Bronzewing Vespoid

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 How to get the Bronzewing Vespoid mount

The Bronzewing Vespoid is a unique mount that can be created with the help of the Protoform Synthesis Forge. This guide will help you obtain the Schematic: Bronzewing Vespoid and unlock the Protoform Synthesis Forge

How to unlock the Protoform Synthesis Forge

  1. Complete the first 3 chapters of the Campaign Secrets of the First Ones.
  2. Research Sopranian Understanding at the cypher console in Exile’s Hollow.
  3. Start and complete the questline beginning with Finding Tahli. Once completed, you’ll be able to start The Lost Component the following day, which leads to unlocking the Protoform Synthesis (Mount).

How to get Schematic

  1. Head to the following coordinates on the ground level to enter the facility: /way 50.59, 32.03.
  2. Once inside, take the ramp on the right in the main room. At the top of the ramp (/way 48.98, 40.50), you’ll find the item inside a small pyramid statue.
  3. Upon acquiring the item, you’ll receive the quest Schematic Reassimilation: Bronzewing Vespoid.
  4. Complete the quest and learn the Schematic: Bronzewing Vespoid, which is necessary to create the mount.

How to get materials

  1. 350 Genesis Mote (dropped by mobs all around Zereth Mortis)
  2. 1 Vespoid Lattice (dropped by vespoid mobs around Zereth Mortis)
  3. 1 Unalloyed Bronze Ingot (random chance from the 4th option of the Requisites Originator in Repertory Alcove, one of the Locus Shift treasure rooms, with a weekly reset cooldown)
  4. To access the Repertory Alcove, you first need to research Metrial Understanding and Aealic Understanding, then complete the A Means to an End quest. Once completed, you can unlock the Repertory Alcove from the Repertory Alcove Arrangement located at /way #1970 49.6 31.0, inside the Terrestrial Cache cave, on the left wall after you enter. Once you have unlocked the Repertory Alcove, you will need to gain at least 60 Cosmic Energy and enter Gravid Repose. From there, use the Locus Shift to take the Interior Locus to the Inner Chamber. You will now see a new Locus Shift (the Arcae Locus) upon the platform at the north-western side of the room, which you can use to travel to the Repertory Alcove. The Repertory Alcove has a gossip dialog (in Metrial), with 6 dialog options, starting in Metrial and then each one in the next researchable cypher language. Selecting the 4th option, “Restore Genesis Potencies”, will give you 20-25x Genesis Motes and a chance to obtain the Unalloyed Bronze Ingot.
  5. Alternatively, you may try your luck in the Olea Cache if you have a lot of Cyphers of the First Ones to spare.

Craft the mount

  1. Once you have obtained all the required materials, you can craft the Bronzewing Vespoid at the Protoform Synthesis Forge. 

Note: To obtain any schematics for the Protoform Synthesis Forge, you must first unlock it.