Shadowlands 50-60 Level Boost


Our players will level your account through the Shadowlands expansion and do most of the story campaign till the moment you are prompted to choose your covenant. Your character will get boosted from level 50 to level 60.

You will get:

  • A Level 60 character as well as all the items that will be picked during the power leveling;
  • Unlocked access to The Maw.

Additional Options:

If Unlock Torghast & World Quests is selected, we will choose the covenant you selected and complete the questline with Ve’nari and unlock both World Quests and portal to Torghast, Tower of the Damned for you. Note that this option adds a couple of hours on top of the ETA of your leveling boost.

If Covenant Campaign is selected, we will choose the covenant you selected and complete up to 9 of the Covenant Campaign.

If Chains of Domination Campaign is selected, we will complete all 9 chapters of the new story campaign for patch 9.1 “Chains of Domination” (Full Covenant Campaign is required).

If Zereth Mortis Campaign is selected, we will unlock all 7 chapters of the patch 9.2 storyline: Secret of the First Ones campaign.

If Gear level 240, 245 or 250 is selected, we will also improve your character’s gear to selected level. However, this will be done outside of the ETA of the leveling service. Gear levels 240 and 245 take up to 3-5 days to complete after the Powerleveling is finished. Gear levels 255 take up to 5-7 days to complete after the Powerleveling is finished.

The booster will only use the gold they generated during the process and will only spend it to supply the boosting process – buy food, learn and unlearn skills or talents or pay for traveling around the game world.

The boost will be done in Piloted Mode Icon 16x15 Piloted mode. One of our team will play for you. You will be able to watch your character via stream. We will use the VPN of your country.

The boost takes:

  • Express speed — up to 12 hours;
  • Extra fast speed — up to 24 hours;

All the time frames start from the point when the Epiccarry employee manages to successfully log into your account for the first time and start the level boost.

We don’t use programs or bots in our work. All orders are done by hand. We can stream the progress of your boost or provide screenshots at your request.


You have to own a Shadowlands expansion and the character that is to be boosted has to be level 50.

Please disconnect the Authenticator or disable the "always require authenticator for login" setting in Security Settings. Your account will be protected by the secret question for the duration of your boost. Don't forget to re-enable it once we finish the service.

Our employee will need access to your account and some meaningful amount of time to work on your order. The account will be occupied while they work.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are you going to do the level boost? How long will your playing sessions be?
Regardless of the chosen speed, there is only one efficient way to boost character from 50 to 60 in WoW Shadowlands. We will complete the story campaign questline until you hit level 60 and will finish all the main storyline quests in each of the 4 locations.

If you select a 12-hour level boost, our player will work on your account non-stop, only taking some time to recuperate. 12-hour orders will be done in one sitting, and 24-hour orders – up to 10 hours/day. The orders won’t take longer than advertised unless we were unable to progress the service due to technical issues with the game itself at some point during the boost, or due to inability to access the account.

Will I get a personal stream of my powerlevel boost?
Of course! We will send you a link to the personal stream every time our player starts his powerleveling session.

Can I play on my account during the service?
Sure, you can. You can log on your account If the stream link is inactive or the stream is offline. However, we strongly advise double-checking with our support staff before you do so.

Your player is on my account but I really want to log in. Can you log off and continue later?
Our players will log off at your request and resume the service when you let them. However, this might affect the ETA for this service. This is especially true for 12-hour Powerleveling orders and less so for 24-hour orders.

How long will it take to start my order?
For the most part, we are able to appoint a player within 60 minutes from the moment of purchase. However, if your order is unusual, searching for a player that is able to complete it may add some additional lag to the time of start.

What if you miss the deadline for my leveling?
In this case, we will refund you for the levels we haven’t finished. The amount of the refund will be deduced by subtracting 10% for each level that was unfinished by the deadline. E. g. if we’ll only manage to hit level 58 within 24 hours since the purchase, we will refund 20%.

The completion deadlines may be postponed by us only in the following cases:

  • In-game servers are down for a noticeable period of time or there is a long queue to log into the realm your character is on;
  • The customer hasn’t provided us with the data required or access to the account for a noticeable period of time. This includes sending any additional codes you may receive after the level boost had started, to our representative at his request, re-activating your subscription if it expires before the boost has been completed;
  • The quality of connection to the game servers does not allow for a viable way to progress the boost.

About Shadowlands 50-60 level Boost from Epiccarry

Since the beginning of the game, WoW power leveling has always been a quite time-consuming and tedious task. Understandably, players didn’t enjoy it very much and wanted to be done with the whole thing as quickly as possible. In patch 9.0, the developers finally designed a new level system for us. The main idea is that we all will be leveling faster while also getting meaningful upgrades along the path.

Leveling in Shadowlands: is it really that different?

First, let’s cover the basics: the max level in Shadowlands will be 60. You’ll need to reach it by the time you finish the final campaign. There’s no starting the endgame early just because you capped. It doesn’t matter if you hit level 60 a zone before you reach Revendreth, you still have to play through the campaign and complete it before you can begin the endgame stuff.

This, however, is only true if this is your first leveling experience. With your alts, the campaign is optional, and you could jump straight into the endgame content to level up and earn the endgame rewards while you level.

What is level squish?

Compared to previous expansions, the most prominent difference is that the new level cap is 60 in Shadowlands and everything is getting squished down along with it. All player characters, items, zones and quests in WoW will be subjected to so-called “level squish”, which will place all 120 characters at level 50 and everything in between levels 1 and 120 will be placed appropriately in between 1 and 50. The time needed to level up to 50 (at which point the Shadowlands leveling begins) will be drastically reduced and extremely fast leveling through 1 to 60 will be the new norm from now on.

Our 50-60 Power leveling service allows you to skip the last section of the grind and start your end-game activities in just under a day. All orders are performed by professionals and you can be sure that our players will deliver the fastest and smoothest customer experience.

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