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Welcome to the Season of the Malignant, the first major update for Diablo 4! This limited-time event introduces a slew of gameplay changes, new questlines, goals, and activities. The season is set to launch on July 20, just a month and a half after Diablo 4’s release.

The highlight of this season is the introduction of a major new gameplay mechanic: Malignant Enemies and their Hearts. These elements bring game-altering new powers when used correctly, adding a fresh layer of strategy and excitement to the game.

In this season, players will encounter Malignant Monsters, corrupted elites that drop Malignant Hearts upon defeat. These hearts can be transformed into Caged Hearts, powerful items that can be socketed into your gear for significant buffs.

But that’s not all. The Season of the Malignant also introduces new dungeons called Malignant Tunnels, where players can farm for more Malignant Hearts and face off against new challenging bosses.

Season of the Malignant Storyline

The Season of the Malignant was officially launched on July 20. This season introduces a plethora of gameplay changes, including new legendary aspects, enemies, dungeons, gear, and socket items known as Caged Hearts, new jewelry items which are set to significantly alter the game dynamics. The seasonal model fits well with the ongoing RPG structure of Diablo 4, and this extends to the upcoming narrative-driven questline.

The storyline of the first season revolves around a new threat, a plague that has spread across Sanctuary following the main story of the base game. At the heart of this threat is a newcomer named Cormond, a former priest from the Cathedral of Light, who calls on you to help battle the Malignant. This is more than just a mob-killing endeavor; it’s a journey into the more human side of Diablo 4 amid the demon-hunting.

Cormond is an ordinary person trying to overcome an extraordinary situation. He’s a man driven out of his small village who believes there’s a cure for the Malignant corruption that’s taken over, and you’ll be helping him find his way. The narrative themes of the new season revolve around the ambiguity of the situation, the question of whether there is a cure, and the theme of corruption.

The development team has been working in small “strike teams” on seasonal content, focusing on fitting a story around the main gameplay loop. They aim to explain new mechanics and how they interact with the people of Sanctuary. The seasonal storyline is seen as an episode of a miniseries, with the team getting creative with the existing open world of Sanctuary and trying to elaborate on it.

To access the new content and questline of the Season of the Malignant, players will need to finish the main story of the base game. From there, they’ll create a new character to build from the ground up within the seasonal content. The season also introduces a new Uber Boss to keep the endgame content fresh.

The Season of the Malignant in Diablo 4 promises to be an exciting journey, with new challenges, characters, and gameplay mechanics to explore.

Seasonal Characters and Renown

In Diablo 4’s Season of the Malignant, players have the opportunity to create new characters in the Seasonal Realm. Unlike the Eternal format where characters are permanent, Seasonal characters exist within their own sandbox for the duration of the season, after which they are transferred to the Eternal Realm.

To participate in Seasons, players must roll a new character in the Seasonal Realm. It’s important to note that there’s no need to purchase a Battle Pass or any add-ons to play the Seasonal content. However, players must have completed the main campaign on either the Eternal or new Realm with at least one character.

Once the campaign is completed, any Seasonal character will start the game with several advantages. These include the option to skip the Campaign, immediate availability of your Mount, all previously discovered Altars of Lilith unlocked along with the corresponding Renown for them, and all previously discovered areas of the map revealed, also with the corresponding renown for them.

At the end of the Season one, character you created its progress and all the rewards will be transferred back. All items collected, including those in your Seasonal stash, will be transferred as well. However, Season-specific features such as Caged Hearts will no longer be accessible.

Seasons provide developers with an opportunity to introduce innovative gameplay mechanics into Sanctuary for a limited time. They can experiment with fun themes within the seasonal model without affecting the Eternal format. Additionally, Seasons present an equal playing field, designed for new characters to conquer the nightmarish challenges brought on by a Season’s theme and to progress through the Seasonal Journey together with other players.

In the Eternal Realm, players can push Nightmare dungeons and play the characters they have the most amount of investment in. In Seasonal content, players can try out new characters and builds, and after the season expires, they can always go back to those characters as they will continue to be available in the Eternal Realm.

Diablo 4 Season 1’s Battle Pass and Seasonal Journey

Season of the Malignant introduces a major new gameplay mechanic via Malignant Enemies and their Hearts, which grant new powers when slotted in Jewelry. Alongside these changes, Diablo 4 also sees significant updates to its progression and reward systems with the introduction of the Season Journey, Battle Pass, and Season Blessings.

The Season Journey is a series of challenges that players can complete throughout the Season of the Malignant to earn unique rewards. This is free for all players and is made up of seven total Chapters. These Chapters contain a set of progressively more challenging objectives, like killing World Bosses, engaging in PvP, completing a certain number of Dungeons, and more.

