Diablo 4 Battle Pass Boost

The introduction of the Diablo 4 Battle Pass has added a new layer of progression for players. The Battle Pass is not just a mere addition, but a significant part of the game that offers a plethora of rewards and incentives for players who engage with it.

The Battle Pass system rewards players with Smoldering Ashes and Favor as they progress through different tiers, each offering its own unique benefits. It’s a system that rewards players with premium currency, and a variety of items, mostly cosmetic (which is a good thing), as they progress through different tiers.

Favor is a form of experience that players earn by participating in the game, and it serves to progress the tier of your Battle Pass. As you earn Favor and level up your character, you are rewarded with Smoldering Ashes, a special currency that can be exchanged for Seasonal Blessings. These blessings provide XP boosts, accelerating your progression through the game.

But let’s be honest, not everyone has the time or the patience to grind through the tiers of the Battle Pass. That’s where you can benefit from using our Diablo 4 Battle Pass Carry.

Product Includes

Our expert players will log into your account and do the grinding for you, ensuring that you get all the rewards that the Battle Pass has to offer without having to invest countless hours into the game. As a result of their efforts, you’ll get:

  • Progress your seasonal Battle Pass track from and to the specified tier;
  • Smoldering Ash for Season Blessings;
  • Earn all the rewards for achieving the selected Battle Pass tiers, which may include emotes, mounts, cosmetic armor sets, and more;
  • Some loot that we will obtain during the service, may include gold, gear, and crafting materials.

This boost will be completed in Diablo 4 Battle Pass Boost | Buy boostPiloted mode.


Our players will boost your Battle pass at a rate of ~20 tiers per day of service.


Your Seasonal character has to be eligible for the selected Season Pass level. Use our Diablo 4 power leveling boost service if you don’t meet this requirement.

Diablo IV Eternal Campaign has to be completed. Feel free to use our Diablo 4 Eternal Campaign boost to achieve this.

We will need access to your Diablo 4 account for some meaningful amount of time to work on your order. It will be occupied while we work.

Please disconnect the Battle.net Authenticator or disable the "always require authenticator for login" setting in Security Settings. Your account will be protected by the secret question for the duration of your boost. Don't forget to re-enable it once we finish the service.

Diablo 4 Battle Pass Explained

In Diablo 4, the Battle Pass is a key component of the post-launch experience, with a strong emphasis on seasonal content. Seasons in Diablo 4 are quarterly, and each introduces fresh questlines and new gameplay features that are exclusive to the season and retired at the end of the three months.

When the season ends, your seasonal character will be moved to the Eternal Realm, where it will remain playable, although without all the seasonal mechanics.

The Season Pass is linked to the seasons and is refreshed every three months. It comes in three versions: free, premium, and accelerated. The free version has 27 tiers with cosmetic items and Smoldering Ashes, a resource that can be spent on XP gold boosts, and other bonuses for your seasonal character.

The premium Battle Pass has 63 more tiers which reward you with cosmetics unique to that season and platinum currency that can be spent at the game’s shop. The accelerated pass is the same but allows you to skip forward 20 tiers.

Favor, the resource that levels up Diablo 4’s Battle Pass, can be earned in various ways — completing quests, slaying monsters, participating in world events — but it is also a reward for completing objectives in the Season Journey, making the seasonal play style of repeatedly starting new characters the optimal way to play. This puts the seasonal play style at the heart of the game’s long-term post-launch reward structure.Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Diablo 4 battle pass start?

The Diablo 4 battle pass starts with the beginning of each new season. The release date for season of the Malignant is likely to be 20th July, 2023, but it’s best to check the official Diablo 4 website or blog posts for the most accurate information.

How Much Will the Diablo 4 Battle Pass Cost?

For the Season 1, the basic version of the Diablo 4 Battle Pass costs nothing. However, there is a Premium Battle Pass that players can purchase for $10 and if you’re interested in purchasing tier skips and willing to pay for the Accelerated Battle Pass, that’ll be $25. Whether this pricing policy remains unchanged in new seasons, remains to be seen.

Do You Need a New Character to Progress the Diablo 4 Battle Pass?

Yes, players are required to create a new character for each season to experience the new content introduced in Diablo 4. However, some progress is carried over between characters, which can give experienced players a significant boost in the early game.

How long is the Diablo 4 Seasonal Pass?

The Diablo 4 Battle Pass lasts for the duration of a season, which is typically around three months. This gives players plenty of time to earn favor, earn Smoldering Ash, and unlock all the tiers.

Why Should I Buy Diablo 4 Season Pass Boost?

Purchasing a Diablo 4 Season Pass Boost can save you a significant amount of time and effort. Our experienced players will efficiently farm favor and Smoldering Ash for you, allowing you to unlock the battle pass rewards without the grind. This service is perfect for players who want to enjoy the Battle Pass but may not have the time or desire to invest in the extensive farming process.

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