Island Thunderscale

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Island Thunderscale Mount Boost Service Includes

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Mount Farming takes random.

Island Thunderscale Boost Requirements

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 How to get Island Thunderscale Mount

The Island Thunderscale mount can only drop when Island Thunderscales are present on the island. These rare creatures can only spawn on Jorundall, and they are not part of the weekly island population rotation, nor are they part of an invasion. When Island Thunderscales are present on your island, you are guaranteed to receive the Thunderscale Whelpling pet while also having a small chance to receive the mount.

The mount can drop on any difficulty level, including Normal, Heroic, and Mythic. You do not have to kill any of the dragons to have a chance of getting the mount.

To increase your chances of obtaining the Island Thunderscale mount, consider purchasing some boxes from the vendor near the Island Expedition Map Table. Captain Kitt sells boxes for the Horde, while Captain Nightrunner sells boxes for the Alliance. These boxes are only available three times per week, regardless of what island is underway, and they cost 175 Seafarer’s Dubloons each.

The Jorundall Salvage box has the highest chance of dropping the Island Thunderscale mount. Other boxes, such as those that cost 120 Seafarer’s Dubloons, can drop other rare Island Expedition rewards, such as the Stonehide Elderhorn and Surf Jelly.


Purchase Jorundall Salvage boxes from the vendor near the Island Expedition Map Table

Remember that the mount’s drop chance is low, and it may take several Island Expeditions and boxes to obtain it.