Alterac Valley Wins and Achievements

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Alterac Valley, a sprawling and snow-covered 40 versus 40 battleground, stands as a testament to the ongoing conflict between the Horde and the Alliance in World of Warcraft. This iconic battleground features a mix of PvP and PvE elements, where players must capture and defend strategic locations while eliminating key enemy NPCs. In addition to mastering the core mechanics of Alterac Valley, players can strive to earn various achievements that showcase their skill, tactical acumen, and commitment. By pursuing these achievements, players can experience the full depth of Alterac Valley and showcase their mastery over one of World of Warcraft’s most iconic battlegrounds.

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How To Earn Alterac Valley Achievements

Alterac Valley Veteran
Awarded to players who demonstrate their dedication to the battleground by achieving 100 victories in Alterac Valley.

Tower Defense
This achievement is earned by successfully defending a tower in Alterac Valley, emphasizing the importance of strategic positioning and teamwork.

Loyal Defender
A testament to a player’s resilience, this achievement is granted after accumulating 50 honorable kills at a single graveyard in Alterac Valley.

Alterac Valley All-Star
Showcasing versatility and skill, this achievement is awarded to players who successfully assault a graveyard, defend a graveyard, assault a tower, defend a tower, and kill an enemy in the Field of Strife—all within a single battle.

To the Looter Go the Spoils
Players who loot 50 corpses within Alterac Valley can claim this achievement, highlighting their opportunistic nature and commitment to weakening the enemy’s resources.

Everything Counts
Awarded to players who contribute to the capture or defense of a contested objective in Alterac Valley, this achievement underscores the importance of every action in the battleground.

Stormpike Perfection
Earned by Alliance players who win Alterac Valley without losing a single graveyard, tower, or captain, this achievement showcases flawless execution and teamwork.

Frostwolf Perfection
The Horde equivalent of Stormpike Perfection, this achievement is granted to Horde players who secure victory in Alterac Valley without losing any graveyards, towers, or captains.

Hero of the Stormpike Guard
This achievement is awarded to Alliance players who complete all of the Alterac Valley-specific achievements, signifying their mastery of the battleground.

Hero of the Frostwolf Clan
The Horde counterpart of the Hero of the Stormpike Guard, this achievement is granted to Horde players who have completed all of the Alterac Valley-specific achievements, demonstrating their expertise and dedication to the battleground.


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