Destiny 2 Euphony Boost

The new Euphony Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle comes out with the Final Shape  DLC release. You can get this weapon by defeating the last boss at the Salvation’s Edge raid. This Liner Fusion Riffle offers Guardians an exciting new way to kill enemies in PvP and PvE Destiny 2 game activities, with its special perks that make it a must-have to get in the collection for any serious Guardian. Ordering a Euphony Boost will save you a huge amount of time. Our team consists of only professional players who are experienced in getting raid exotic weapons as fast as possible. We will defeat the last boss at Salvation’s Edge raid as much as possible weekly, so you receive unique rewards and the desired Euphony Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle of the latest expansion to enjoy new features of the Final Shape.

Service Includes

  • Exotic Linear Fusion RifleEuphony guaranteed;
  • Weapons and Armor from the Salvation’s Edge raid;
  • Pinnacle Gear;
  • Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact level.

The loot pool from the last boss at Salvation’s Edge raid can include any random new raid weapons.

You can choose either Self-Play or Piloted mode for this boost.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 1-8 hours. (1-3 hours for Priority)
Estimated Completion Time: Setting specific deadlines for boosting services with a random drop is very hard. In our experience, an Exotic farm can last from several days to several months.

  • Normal: 5-40 days;
  • Priority: 4-25 days; 

Additional Options

Priority – we will start your order faster and process it in priority waster weekly until the Euphony Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle drops.
The Final Shape Legendary Campaign
 – we will additionally complete the Final Shape campaign on Legend difficulty.
Clear the full raid – we go through the whole raid on 3 Guardians weekly until you get the D2 Euphony raid exotic.
Stream – you can watch the Destiny 2 Euphony Boost progress of the game in real-time.


Destiny 2: The Final Shape expansion.
1940+ Power Level. If your level is not sufficient, then you can order Power Leveling boosting service so that our players can raise it for you.

How it Works

Due to the random nature of the service, getting this Exotic weapon may take some time – you can easily outsource this weekly task to pro players, and they will kill the last boss in the Salvation’s Edge Raid three times each week until the Euphony Exotic finally drops. To make it easier, you can order our Euphony boosting services. Here’s step-by-step how it happens:

  1. Select the options you would like to complete, add to the cart and process to make the payment at the checkout.
  2. Depending on the selected boost mode options, the service will be completed the following way:
    • In Self-Play mode, you will play together with our team, defeating the last encounter until you receive the Destiny 2 Euphony Exotic weapon. During your conversation with our support team, you agree on a convenient time and date for the service progression. You have 3 chances a week, on different characters, to achieve the desired weapon.
    • In Piloted mode, you have to make account sharing with our verified team player, and he will kill the last boss 3 times a week at the Salvation’s Edge raid. The service goes on until you receive the Destiny 2 Euphony Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle. The order will be processed once a week on all available characters.
  3. If you wish to speed up the service completion, you may choose the order speed option. In that case your order will be prioritized, we will progress it faster weekly and additionally will defeat the last boss at the Salvation’s Edge raid repeatedly (more than 3 times) when the raid is in a weekly rotation, so you get more chances on getting the desired weapon.
  4. In 3-10 minutes, our customer manager will contact you to discuss the details and set the date/time for the service completion.
  5. When we complete the service, our customer support manager will inform you via email or another preferable communication channel that it’s successfully done.
  6. Please log in to your account once again to check whether all order requirements are met. We would be happy if you share with us your impression about the service received and leave a review. We appreciate both positive and negative feedback, any review helps us to improve ourselves to provide only quality services with the best performance to our customers.
  7. Congratulations, you can now take full advantage of your new weapon. Go for the PvE and PvP activities to amaze what the Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle can do in the Destiny 2 game.

The service is available on PC, PS, and Xbox platforms. We advice to enable the Cross Save function so we could complete your order faster. It will significantly help if you play on PS or Xbox because our PC players will be able to take over your order sooner, which will result in quicker service delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get the Euphony Exotic Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2?

Euphony Exotic Fusion Rifle drops from the last encounter in the Salvation’s Edge raid, The Witness is the last boss there, who is the hardest enemy you’ve ever faced. It may take a fortune to farm the Salvation’s Edge until the raid Exotic drops. However, there is a way to increase the drop chance by completing the Salvation’s Edge raid Triumphs.

What are the Triumphs to increase the Euphony drop chance? 

In order to increase the chance drop of the Euphony Exotic, those are the triumphs that has to be completed:

Triumph Description Drop Boost
Master Difficulty “Salvations Edge” Complete the Master Salvation’s Edge raid. +2
At All Costs Your team has to defeat all the raid encounters without dying and leaving to the orbit. +3
Unified Front Have a fireteam of the same class to complete the raid. +1
Scenic Route Make done the Scenic Route challenge. +1
Touch and Go Complete the Substratum encounter without any player getting an extra stack of Resonance before everyone has at least one stack. +1
At Capacity Finish the raid challenge – At Capacity. +1
Changing Tactics To defeat the Dissipation encounter, finish the encounter using only Resonance from alternate wings to power up conductors. +1
Balanced Diet Fulfill the Balanced Diet challenge. +1
Singular Torment Complete the Repository encounter with just one Guardian defeating Tormentors. +1
Varied Geometry Varied Geometry challenge has to be completed. +1
Equal Distribution Defeat the Verity encounter without depositing into the same statue twice in the same time. +1
Coordinated Efforts Complete all the requirements for the Coordinated Efforts challenge. +1
Careful Calculation Complete the Witness encounter without any player getting more than 2 stacks of any resonant energy in Zenith. +1

How will the Destiny 2 Euphony Boost go?

Depending on the boost mode, you will be plying yourself in a group with our team at a scheduled time, or our verified player will log in to your account to complete the last encounter in the Salvation’s Edge raid on all your Guardians weekly. The Euphony raid exotic drops only from the Witness – the last boss. If you wish to increase the chance of this exotic weapon drop you may add some triumphs completion to your order. 

To speed up the boost process, you may add additional completion speed options. We will process your order in priority and complete the last encounter as many times as possible when the Salvation’s Edge raid is in a weekly rotation to complete your order faster.

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    This service is available in Piloted mode only.