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EpicCarry offers great character boost opportunities for everyone who wishes to maximize a level of a chosen WoW character. We have multiple services in this category. Take a look at what type of boost we may offer to you. Get boosted characters for your account in the shortest possible time with a WoW character boost from EpicCarry.

Types of Character Boosting Services

The idea is the following. EpicCarry has several major WoW character boosts to offer to its customers. You may have any need within the game context, and we will be happy to assist you with it.

You may want to finally boost an alt that had been waiting for you ever since the Battle for Azeroth expansion from level 50 to 60. Or, you may be in a need of a new character, but are really tired of the World of Warcraft leveling process. Maybe you want that very Heritage armor for one of the new allied races, but you know the rules, right?

This is where EpicCarry shows up because this is exactly the type of service, we are perfectly capable of granting.

Feel free to choose those WoW character services, which suit your demands. We will complete your order as fast as we can so that you could continue playing and enjoy your favorite game. Contact support on our site to have more information.

Below you may find a very distinctive description of each WoW character boost service.

Shadowlands 50-60 Level Boost

The latest expansion for World of Warcraft – Shadowlands has been released for a while. There is a lot of brand new content and activities- zones, dungeons and raids, mechanics, and systems. The levels were squished to a long-forgotten meaning of 60. The majority of players have finished the leveling campaign by now and are ready for the high-end content.

However, you may have a certain character or characters left. You might not have had enough free time to level up this particular one. Or, maybe you have traveled and finished this way so many times, that you just want to see the result without repeating every single step, such as doing the same quests, conquering for the same gear, and playing the same roles in the same instances.

Let EpicCarry do the WoW character boosts for you. Choose any Shadowlands character that needs boosting; create and purchase your order on our website, or contact our support in case you need some help.

What do Boosted Characters get?

We may accomplish different additional goals in case you need them. We may unlock flying, earn any World of Warcraft achievement, raise a reputation with a selected faction, complete dungeons, and even raise your gear ilvl. Your boosted character will look like it is your main.

Note, please, that such kinds of WoW character boosts are done in the piloted mode only due to the specificity of providing service. You don’t have to worry about account security. EpicCarry practices only manual carries without bots, special programs, or third-party companies. There will be nothing wrong with your personal data – we promise that.

Custom Character Leveling

Almost everyone has a long-forgotten character on their World of Warcraft account that needs a good character boost. This poor guy may be stuck at the low level from, say, the Burning Crusade times. You would be even happy to play for these boosted characters, but the very thought of what you will have to go through frustrates you to the core.

We understand you perfectly well. Just imagining the character leveling process gives us serious creeps.

All those quests that you have completed so many times, that it seems you remember every single one of them. Constant gear collecting is another very irritating procedure. You may not need good armor and weapon during the WoW leveling, but as soon as your character has reached the maximum level, your personal gearing game starts.

The boosted character is practically useless without adequate armor. You even cannot complete a regular world quest if your ilvl is low. And what are the places to get new “clothes”? Right, instances, and the Auction House. The former option requires lots of your free time, as each LFR wing you visit will take you 20 minutes or even more. And LFR is the fastest mode among all others. The latter option requires tons of gold coins, on the other hand.

WoW Boosting Variations

These are the leveling games, every WoW character goes through. Sounds fascinating, right? EpicCarry has experienced all these terrors, knows them like no one, and that’s why is happy to help you out. Purchase WoW Character boost to rise any character to a chosen level. You may select a low-level champion and purchase a limited character boosting option. We will finish where you want us to.

For instance, you like the Shadowlands questlines, and you want to do them yourself. No problem, we accept your desires and are ready to provide you with the game you like. A Character boost service from EpicCarry is the perfect way to skip the irritating part of gameplay and to start the most pleasant one.

Contact our support if you are not certain what to pay for. These character boost services are very flexible, so you could always know, what you have paid for.


Unfortunately, it did not become easier to get Heritage armor for Azeroth’s races with the release of the Shadowlands. You still need to raise a chosen character from level 1 up to a maximum of 60 manually. Manually means without the usage of any character boost facilities, such as WoW tokens, for example. This task is getting even harder with the compulsory reputation and a number of additional quests, which ought to be done for all allied races.

Check Before Selecting a Service

Strangely enough not all races have their variation of Heritage armor yet. So we won’t be able to collect cool clothes for your Human character, as this transmogrifying option doesn’t exist in the game. We ask you to check available WoW character boost options on our website before you will pay for the service.

EpicCarry offers the best price on these kinds of services. Choose the desirable option, and we will do the rest. We also ought to remind you that such services are done in the piloted mode only, so we have to ask you for your account data. But do not worry. We do not intend to pass it elsewhere. Your personal information is absolutely secured.

Why Do People Buy Character Boosting Services?

The answer is pretty simple. They have either no time, or potency, or intention to boost their characters themselves. However, they need or want to have a completely ready champion to play. This is when they ask us for help.

How Does it Work?

The process is easy: you choose one among multiple services on our website, discuss all the concerns with the support, complete a purchase, and enjoy the result. Do not hesitate to ask any question – you have all possible rights for this.

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