Zaouli’s Bane Boost – Legendary Hand Cannon

Destiny 2 Zaouli’s Bane Hand Cannon is a reprised version of the legendary weapon from the original Destiny King’s Fall Raid. Being a well-known raid weapon in the community, and with several great perks, it quickly established itself as one of the best 140 RPM HCs. It drops from normal and master difficulty at King’s Fall. As a part of the returning raid, it’s not the easiest weapon to get your hands on, especially for those who play without a good raiding fireteam, which raises the demand for boosting services.

Getting Zaouli’s Bane legendary hand cannon will take a lot of time, and you need a skilled team of players who are needed to play often. As a part of the returning raid, it’s not the easiest weapon to get, especially for those who play without a good raiding fireteam. To farm raid weapons is all about persistence and a bit of luck – and our pro players have plenty of both. Our team will complete specific encounters until the weapon drops and later buy additional rolls with the Spoils of Conquest. If you did not get your first Zaouli’s Bane to drop yet, make sure to check out the additional options – our pro player will quickly farm the gun and unlock it in the Zaouli’s Bane Boost services.

Service Includes

  • Zaouli’s Bane weapon guarantee;
  • Random King’s Fall unique weapons and armor;
  • Pinnacle Gear (completing the first weekly battle);
  • Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact level.

You can choose either Self-Play or Piloted mode for this boost.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 15-30 minutes.
Estimated Completion Time

  • Normal: 5-40 days;
  • Express: 4-30 days; 
  • Super Express: 3-20 days.

Additional Options

I don’t have the 1st Zaouli’s Bane – select this option if you do not have the 1st Zaouli’s Bane in your collection, we will farm it.
Unlock the crafting pattern – we will unlock the crafting pattern of Zaouli’s Bane.
Stream – you can watch the progress online.


Destiny 2: Witch Queen Expansion.

How it Works

It will take a lot of time to farm the perfect version of the legendary hand cannon Zaouli’s Bane on your own. Use our boosting services if you don’t want to waste your time, but get all the rewards from King’s Fall raid. Here’s how it goes:

  1. Select boost option. You may choose to get a Normal version of the weapon with random perks and choose the desired amount of random rolls you wish to get – our pro players will farm encounters and buy as many rolls as you wish with the Spoils of Conquest. Alternatively, you can get a Deepsight version – once you progress the red bar and extract the weapon pattern five times, you will unlock the ability to craft Zaouli’s Bane God Roll with guaranteed perks. Leveling up the weapon to a specific level gives access to enhanced perks. You can get a limited amount of Deepsight weapons per week, so getting a full pattern will take a few weeks.
  2. Choose the extra options you wish us to complete and proceed to checkout using any of the payment options available at our service checkout.
  3. You also need to choose one of two modes:
    • Piloted mode (Recovery) is when you share your account with our verified pro player. You don’t need to go through King’s Fall raid yourself; we will do it for you. You will also have the opportunity to watch the process via stream.
    • Self-Play mode (Shepra) is when you go through the King’s Fall raid as a team member. We will select a team for you from among our pro players. You will play your account. Self-play is the best for account security.
  4. Our manager will contact you in 3-10 minutes after payment to discuss the order’s details and set a time and date for your boost. You can ask all the questions or write in our website chat. Customer Support is available 24/7 to answer all your queries.
  5. After completing the service, our manager will notify you. We will be glad if you share your emotions and leave a review.
  6. Congratulations, you can now enjoy your new desired weapon!

Chat with us for further questions.

Please note, setting specific deadlines for boosting services with a random drop is very hard. In our experience, an Exotic farm can last from several days to several months.

The service is available on PC, PS, and Xbox platforms. If you play on PS or Xbox please enable the Cross Save. It will significantly help to process your order faster, as a PC player will be able to fulfil your PS or Xbox service in Destiny 2 game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get Zaouli’s Bane?

Zaouli’s Bane Hand Cannon is included in the loot pool of three raid encounters: Golgoroth, Daughters of Oryx, and the last boss Oryx. There are other raid weapons included in the pool, so you may need a little luck to farm this exact gun to drop. Once you get the first time drop, you will unlock the weapon in the collection and will have a chance to loot additional rolls from hidden chests across the King’s Fall raid or buy random rolls from the final raid chest for 20 Spoils of Conquest a piece. The very first weapon you buy each week will roll as a Deepsight version.
Gathering five Deepsight or Red Bar rolls and completing the progress allows you to craft the Zaouli’s Bane with the specific guaranteed perks you want. There are two guaranteed Red Bar weapons per week – one is bought with Spoils, and to get the other, you must complete the raid puzzle and open the extra chest with a random raid weapon. Once you complete leveling up the crafted weapon to a certain level, you can upgrade it and make an enhanced god-roll version. We’ll take a look and find the god-roll for each game aspect in a moment.

