WotLK Trial Of The Crusader Boost

Although normally a run in ToC doesn’t take longer than 1-2 hours, it may take longer on the first coulple of weeks after the release.

As World of Warcraft’s most anticipated expansion progresses into its third phase players are greeted with the arrival of a raid that has been on everyone’s radar since the announcement of WoW Classic: Wrath of the Lich King expansion. The Trial of the Crusader, even after 13 years, remains a unique and memorable WotLK raid.

Despite its reputation for being more straightforward and less time-consuming than other raids, the Trial of the Crusader holds its own charm and rewards. In the Classic version of the expansion, all loot has been enhanced, making ToC raid a potential goldmine of powerful gear.

This is why players who want to maximize their weekly loot haul or experience the thrill of this iconic raid should consider getting a WotLK Trial of the Crusader raid carry service. Our full raid run service for ToC is available to all players, regardless of server, class, or faction, providing everyone the opportunity to experience and conquer Normal and Heroic modes of the ToC raid.

WotLK Trial of the Crusader Boost Includes

Our comprehensive boost package includes a full Trial of the Crusader raid run in either Normal or Heroic difficulty. You’ll receive tier 9 items for your character’s class and specialization, including armor sets and powerful weapons. Additionally, you’ll gain a reputation with the Argent Crusade and the chance to obtain high ilvl gear. Here’s a full list of what you can expect to get:

  • Trial of the Crusader raid completed on either Normal or Heroic mode;
  • Loot:
    • 2+ level 232 gear items if you choose a 10-player Normal run;
    • 2+ level 245 gear items if you choose a 10-player Heroic run;
    • 4+ level 245 gear items if you choose a 25-player Normal run;
    • 4+ level 258 gear items if you choose a 25-player Heroic run;

* Triumph Tokens count toward the guaranteed number of items.

Trial of the Crusader Boost: Additional Options

Depending on the chosen mode, the boost includes two to four random pieces of gear not reserved by other customers and fit your class and spec. You can take things even further by augmenting your ToC raid carry with several options:

  • Extra Items — in addition to four gear items included in the run, you will get as many extra items as you choose. Note that choosing this option does not allow you to choose which loot you get. You will get items not reserved by other customers, providing that wearing them makes sense for your class and spec.
  • Full Loot Priority — you will receive every piece of loot for your selected class and spec that drops during your ToC boost, excluding quest items.
  • 4/5 Tier Set — you will get 4/5 tier pieces.
  • 5/5 Tier Set — you will get a full tier 9 set.
  • Full gear + 4 Tier pieces — our team will help you to equip your character in a full Trial of the Crusader gear that includes 4 pieces of Tier 9 set.
  • BiS List — we will get a complete set of gear that drops in the Trial of the Crusader and phase 1 raids. You can include any items from Trial of the Crusader, Onyxia’s Lair, Ulduar, Naxx, The Obsidian Lair, and The Eye of Eternity to your list.

WotLK Trial of the Crusader Raid Boost Requirements

Level 80 character. Use our Powerleveling service if you don’t meet this requirement.

Trial of the Crusader Boss List

The Trial of the Crusader raid, hosted by the Argent Crusade, is a test of strength and strategy, featuring five unique boss encounters. Each boss presents its own set of challenges and requires a different approach to overcome.

1. The Beasts of Northrend: This encounter is a gauntlet of some of the most fearsome creatures in Northrend. Players will face off against Gormok the Impaler, Acidmaw & Dreadscale, and Icehowl. Each beast has its own unique abilities and mechanics, making this a multi-faceted fight that tests the team’s adaptability.

2. Lord Jaraxxus: Summoned unintentionally by the gnome warlock Wilfred Fizzlebang, Lord Jaraxxus is a formidable Eredar Lord of the Burning Legion. He uses a mix of fire and shadow magic, and summons various minions to aid him in battle. Interrupting his Fel Fireball and managing his minions are key to this encounter.

3. Faction Champions: This fight simulates a PvP encounter, with a group of NPCs representing classes from the opposing faction. The champions do not have a traditional aggro table, and their AI allows them to switch targets, use crowd control, and even interrupt players. Coordinating crowd control and focusing on damage is crucial in this fight.

4. The Twin Val’kyr: Eydis Darkbane and Fjola Lightbane are a pair of Val’kyr twins that share a health pool. They use a combination of light and dark energy, and players must use the corresponding energy to damage them. The fight requires good positioning and awareness of the energy mechanics.

5. Anub’arak: The fallen Nerubian king, Anub’arak, is the final boss in the Trial of the Crusader. He burrows underground and summons swarms of insects to attack the raid. Players must manage the adds and avoid being impaled when Anub’arak resurfaces. This fight is a test of endurance and spatial awareness.

Each boss in the Trial of the Crusader offers a unique challenge, making this raid a memorable experience. Whether you’re a seasoned raider or new to the scene, our WotLK Trial of the Crusader carry can help you conquer all the bosses and claim the rewards that await.

The Difference Between TOC Heroic and Normal Difficulty in WotLK

The Trial of the Crusader raid in Wrath of the Lich King Classic offers two levels of difficulty: Normal and Heroic. Both modes are available for 10-player and 25-player raids, but you must choose between Normal and Heroic each week. The choice of difficulty not only affects the challenge of the encounters but also the quality of the rewards.

WotLK Classic Trial of the Crusader Normal Mode

The Normal mode of the Trial of the Crusader is a more accessible version of the raid, designed to provide a balanced challenge for all players. This mode is perfect for those who are new to the raid or prefer a less intense raiding experience. While the mechanics of the boss encounters remain the same, they are less punishing, allowing for more room for error. The loot in Normal mode is still highly desirable, including pieces of the coveted Tier 9 class sets.

WotLK Classic Trial of the Crusader Heroic Mode

Once you beat ToC in NM, you unlock access to the Heroic mode. The Heroic mode of ToC is called the Trial of the Grand Crusader. This is where the raid truly tests your mettle. The bosses hit harder, have more health, and their mechanics are less forgiving. This mode is designed for seasoned raiders looking for a challenge and the chance to earn the most powerful rewards. The loot in Heroic mode is of a higher item level than in Normal mode, and there are also exclusive items and achievements that can only be obtained in this difficulty. Conquering the Trial of the Crusader on Heroic mode is a testament to a player’s skill and teamwork.

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