By completing Season Journey objectives and Chapters, players earn Favor, which in turn levels up both the Free and Premium Battle Passes. They can also unlock new, unique Aspects for the Codex, which cannot be earned anywhere else in the game. These are available to all Diablo 4 players, with or without the Premium pass.

The Battle Pass will only progress on Seasonal realms, and playing in the Eternal Realm doesn’t count towards the Seasonal Journey or Battle Pass. Though the Free Battle Pass does contain some items that grant power, through the use of Smoldering Ashes which grant Season Blessings, the Premium Battle Pass will only reward cosmetics like new clothes, new mount armors, and titles. The new Season 1 weapon transmogs will be exclusive to classes, while all other cosmetics in the Battle Pass can be worn by all classes.

Smoldering Ashes are earned at certain points on the free Battle Pass, and they can be used to improve Seasonal Bonuses. These Seasonal Bonuses are active on all Seasonal characters, and include permanent bonuses to XP gain, Gold, Materials, Elixir duration, and Malignant Heart drop chance. The system is limited by level, in fact, the first Ashes can only be spent at Level 40, so it’s not something players can do from the get-go.

The Seasonal Journey and Free Battle Pass are, of course, free for all players to engage with. The Premium Battle Pass will set players back $9.99, and $24.99 to skip 20 Tiers. The Deluxe and Ultimate editions grant the Premium Battle Pass for Season 1 to players automatically.

The first season of Diablo 4, Season of the Malignant starts on July 20th, 2023. The basic gameplay changes went live on the Eternal Realm on July 18th. This includes basic QoL updates and the addition of new Legendaries and Uniques, though the seasonal Malignance mechanic and the meat of Diablo 4 Season 1 unlocked two days later.

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Malignant Enemies, and New Powers

In Diablo 4’s Season of the Malignant, players will encounter a enemies affected by the Malignant modifier. These enemies are the result of a spreading corruption throughout the world of Sanctuary. The Malignant enemies are not just your average foes; they are Corrupted enemies that possess new and powerful Malignant powers.

One of the key mechanics of the season involves the collection of Malignant Hearts. These are powerful items that function similarly to gems. Players can obtain these hearts and place them into special Infested sockets on their Jewelry. The Malignant Hearts are categorized into four different types, each offering unique powers. As players progress through the new season, they will encounter more potent Malignant Creatures, leading to the acquisition of even stronger abilities.

Any area in the Sanctuary can spawn malignant type enemies, but they have a higher chance of appearing in a Malignant Tunnel. To get a Malignant Heart, one has to defeat a partly corrupted enemy. Once that’s done, you have to use the Cage of Binding on it’s corpse, reanimate it as an Elite and kill it again. Defeating these Fully Corrupted enemies will reward players with a Caged Heart.

In addition to new enemies, the Season of the Malignant also introduces a new elite boss, Varshan the Consumed. Little is known about this formidable foe, but players can expect to encounter it within the Malignant Tunnels.

Malignant Tunnels In Season 1

Malignant Tunnels are a new type of dungeon introduced in Diablo 4’s Season of the Malignant. These tunnels are a prime location for players to farm Malignant Hearts, as they have a much higher chance to host Malignant elites. Additionally to that, other elites in the dungeon that has a Tunnel can also be transformed.

The Malignant Tunnels are not just a place to encounter Malignant Monsters, but they also offer a unique gameplay experience. Each tunnel is filled with Malignant-type enemies and ends with a Malignant Outgrowth. Players can choose to activate this outgrowth with a crafted Invoker, which will spawn an Elite boss of the chosen color. Defeating this boss increases the chance of obtaining a Caged Heart of that color.

This mechanic allows players to target farm Malignant Tunnels of a specific colored sockets. It’s a strategic approach that can help players optimize their progress.

The Malignant Tunnels are a significant addition to the Diablo 4 gameplay, offering players new challenges and rewards. They are a key part of the Season of the Malignant and will play a crucial role in shaping the seasonal journey for players.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Does Diablo 4 Season 1 Launch?

The release date is set to launch on July 20, 2023. It will introduce a host of new content, including the Season Journey, new powers, and the Malignant Tunnels where players can target farm Malignant Hearts by using special items on Colored Outgrowths in the tunnel.

What Is Diablo 4 Seasonal Journey?

The Diablo 4 Season Journey is a progression system introduced in Season 1. Players start a new seasonal character and embark on a journey through a series of objectives that offer rewards upon completion. The Seasonal Journey is designed to guide players through the game's content and provide a structured progression path. It's a great way for players to experience all the new content that the season has to offer, including the new powers and the Malignant Tunnels. The Season Journey is expected to be a staple feature in future seasons of Diablo 4.

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