Isle of Conquest Wins and Achievements

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The Isle of Conquest, an expansive and strategically rich 40 versus 40 battleground, is set on a remote island contested by the forces of the Horde and the Alliance in World of Warcraft. In this intense conflict, players must utilize various resources and strategic points to secure victory. Beyond the basic mechanics of Isle of Conquest, players can strive to obtain a plethora of achievements that showcase their skill, adaptability, and teamwork.

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How To Earn Isle of Conquest Achievements

Isle of Conquest Veteran
A testament to a player’s dedication, this achievement is awarded upon reaching 100 victories in the Isle of Conquest battleground.

A Pound of Flesh
To earn this achievement, players must use the Fleshwerks catapults to launch themselves onto an enemy gunship—both a daring and exhilarating feat.

Back Door Job
Demonstrating their cunning, players can obtain this achievement by infiltrating the enemy’s base and destroying a gate without controlling the Keep.

Cut the Blue Wire… No, the Red Wire!
This achievement is granted to players who disarm a Seaforium bomb, displaying their quick thinking and resourcefulness in the heat of battle.

Elemental Slayer
Players who eliminate 10 Elementals created by the Tides of War in a single battle can claim this achievement, highlighting their prowess against powerful foes.

Glaive Grave
This achievement is earned by destroying 10 Glaive Throwers in a single Isle of Conquest battle, showcasing a player’s ability to neutralize key enemy threats.

Mowed Down
Awarded to players who run over 10 enemies with a vehicle in a single battle, this achievement highlights their effective use of the battleground’s resources.

All Over the Isle
Demonstrating their versatility, this achievement is granted to players who successfully kill a player at each of the following locations

the Workshop, Hangar, Docks, Alliance Keep, and Horde Keep.

Four Car Garage
To earn this achievement, players must claim victory in Isle of Conquest while controlling each of the four following vehicles at least once

Siege Engine, Glaive Thrower, Demolisher, and Catapult.

Master of Isle of Conquest
The ultimate accolade, this achievement is awarded to players who have completed all of the aforementioned Isle of Conquest-specific achievements, signifying their mastery of the battleground and its many challenges.

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