Dewdrop Farm

The 10.2 Patch in World of Warcraft brings us many new features. It’s an area that we’ve been eagerly anticipating since the distant past. The new Mythic+ season, an incredible number of mounts, and a new seasonal activity in the Emerald Dream are some of the highlights. However, the main attraction remains the same: the new Emerald Dewdrop currency. It’s more reminiscent of a tear drop, which is why we recommend using our services to make the most of your time and effort in the Wow Emerald DewDrop Farm.

By utilizing our service, you can save time and energy on hunting for the elusive Emerald Bounty. We will complete all the quests, vanquish all the rare mobs, and gather all the Emerald Dewdrops on your behalf.

DewDrop Farm Includes

When you order our Emerald Frenzy activities, such as farming Emerald Dewdrops, you will receive the following from us:

  • The specified amount of Emerald Dewdrop currency.
  • Some Superblooms, which may drop during our activities.
  • Some Gold.
  • A reputation boost with Dream Wardens faction.
  • A chance to obtain Flightstones for your gear.

Please note that Flightstones can only be collected if Dewdrop currency farming is done through questing.

This boost will be completed in Dewdrop Farm | Buy BoostPiloted mode.


We’re able to help you farm up to 400 currency in the Superbloom event per day. If you place an order for more than 400, please be prepared for longer waiting times.


Level 70 character. Use our Dragonflight leveling boost service if you don’t meet this requirement.

We will need access to your World of Warcraft account for some meaningful amount of time to work on your order. It will be occupied while we work.

Please disconnect the Authenticator or disable the "always require authenticator for login" setting in Security Settings. Your account will be protected by the secret question for the duration of your boost. Don't forget to re-enable it once we finish the service.

How we’re usually farm Emerald DewDrop in patch 10.2

So, you’re interested in how we farm Emerald Dewdrops through all those micro events in one public event. As usual, we have a short answer and a long answer.

The short answer is that we trigger the micro events, complete quests, collect fantastic rewards for one big event, open Drake crests, and engage in some PvP activities to acquire more currency at once

Activity type

Cadence of Occurrence

Undertakings and Feats

Essence Garnered

Rewards Upon Further Enactments


Emerald Frenzy

Upon the Superbloom’s denouement

Clash with mobs suffused with a strange vigour, in pursuit of the Dewdrop

Emerald Dewdrops

A thrilling post-Superbloom skirmish where one’s valour in combat is rewarded with the elusive Emerald Dewdrops.

Emerald Bounties

At a time of your choosing, when seeds touch earth

In small patches of dream-soil, plant the seeds of tomorrow, and infuse them with 500 drops of Emerald’s essence

Emerald Dewdrops

The chance at conjuring companions, steeds of legend, and finery for the whimsical

A serene ritual of sowing and nurturing that holds the promise of summoning creatures and items of wonder.


With each new day’s breaking light

Emerald Dewdrops

A modest offering of 10 dewdrops to fuel the enchantments yet to come

Daily endeavors that subtly contribute to one’s trove of Dewdrops, fuelling future magical pursuits.


But if you want the most complex answer, with all details in how we begin plant dreamseeds and find small patches, you’re welcome… we’re complete all the public events for additional rewards. We’re waste time for plant dremaseeds and pulling weeds. All to collect emerald bounty from emerald dream superbloom event in the patch 10.2.

Every hour, on the hour, the superbloom event—a splendid public spectacle—unfolds. Here, participants aid in the dissemination of life energies by performing various tasks around the majestic world tree Amirdrassil, contributing to the plant’s growth. High bloom quality and an abundance of currency are the rewards for those who excel in these endeavours. Upon the initial completion in a given week, the main reward includes 1000 Dream Wardens reputation, a piece of gear at ilvl441, and a Gigantic Dreamseed, among others. Subsequent completions continue to offer rewards, albeit to a lesser extent, including a Plump Dreamseed.

Following the superbloom, a micro event known as the Emerald Frenzy is triggered, presenting a brief but potent opportunity to gather more of the coveted Emerald Dewdrop currency. This, in turn, is essential for the Emerald Bounties, which are distinct, non-timed events activated by the planting of dreamseeds. These seeds, found in various sizes, are nurtured in small patches scattered throughout the Dream, each requiring a contribution of Emerald Dewdrop to spur on the growth cycle over a short time.

This series of events is meticulously designed to encourage continuous engagement, with the planting of dreamseeds and the nurturing of plants promising a unique pool of rewards. Such rewards are not only substantial but carry the potential for the truly fantastic, from companion pets to majestic mounts, along with a variety of cosmetic items for one’s collection.

It’s a delightful cycle that doesn’t squander one’s time but rather makes the act of cultivation thoroughly enjoyable. Participants should expect to immerse themselves in a variety of activities, from the tranquil watering of flowers to the more exhilarating PvP skirmishes, all in the pursuit of nurturing their dream patch. Thus, with each week offering a new beginning, the world of the Emerald Dream invites one and all to plant, grow, and reap the benefits of diligence and a bit of fun.

Why have you to hire EpicCarry to farm you dewdrops in patch 10.2

In the dynamic realm of the live servers, the journey for the Emerald Dewdrop currency is paramount, unfolding in a random area ripe with potential. Seize the day—don’t let this opportunity be a waste of time. With EpicCarry, the tedious work is ours; planting dreamseeds becomes a breeze, and finding those elusive small patches of fertile dream-soil turns from a chore into a triumph.

The first part of your adventure begins with a mere seed of decision, a small step to transform the virtual dirt beneath your character’s feet into a thriving testament to your progress. With a map in hand and dead ends eliminated, witness wildlife and foes alike become part of your journey, where every action takes place with precision, progressing your bar of achievements steadily. You gain not just the currency, but the essence of victory. Let EpicCarry be your guide in the Emerald Dream; contact us now and turn the seeds of today into the triumphs of tomorrow.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are DewDrops dispersed across the random area in the superbloom events in the Emerald dream?

Random areas, not so random in fortune, secret them, awaiting the searcher’s excited gaze.

What is the role of watering flowers in generating DewDrops?

Watering flowers, a humble act that whispers to DewDrops, beckoning them forth into the sun’s embrace. From the small dreamseed blooms potential vast as skies, a single point from which DewDrops may cascade.

How does one partake in the Emerald Bounty for DewDrops?

Seek the Emerald Bounty, for therein lies the challenge, a quest steeped in the promise of DewDrops.

What is the essence of the Emerald Frenzy in relation to DewDrops?

Emerald Frenzy, a tempest of vigor, a crucible where DewDrops are forged in the heat of combat.

Why is the Emerald Dewdrop currency coveted?

Emerald Dewdrop currency is the realm’s lifeblood, a coinage revered and sought with ardent fervor.