Seneschal Companion Stones Farm

Okay, the main game changer of the Season of the Construct in Diablo IV is and will be the Seneschal companion. It’s your new minion, capable of dealing incredible damage with just a random tuning stone. However, to increase its potential, you need to acquire Seneschal companion stones through farming. These are the means to enhance the powers of Seneschal companions and can be obtained from Nightmare Vaults and by participating in random events during the Season of the Construction. Here at EpicCarry, we’re ready to assist you in bypassing the random phases and grinding those stones quickly, allowing your Seneschal companion to deal maximum damage and unlock its full potential!

Seneschal Governing Stones Farm Service Includes

When you want to acquire companion stone farming services from the EpicCarry team, you can expect the following rewards:

  • A chosen governing or tuning stone.
  • Some random loot obtained while we perform the stone farming.

Please note that certain ultra-rare stones, which provide slower attack speeds for pierce multiple enemies, can only be obtained by defeating bosses at the highest difficulty level. Therefore, please specify your order, and if you require unique additional governing stones, consider our boss kill services.


Boosting process my take up to 5 days, depends on chosen amount of stones.

Seneschal Companion Stones Farm Requirements

  • You possess a seasonal character.
  • Your vaults are unlocked.
  • Your World tier is at level 3 (for certain stones).
  • You are able to share your account with us, as this service is conducted via piloting.

If you do not meet some of these requirements, rest assured that we offer specific services to accommodate each of them. Feel free to reach out to us for further assistance.

What are Senechal Companion stones

The Seneschal Companion in the Season of the Construct is a special feature or ally that players can use. This companion is like a customizable robot or construct that assists the player. Players can adjust its abilities and skills using Governing and Tuning Stones, which define and modify its powers. The Seneschal Companion helps in combat, for instance, by dealing damage to enemies or providing other support based on the stones chosen. The customization allows players to tailor the companion’s abilities to their play style or needs in the game

Difference between governing and tuning stones

Governing Stones: These stones give your Seneschal Companion skills. For example, a Governing Stone might let your very own seneschal companion quickly ambush dealing damage, dealing damage. You can pick two Governing Stones for your companion.

Tuning Stones: These stones change how the skills from Governing Stones work. They can add effects like bonus critical strike damage or make skills target multiple enemies. You can choose six Tuning Stones, three for each Governing Stone, to refine your companion’s skills.

Table of all seneschal construct dealing damage abilities

Here’s a laconic list with all the governing stones, which are available in the start of the Diablo iv: Season of the construct. Please read their, before you will order the service!

Governing Stone



Seneschal Construct activates an antimaterial field, shooting down enemy projectiles (not Boss/Player).


Quickly ambushes targets dealing damage, possibly hitting the same target multiple times.


Deploys a construct that targets dealing damage through explosions.

Focus Fire

The Seneschal Construct channels a fire ray at targets, dealing damage over time.


Whirls legs around, damaging surrounding enemies.


Performs a line attack dealing damage to enemies in front.

Lightning Bolt

Launches lightning, dealing damage and arcing to multiple enemies.


Creates a protective barrier on the player based on maximum life.


The Seneschal Construct channels a reconstruction beam healing the player.


Pummels enemies in front, dealing damage.


Electrifies an enemy, spreading to others if the target is killed.

And these’re the tuning stones, which help you to pull the same enemy, and tune your seneschal governing stones.

Tuning Stone


Voluminous Support

Increases supported skill’s effect size.

Swift Support

Gives supported skill an attack speed bonus.

Breaking Support

Supported skill destroys enemy barrier effects, making enemies vulnerable.

Tactical Support

Decreases supported skill’s cooldown.

Efficiency Support

Supporting skill deals damage and grants critical strike chance.

Devastation Support

Supported skill gains a critical strike damage bonus.

Safeguard Support

Grants damage reduction when using the supported skill.

Frigid Support

Adds cold damage over time to supported skill’s damage.

Burning Support

Converts a portion of supported skill’s damage to burning damage over time.

Electrocution Support

Supported skill deals lightning damage over time with stun chance.

Bleeding Support

Adds bleeding damage over time to supported skill’s damage, increasing damage when enemies move.

Poison Support

Adds poison damage over time to supported skill’s damage.

Dusk Support

Converts a portion of damage to shadow damage, interrupting non-boss attacks.

Duration Support

Increases duration of supported skills.

Fortify Support

Grants Fortify when using supported skill, varying with attack speed.

Resource Support

Gains primary resource when supported skill first deals damage.

Initiative Support

Teleports the Seneschal Construct to distant targets.

Arcing Support

Enables supported skill to hit additional enemies.

Multishot Support

Supported projectile skills launch additional projectiles.

Piercing Support

Supported projectile skill pierces multiple enemies.

Gripping Support

Pulls distant enemies towards the Seneschal Construct.

Registered Damage Support

Registers damage, exploding upon target’s death.

Seeking Support

Supported projectile skill auto-seeks enemies.

Slowing Support

Slows enemies’ movement speed when hit.

Mockery Support

Taunts enemies hit by the supporting skill.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Seneschal Companion Stones in Diablo IV?

Seneschal Companion Stones are special items used to enhance the abilities of your Seneschal Construct. They come in two types: Governing Stones and Tuning Stones. Governing Stones determine the main skills of your construct, allowing it to pummel enemies and support you in various ways. Tuning Stones modify these skills, affecting the way your Seneschal Construct deals damage or interacts with targets, enhancing supported skill’s damage dealt.

How do Governing Stones work?

Governing Stones give your Seneschal Construct its primary abilities. These stones are crucial as they determine the base actions of your construct, like targeting and dealing damage to enemies or creating defensive barriers. Each Governing Stone has a unique effect, like allowing your construct to quickly ambush and pummel enemies or protect you by increasing your maximum life.

What is the role of Tuning Stones?

Tuning Stones modify the abilities provided by the Governing Stones. They can add additional effects like bonus bleeding damage, increase the range to pull distant enemies, or add other enhancements to the supported skill’s damage dealt. You can choose multiple Tuning Stones to fine-tune the abilities of your Seneschal Construct, ensuring it targets and deals damage effectively.

Can I use the same stones multiple times?

Yes, you can use the same stones multiple times to stack their effects. For instance, using the same Tuning Stone repeatedly can enhance a particular aspect of your Seneschal Construct’s abilities, like increasing the damage dealt to multiple enemies or improving its efficiency in targeting and dealing damage.

Where can I find Governing Stones and Tuning Stones?

You can find Governing and Tuning Stones in various ways throughout the Season of the Construct. They are often obtained from Nightmare Vaults, through random events, and by defeating bosses. For specific stones, like those that add significant damage or special abilities, you might need to engage in more challenging activities or increase the difficulty level.

Are there differences in how Governing and Tuning Stones affect Seneschal Companions?

Yes, there are distinct differences. Governing Stones are primarily about determining the core abilities of your Seneschal Companions, like how they engage with enemies and the type of support they provide. Tuning Stones, on the other hand, tweak these abilities, refining how your Seneschal Companions deal damage or utilize their skills which help to seneschal construct dealing damage with a proper governing and tuning stones for a distant enemies pulls.

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