Destiny 2 False Idols Boost

False Idols is a Legendary Sword that can be obtained at the Pale Heart location. The new Episode Echoes of The Final Shape DLC brings us new fabulous weapons in armor any Guardian wants to get.

The process of getting this Legendary Sword is not easy, and it requires concentration and strong nerves to spend hours clearing Pale Heart to farm the weapon. Destiny 2 False Idols Boost would be the perfect choice if you do not want to waste your time and energy on boring weapon farming – our team will help you to get D2 Legendary Sword in your arsenal.

Service Includes

  • False Idols Legendary Sword guaranteed;
  • All the loot that drop during completion will remain with your character;
  • Experience boost for your Season Pass and Artifact Level;

This boost will be completed in Piloted mode.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 1-4 hours;
Estimated Completion time:

  • Normal: 3-40 hours;
  • Express: 2-30 hours;
  • Super Express: 1,5-20 hours.

ETA completion time may be extended due to this new season, and mechanics can be changed.

Additional Options

Add Gun Leveling to 20 lvl – we will level up the crafted weapon to the 20th level. This will be done via farming activities and enemies, not with resources (fully unlocked pattern and crafted weapon are required).
The Final Shape Legendary Campaign – complete the latest Legendary version of Final Shape Campaign.
Stream – watch the D2 False Idols Carry online.


Destiny 2: The Final Shape expansion.
The Final Shape Campaign.
Unlocked access to farm the weapon.
1970+ Power Level. If your level is not sufficient, then you can order a Power Leveling boosting service so that our players can raise it for you.

How it Works

To get False Idols, you will need to spend a vast amount of time learning the mechanics of the new Pale Hearth location. Since this Legendary Sword drops randomly, it may take an unknown period of time to get, and plenty of tries to obtain this weapon. To skip the boring parts of your run and be one of the first owners of this Legendary Sword, buy Destiny 2 False Idols Carry on our website. We’ll accomplish all requirements for obtaining False Idols Legendary Sword as fast as possible. Our Destiny 2 False Idols Boosting service is available on PC, PS, and Xbox platforms. For PS or Xbox players, please turn on Cross-Save mode so that our PC booster can handle your order more effectively. Should you have any problems or questions, contact 24/7 online support via website chat. These are some instructions that you should follow when placing an order:

  1. Choose the platform, version, and the desired amount of False Idols you want to get.
  2. False Idols Boost is only available in Piloted mode. You need to share your account details with our verified gamer, who will handle the service.
  3. Make payment through a secure payment method of your choice.
  4. Our support manager will contact you in 3-10 minutes after payment, you can discuss all the details and set up the False Idols Carry schedule.
  5. When the new False Idols is in your collection, we will notify you by email. We would be very glad if you could share your impressions or give feedback about the Destiny 2 False Idols Boost received.
  6. Congratulations! Now go equip your Guardian with False Idols, and destroy all your enemies using the new Legendary Sword.

Frequently Asked Questions

What perks do False Idols have?

This Vortex Frame weapon with Solar element has such perks: 

  • Perks in 3 column – Strategist, Attrition Orbs, Wellspring, Unrelenting, Duelist’s Trance, Incandescent, Relentless Strike.
  • Perks in 4 column – Vorpal Weapon, Counterattack, Collective Action, One For All, Surrounded, Chain Reaction, Bait and Switch.

Craft the False Idols Legendary Sword to your specifications by choosing different perks that will complement a perfect God roll.

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