Darkspear Raptor

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Mount Farming takes 8 – 9 days for Troll characters and 12 -15 days for other races. 

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 How to get The Darkspear Raptor mount

The Darkspear Raptor mount is available only for Horde players to purchase from  Samamba <Sen’jin Quartermaster> at the Argent Tournament in Icecrown for 100 Champion’s Seal. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help players obtain the Darkspear Raptor mount.

Participate in the Argent Tournament

Participating in the Argent Tournament is the first step to obtaining the Darkspear Raptor mount. This is a daily quest hub that is located in Northeastern Icecrown. Players can earn Champion’s Seals by completing quests and participating in various events.

Earn Champion’s Seals

Champion’s Seals are a currency that can be earned by participating in the Argent Tournament. Players can earn up to 17 Champion’s Seals per day by completing the various quests and events in the tournament.

Purchase the Darkspear Raptor Mount

Once you have earned 100 Champion’s Seals, you can purchase the Darkspear Raptor mount from Horde Samamba <Sen’jin Quartermaster> at the Argent Tournament. The mount costs 100 Champion’s Seals, so it may take some time to save up enough to purchase it.

It’s worth noting that the Trial of the Champion dungeon has a chance to drop the Champion’s Purse, which contains some Champion’s Seals and other useful items. Running this dungeon regularly is an efficient way to earn Champion’s Seals.