Pit of Heresy Boost

The Pit of Heresy dungeon located on the Moon was first introduced in Destiny 2’s Shadowkeep expansion – ever since it remains to be one of the most interesting locations for players to explore both in search of unique ambiance and great rewards.

Get ready to venture into the depths of The Scarlet Keep, survive through the Hive rituals, and claim your dungeon rewards.

Pit of Heresy Boost Service Rewards

Purchase the Pit of Heresy boost service to receive:

  • Pit of Heresy dungeon completed;
  • Chance to get Moon Dreambane armor or Altars of Sorrow weapons;
  • Experience for the Season Pass and your Artifact;
  • The Sanguine Static emblem for Pit of Heresy dungeon completion.

When the dungeon is active on a weekly rotation, a drop from the final boss is a Pinnacle reward. Check the dungeon status in the game, or contact our support team via chat to ask for the schedule.

Pit of Heresy Dungeon Boost Service Process

The dungeon is not the easiest one to navigate and can be a little overwhelming for the first completion. Depending on your preferences and desired rewards you may choose to select a Full Pit of Heresy dungeon run or select Only the Last Boss to get the final dungeon completion rewards, such as the Pinnacle drop during the dungeon rotation week.

Choosing the Mode

You can choose either Self-Play or Piloted mode for this boost.

The Self-Play option is available for free for the Pit of Heresy boost, allowing you to experience the content along with the best booster team. Have a great time with pro players, get fast completion of the dungeon and loot unique armor and weapons.

If you wish to simply get the rewards from Pit of Heresy, select Piloted mode and save your time while we take care of the task – all that is left for you is to get on Destiny once the service is done and enjoy the new loot.

Please note that the Solo Flawless option can be provided only in Piloted mode.

Epiccarry provides different services in Destiny 2 and other game titles – our services are about pro players helping the Destiny community achieve their goals.

Boost is available on the PC, PS, and Xbox platforms.


The Default delivery time for this service is 1 Day. Once the booster logs on to your account, completion takes 1-4 Hours.

Depending on the selected options, the ETA may be extended.

Pit of Heresy Service: Extra Options

Customize the service with extra options and get precisely what you are looking for, including the most complex tasks.

The Deepening Wake Quest (Pit of Heresy Unlock) – we will complete the quest required to unlock access to the dungeon for you.
Solo Flawless – we will complete the Pit of Heresy Solo without a single death and get Savior of the Deep Triumph.
Only the Last Boss – we will complete only the last boss of the dungeon. The price is reduced by 40%

Contact our support team using the website chat to request additional information about the service and extra options, or if you wish to purchase a custom order with specific personal requests.

Important Information

All the items obtained during the boost are random drops, and we can’t guarantee any specific items to drop. We are not selling ingame items – our services only assist you in acquiring them.

The boost guarantee timer starts when the booster logs on to your account and works only for services provided in the Piloted mode (with the Account sharing).

Guaranteed time does not count for possible game maintenance or lags.

Pit of Heresy Boost Service Requirements

You must own the Shadowkeep DLC on your account.
To access the dungeon, you must have the Pit of Heresy dungeon unlocked through the pre-quest. If you have not completed it yet, please select the «The Deepening Wake Quest» extra option.

Please disconnect the Steam Guard or disable the "always require authenticator for login" setting in Security Settings. The secret question will protect your account for the duration of your boost. Remember to re-enable it once we finish the service.

Pit of Heresy Dungeon Completion

Pit of Heresy is the second dungeon released during the lifespan of Destiny 2, which takes players deep under the Scarlet Keep on the Moon. Guardians will have to fight their way through the hordes of Hive and defeat their champion – Zulmak, Instrument of Torment. Pit of Heresy is one of the four Destiny dungeons included in the Weekly Featured Rotator, meaning that once in four weeks it provides a Pinnacle drop to boost your power level.

Pit of Heresy Dungeon Loot

The loot pool from the encounters includes all the guns that can be crafted in the Lecturn of Enchantment:

Using the Hymn of Desecration consumables greatly increases the chance to get one of the Altars of Sorrow weapons from the Necropolis or Chamber of Suffering encounters:

Honorable mention: final steps of the Xenophage exotic questline take place in the Pit of Heresy.

Loot also includes the Dreambane Armor – farming the last boss gives you a good chance to drop high-stat pieces for your builds.

Other unique dungeon loot includes:

  • Bane of Tyrants Ship
  • Bane of Crota Ghost Shell
  • Sanguine Static Emblem – «Destroyer of Heretics» triumph requires you to complete the Pit of Heresy
  • Crimson Echoes Emblem – Savior of the Deep triumph requires a Solo Flawless completion. You will also receive the «Usurper» triumph for a solo completion.

Dungeon Walkthrough

First of all, Guardians must unlock the dungeon by completing the quest given by Eris Morn on the Moon.

The requirement is to open a Tier 3 or higher level chest from the Altars of Sorrow event and defeat 20 Nightmares while at it. Simply teleport to the Sorrow’s Harbor, participate in the action, and complete waves until you get this part done. Make sure to focus on Nightmares!

Teleport back to Eris and she will give you an assignment for the Pit of Heresy, unlocking it on the destination map. Let’s get the party started!

The Pit of Heresy features five encounters:

Necropolis – a Hive Puzzle requiring players to navigate through the towers by looking at the symbols and running around the area to connect the dots and find the right path.

Defeat mini-bosses using the Hive Sword relic dropped from the patroling Knights. Use melee to kill Knight elites, range attack against Wizards, and sword block against the Shrieker eye.

Once you defeat all mini-bosses, the path forward will open.

Tunnels of Despair – another puzzle with a bit of Horror element – immune to damage Ogre will try to kill you, and you must avoid him at all costs while navigating through the tunnels full of Hive. Find the Knights, kill them to get the Orbs, and slam them near the door to remove the blocking rune. Repeat the process three times and proceed to the next chamber!

Pit of Heresy Boost

Chamber of Suffering

Initiate the encounter and step on the platform near the totem – defeat waves of Hive enemies and remain on the platform to prevent a wipe. Once the Knights are spawned, focus them down, and send one player will pick up the Orb and deposit it near the totem to remove the debuff. Repeat the process six times, and beware – the longer you keep on going, the more damage you take with the stacking curse, up to the point where you get pretty much one shotted. So hurry up!

The Harrow

Another puzzle involves jumping, navigation, and avoiding traps that one shot you. The objective is to find the correct symbols and head there to defeat three Wizards, unlocking the path to the last boss.

Zulmak, Instrument of Torment

The final boss is the Knight Champion. The fight consists of two stages – defeating the mini-bosses and the boss DPS phase. First, you must kill the Knights on the central platform and pick up the Sword Relic. Use it against the three mini-bosses in a similar fashion to the first encounter – light attack against the Knight, heavy against the Wizard, and block against the Eye. Pick the Orbs and deposit them on the middle platform to activate the damage phase. Jump to the center and kill the Zulmak – you may repeat the process and get it over in multiple attempts, or one-phase him with enough DPS using the current game meta builds.

Pit of Heresy Solo Flawless Completion

The Pit of Heresy is quite complicated for solo completion, as it requires a high level of players’ ingame skill, a decent understanding of the mechanics, and lots of practice. But it is doable with a lot of patience and diligence. The easiest way, however, is to chat with professional boosters on Epiccarry and get it done in the shortest amount of time.

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