How do I know this is not a scam?

We have a fantastic reputation when it comes to completing orders for our customers. We are also PayPal verified and have not had one single recall on a payment received in over hundreds transactions! Always make sure that you are talking to one our official support contacts. You can also check out multiplied feedback at our OwnedCore Forum Thread.

Do I play my own character?

YES! There is no account sharing at all unless you want us to play it for you. In case you want us to play on your character you get 10% discount check our SPECIAL OFFERS.

What should i do to make an order?

  • You go to service that have interested you, then you click on it and in service info you press button BUY NOW.
  • You submit order info so we can contact with you on skype.
  • Pay for the order.
  • You will be contacted on Skype so you have direct contact to our manager if you should have any questions.
  • You will be noticed when your boost is about to start and made sure of all the rules.

How long does it take to obtain the desired rating?

As soon as a team has been set up, the rating is earned very quickly. For rating boosts, a time period of a few hours is enough. As a matter of principle, all orders are processed within the same (WoW) week in order to give you access to the latest items as quickly as possible! In case order was not finished in the same week customer will be proposed to get full refund of his order or compensation in the form of free rating upgrade or free full cap.

Do I keep my rating next season?

All ratings get reseted at the start of a new season, this mean you would have to buy the rating again if you want a specific rating next season.

When do you boost?

We boost:
9PM to 5 AM CEST (21 00 to 05 00)
3PM to 11PM EDT
But as usually we boost much longer till all customers are finished. If this time is not good for you say prefferable day and time for you and we will try to make it on your time.

How does the boost work?

We are not using any kind of wintrade as some other websites do, all rating/wins are getting just through hand work by real games.To prove it, we are always happy to provide you stream or screenshots of your boost. Be attentive as for wintrade your account may be banned.

What happens if my order doesn’t get completed?

We offer a 100% money back guarantee to all of our customers. In case order was not complited by our fault we will return you 100% of the payment or will give the rating upgrade or games for free as a compensation for waiting.