earn Honor Points through PvP activities. Maintaining or improving your rank means consistently participating in and winning PvP encounters.

What Are Honor System Sets in WoW Classic SoD?

In WoW Classic Season of Discovery, Honor System Sets making you stronger in battle. The more you fight and win, the higher your rank and the better the gear you can access. Think of it as a ladder.

You can start earning Honor Points by engaging in battlegrounds and world PvP. This system encourages regular participation. Each week, your performance is evaluated, and your rank may increase or even decrease depending on your standing relative to other players.

Where can I buy PvP Set in WoW Classic SoD?

If you’re anywhere from Rank 1 to Rank 5 in WoW Classic Season of Discovery, you’ve got access to some basic but essential PvP gear. Here’s where you can get your hands on these items.

Alliance Players: For those fighting under the Alliance banner, head to Stormwind City. In the Old Town area, you’ll find Officer Areyn. She’s the vendor you need to see for Rank 1-5 PvP gear.

Horde Players: If you’re with the Horde, your destination is Orgrimmar. In the bustling Valley of Strength, you’ll find Sergeant Ba’sha. She’s the go-to vendor for Rank 1-5 PvP gear.

Once you’ve achieved a rank of at least 6 (Knight for Alliance or Stone Guard for Horde), you gain access to even better PvP gear. This gear is located in special halls that are restricted to players of Rank 6 and above.

Alliance Players: Head to the Champion’s Hall in Old Town of Stormwind City. This hall looks like an instance portal and is situated right beside your Accessories Quartermaster. Remember, you cannot enter unless you are at least Rank 6. Once inside, you’ll find a range of superior PvP gear that corresponds to your higher rank.

Horde Players: Make your way to the Hall of Legends, which is located in the Valley of Strength in Orgrimmar. Similar to the Champion’s Hall for the Alliance, this hall requires a minimum rank of 6 to enter. Inside, you’ll find vendors offering high-quality PvP gear suited for those who have proven themselves in battle.

How do I get PvP Sets in WoW Classic SoD?

Getting PvP Sets in WoW Classic Season of Discovery involves a lot of grind and free time.

First, jump into PvP activities. This means participating in battlegrounds and engaging in world PvP. Each victory in these scenarios earns you Honor Points. The more points get, the higher your standing will be each week.

Keep an eye on your weekly rank updates. If you’re aiming for the higher-tier pieces, you’ll need to maintain or improve your standing. This might mean dedicating even more time to PvP each week.


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