Armored Skyscreamer

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 How to get the Armored Skyscreamer mount

To obtain the Armored Skyscreamer mount, you must complete the Glory of the Thundering Raider achievement. This achievement requires players to complete 11 heroic modes in the Throne of Thunder raid instance and complete the achievements on each boss. Here is a breakdown of the achievements that you need to complete:

Lightning Overload: Jin’rokh the Breaker

This achievement aims to intersect two pursuing orbs generated by concentrated lightnings. The approach for accomplishing this is straightforward, without requiring a particular raid setup. The only requirement is for everyone, excluding tanks and melee, to kite the orbs until the appearance of the second orb.

Cretaceous Collector: Horridon

This achievement aims to kill Horridon without killing down any of the four dinomancers spawning all along the boss encounter.

Cage Match: Council of Elders

The goal is not to let any of the four trolls (and the summoned Loas) leave the large circle. Simply don’t be outside of the circle at any time and keep going with the normal strategy.

One-Up: Tortos

This achievement aims to hit five whirling turtles (or more) in one throw. All you have to do is to keep two or three turtles on the floor until about 5% Tortos hp, then throw them and hope to hit whirling turtles enough on the way.

Head Case: Megaera

The goal here is to ignore each head during Megaera’s normal event, one at a time (so this part of the achievement requires three weeks). The achievement requires a little bit of coordination.

Soft Hands: Ji’Kun

This achievement aims to catch an egg and preserve it to break it until Ji’Kun’s death. This is, by far, the hardest of all 12 achievements.

You Said Crossing the Streams Was Bad: Durumu the Forgotten

This achievement involves revealing three “non-basic” colored ads for Durumu’s event. Before the spectrum phase, you must pack two spectrum rays into the white steam.

Genetically Unmodified Organism: Primordius

This achievement requires bringing Primordius down through the 25% damage reduction, without buff, without evolution.

Ritualist Who?: Dark Animus

This achievement requires killing all six adds with a single name before Dark Animus. They are generated randomly on each raid ID, and you cannot do anything except kill them every week until you get 24/24.

Can’t Touch This: Iron Qon

This achievement asks players to avoid five different mechanics during the encounter. First, it is individual, and you can complete different parts on several kills.

From Dusk ’til Dawn: Twin Consorts

This achievement aims to kill the twins in a different order than the “normal” way during the last encounter phase. Just nuke Lu’lin down before you kill Suen.

A Complete Circuit: Lei Shen

This last one is a four-part achievement, where you must first deactivate each possible conduit and then kill the boss.

Once you have completed all 11 heroic modes and obtained all the achievements listed above, you will receive the Glory of the Thundering Raider and be rewarded with an Armored Skyscreamer mount.