Core Hound

Are you tired of trying to obtain the Core Hound mount in World of Warcraft? Look no further than our Core Hound Boosting Service! Our team of experienced players will help you acquire this rare and coveted mount quickly and easily.

Core Hound Mount Boosting Service Includes

  • Our team will constantly monitor the Black Market Auction House for the availability of the Core Hound Chain and place strategic bids to increase your chances of acquiring the mount promptly.
  • Professional and experienced players who know the requirements and how to obtain the mount.
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This boost will be completed in Core Hound | Buy BoostPiloted mode.


Mount Boost takes 4-8 weeks. Acquiring the Core Hound mount can be quite uncertain, as the time required to farm it varies considerably. This is due to the unpredictable likelihood of the mount appearing for sale on the Black Market.

Core Hound Boost Requirements

  • Ensure you provide access to an account with a max-level character or create a new sub-account upgraded to the latest expansion with the Heroic edition (including character level boost).
  • Deposit enough funds on your balance to cover the cost of one character transfer.
  • If you prefer not to share your primary account information, create a new account with the same first and last name, and upgrade it to the latest WoW expansion.
  • We highly recommend creating an additional WoW account for our use if you want the service on your main Bnet account. This approach is safer and more convenient.
  • Rest assured, our team will use our gold for auction bids. No need to maintain any gold balance on your account.

 How to get The Core Hound mount

The Core Hound mount is rare and highly coveted in World of Warcraft. Here’s how to obtain it:

Black Market Auction House

The only known way to obtain the Core Hound mount is through the Black Market Auction House. This auction house is run by the infamous Madam Goya, and it is stocked with rare and hard-to-find items, including rare mounts like the Core Hound.

To access the Black Market Auction House, you must first find one of its locations, which can be in any of the major cities in Azeroth or Valdrakken at 34.7, 60.4 – west of the zone near “little scales daycare”. Once you find the location, you can access the auction house and bid on the Core Hound mount.

However, remember that the Core Hound mount is a highly sought-after item and can be very expensive. The opening bid for the mount is 20,000 gold, and the final price can easily reach several hundred thousand golds, depending on the competition.

Tips for Winning the Auction

To increase your chances of winning the auction and obtaining the Core Hound mount, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Be prepared to spend a lot of gold. As mentioned, the final price for the Core Hound mount can be very high, so ensure you have enough gold saved up before bidding.
  2. Keep an eye on the auction. The Black Market Auction House is only open for a limited time, so check the auction regularly to see if the Core Hound mount is available.
  3. Place your bid strategically. Don’t bid too early or too late in the auction. You want to ensure your bid is high enough to win but not so high that you overpay for the mount.
  4. Consider using addons to help you monitor the auction. Several add-ons can help you track the Black Market Auction House and keep an eye on the items you’re interested in.