Mythic Keystone upgrade

All orders for mythic+ 12 and below will be started in 15-60 minutes after the purchase.
For keys 13-14 ETA may reach up to 2 hours.
For key level 15 ETA may reach 4 hours.
Adding loot traders to your run may increase the wait time as it is harder to assemble the team with the right composition of classes.

Mythic Keystone Upgrade Includes

A varying amount of Mythic+ dungeon runs. The amount of runs you will get depends on the chosen Keystone level range. Depending on how fast each run will be completed, your Keystone may get up to 3 levels per dungeon.

All the loot that you get in those dungeons, including: gold, gear, recipes, and reputation. Mounts that have random drop chance are not included.

Guaranteed gear from the Weekly Challenger’s Chest. The item level of the loot depends on the highest level of dungeon you completed during the previous week.

Self-play mode – in this mode you will play yourself, alongside the best team we can offer.

Option to add a run on Upgraded Keystone – we will boost your Keystone to the selected level. After that, we will run an additional dungeon on that level. This will update your highest dungeon level statistics and you will get higher level item next week. We can also complete this dungeon within timer.

If loot traders are added to the boost: The service also includes all tradeable gear that your traders will get.

How will your M+ boost go

We will help you to schedule your run after the boost is purchased. The usual wait time is under an hour. In most cases, you can expect the service to be started in under 20 minutes after the purchase.

For keys 13 – 14 – the wait time can be anywhere between 15 to 120 minutes.

For key level 15 the wait time may reach 4 hours.

The runs will start at a scheduled time.

Our team will run every dungeon as quickly as possible.

The boost can only be done in Self-play mode.

Mythic+ reward list


Level 120 character. Use our Powerleveling boost service if you don’t meet this requirement.

Item level 450+ for key levels 13+.

About Mythic Keystone Upgrade Service

Mythic Keystones are special items required to enable a Mythic+ mode for a dungeon.

The team’s objective in a Mythic+ Dungeon is to beat all the bosses and a specified amount of trash before the set timer expires.

Completing the dungeon within timer rewards the team with some amount of Azerite, Titan Residuum and 3 pieces of gear. The party will also get a Keystone, that will point to a random dungeon. The level of the keystone depends on the time that is left on the timer. Depending on the amount of time left it may exceed the level of the current dungeon by up to 3.

Completing the dungeon missing the timer does not have any effect on the amount of Azerite or Titan Residuum. However, the party will only get 2 pieces of gear and the Keystone will be one level lower than the dungeon it dropped from.

Fail to complete the dungeon, and you will get a Keystone, that points to the same dungeon one level lower than its dungeon of origin.

Buying our Keystone Upgrade service you will get your Mythic Keystone upgraded to chosen level, gain powerful gear, achievements, upgrade your Heart of Azeroth along the way. Additionally, you will boost your score.

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    For now, this service is only available in Self-play mode on US realms.

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    Loot Traders:

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    Boosting your key to selected level will also get you:

    Loot: A chance to loot up to 2 items for every finished dungeon.

    Guaranteed item in the end of the week. The item level of said item will depend on the level you choose to boost your Keystone to.

    Any items for your class and spec will be traded to you.
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