Destiny 2 Vox Obscura Mission Boost

After completing Vox Obscura, an exotic mission, you will get a Dead Messenger exotic grenade launcher if you complete it the first time. To get the Dead Messenger quest, you need to finish the Investigation, after which you will get Rising Tensions, here you will need to fly to The Tower. When you complete the last quest, you can take Operation Elbrus, one of the narrowing parts of Season of the Risen. Next, you must finish Kill the Messenger, and only after that can you start Vox Obscura. As you can see, finishing Vox Obscura itself is a long process, but you will obtain valuable rewards.

If you don’t want to engage in boring runs but are also not ready to give up the rewards for Season of the Risen, order Vox Obscura mission boost. Our pro players will do all the hard parts for you, and you can enjoy the fresh equipment.

Service Includes

  • Exotic grenade launcherDead Messenger (if completed the first time);
  • Legendary gear and weapons from Season of the Risen;
  • All additional drops that you obtain during this farm;
  • ‌Experience‌ ‌for‌ ‌your‌ ‌Season‌ ‌Pass‌ ‌and‌ ‌Artifact‌ ‌level‌.

This boost will be completed in Piloted mode.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 1-2 hours.
Estimated Completion time: 

  • Normal: 6-8 hours;
  • Express: 5-7 hours;
  • Super Express: 3-6 hours.

Additional Options

Stream – you can watch the Vox Obscura Mission carry online.


Destiny 2: The Witch Queen expansion.
Completed Elbrus Part 1 mission.
1940+ Power Level for Normal mode and 2000+ for Master. If your level is not sufficient, then you can order a Power Leveling boosting service so that our players can raise it for you.

How it Works

Finishing the Vox Obscura exotic mission is a step-by-step and rather complex process. You need to purchase Witch Queen DLC, figure out how to complete each quest, and read the guides. But there is good news, you can get the Dead Messenger exotic grenade launcher after the first completion. If you do not want to do boring work, you can choose the easier way and order Vox Obscura mission boost. Our skill boosters will help you get all the rewards from the mission without any problems. You can order the service if you play on PC, PS, or Xbox platforms, enable the Cross Save function, and we can fulfill your order faster. Here’s how to order the service step by step:

  1. Choose additional options and desired difficulty.
  2. Vox Obscura exotic mission is performed only in Piloted mode. You will need to pick account sharing with our verified player. For the Piloted mode service we will use the VPN of your country to work on your order.
  3. Click Buy Now and pay for the service using one of the accessible payment methods.
  4. Our support manager will contact you 3-10 minutes after payment, discuss all the details and set a schedule for the boost. You can always ask any questions in our online chat or on the Discord server, which is working around the clock.
  5. When the mission is completed, our support manager will contact you. We would be very grateful if you could share your impressions and service experience and write a review.
  6. Congratulations, you have now completed your Vox Obscura mission.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you unlock Vox Obscura exotic mission Pinnacle?

Once you have finished the Witch Queen Campaign and the first week of Operation Elbrus, the Vox Obscura mission is unlocked. The Dead Messenger is powerful weapons in the game. This weapon is unlocked after finishing the Kill the Messenger quest. Additionally, upon finishing the weekly challenge, you can get a pinnacle gear.


How to unlock the Vox Obscura exotic mission?

On the galaxy map in the Throne World section, you can find Vox Obscura through the Director. You will have to seek out some companions since there is no matchmaking for this mission. If you load into the mission, you might recognize your surroundings, you are back on old Mars from Destiny 1 or at least a part of it. This is where you must hunt down Cabal saboteurs. By following the objective marker, head to a bunker, hack it using your Ghost and go inside. Use some Cabal Interceptors to blow yourself out of the hangar door. 

How to get the Dead Messenger weapon?

To get the Grenade Launcher in your hands, you are supposed to wait for Vox Obscura, which appears every three weeks in the Exotic Mission Rotator after Presage. The Dead Messenger is obtained by finishing Vox Obscura on Normal difficulty. The perks of this weapon can be unlocked if you replay the mission at the legendary difficulty.

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