Chauffeured Chopper

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Chauffeur Chopper Boost Requirements

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 How to get Chauffeur Chopper mounts

To obtain the Chauffeured Chopper mounts, you must earn the Heirloom Hoarder achievement by acquiring 35 heirlooms in the heirlooms tab. Once you have earned this achievement, you will receive a Clinking Present in the mail, which contains the Chauffeured Chopper mount.

The Chauffeured Chopper mount is a unique mount that comes in two versions: the Chauffeured Mechano-Hog and the Chauffeured Mekgineer’s Chopper. Both versions allow players to ride in the side car while driven by an NPC driver. This means the player still controls the mount’s movement, but the driver will take care of the steering.

To obtain the heirlooms required for the Heirloom Hoarder achievement, you must purchase them from various vendors throughout Azeroth using currency such as gold, Marks of Honor, or Darkmoon Prize Tickets. You can also earn heirlooms by participating in various activities such as raiding, PvP, and Archaeology. But are most easily bought from Estelle Gendry (Horde) and Krom Stoutarm (Alliance) for gold. Both vendors sell various heirlooms.

Once you have acquired the required number of heirlooms, you will receive the Clinking Present in the mail, which contains the Chauffeur mount. Simply use the mount item to add it to your mount collection, and enjoy the benefits of having a chauffeured ride through Azeroth.

One of the benefits of the Chauffeured Chopper mount is that it has no level or riding skill requirements, meaning that any character can use it as soon as it is learned. This makes it an excellent choice for players leveling up alts or those who want to travel around Azeroth quickly without worrying about mounts or riding skills.

It’s worth noting that pandaren characters who start their journey on the Wandering Isle cannot use the Chauffeured Mechano-Hog until they pledge themselves to the Horde, and cannot use the Chauffeured Mekgineer’s Chopper until they pledge themselves to the Alliance.