Is Zaouli’s Bane good?



This 140 RPM Solar Hand Cannon is one of the best options in the slot for both PvE and PvP. It excels in PvE builds – Explosive Payload and Incandescent perk turn this weapon into a Legendary Sunshot and an ultra-powerful tool for Solar Builds, amazing for the add clear.

Even with the tight competition, the PvP roll feels natural to use, features great recoil control, and the ability to craft the hand cannon with the enhanced perks is just the cherry on top.

What are the best PvP perk combinations for Zaouli’s Bane legendary hand cannon?

If we talk about PvP scenarios, then for Zaouli’s Bane weapons, Explosive Payload helps to counter Guardians and Eye of the Storm for greater accuracy.

Is Zaouli’s Bane good in PvP mode?


This hand cannon is perfect for both PvP and PvE modes. With this weapon, you can deal damage to one target and effectively destroy ads.

Is it possible to craft Zaouli’s Bane God Roll?

Yes, you can craft this weapon, but you will still have to go through King’s Fall to get it with random rolls. Only then will you craft and improve it. You need to complete the raid on Master difficulty. Or you can spend 20 Spoils of Conquest to buy these weapons from caches.

What is Zaouli’s Bane PvE God Roll?




PvE God Roll: Arrowhead Break, Accurized Rounds, Explosive Payload, Incandescent.

This PvE Roll would be the most optimal one for reliable add clearing and Scorch spreading with any Solar build – Explosive Payload and Incandescent provide serious single target DPS and activate ignitions left and right. The community already named this roll a Legendary Sunshot. Tactical Mag is to be considered a good alternative for the magazine roll, providing a needed boost to the slow base reload.
The PvE God Roll is a great competitor to the Timelost Fatebringer and might even take the crown of the best PvE hand cannon with the enhanced rolls.

What is Zaouli’s Bane PvP god roll?

PvP God Roll: Hammer-Forged Rifling, Accurized Rounds, Opening Shot, and Eye of the Storm.

Building the PvP God Roll focuses around giving the weapon more range and accuracy for each shot – Hammer-Forged Rifling and Accurized Rounds combo provides us with the necessary range boost while Opening Shot and Eye of the Storm increase the consistency of the first shot and give us extra accuracy in the fight. Depending on your style, you may also consider using the Explosive Payload for the extra flinch and some consistent range damage.

Where can I get the Deepsight version of Zaouli’s Bane?


Guardians can find the weapon in bonus chests. All Legendary weapons from King’s Fall can be crafted at The Enclave in Destiny 2. To craft the weapon, Guardians must first obtain five Deepsight or red-bordered copies of it. This enables players to level up and customize their preferred version of Zaouli’s Bane.

Which encounters drop Zaouli’s bane?

Zaouli’s Bane may drop from three different encounters in the King’s Fall Raid, whether in normal or master version. Players can obtain the Hand Cannon by opening reward chests after defeating Golgoroth, the Daughters of Oryx, and the last boss Oryx himself. Acquiring Zaouli’s Bane also gives Guardians the opportunity to find the weapon in bonus chests.

Why order Zaouli’s Bane hand cannon boost?

If you don’t want or don’t have time to complete a raid but want to get King’s Fall raid weapons, then our service will help you with this. You can play with our team or use account sharing to get all the raid rewards including Zaouli’s Bane. You can also not take part in the game but watch the stream.

What king’s fall raid weapons can I get?

  • Zaouli’s Bane;
  • Smite of Merain;
  • Doom of Chelchis;
  • Midha’s Reckoning;
  • Defiance of Yasmin;
  • Qullim’s Terminus.

In the Master version King’s Fall raid, you obtain Harrowed Weapons by completing the featured weekly challenge. Certain perk combinations on these weapons work well, so it’s worth farming for the God Roll on each one to optimize your gameplay.

What Power Level will the weapon be from Zaouli’s Bane boosting service?

You will get a Zaouli’s Bane Hand Cannon with a 100% guarantee if you purchase our services. However, its Power Level fully depends on the current Power Level of your Guardian.

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