Elusive Emerald Hawkstrider

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Elusive Emerald Hawkstrider Mount Boost Service Includes

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Mount farming takes 1-3 days

Elusive Emerald Hawkstrider Boost Requirements

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Your character must be a Blood Elf.

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 How to Get the Elusive Emerald Hawkstrider Mount

The questline for the Elusive Emerald Hawkstrider mount is exclusive to blood elves and is obtained through a quest chain called Victory for the Sin’dorei or Blood Knight. To begin the questline, players must first go to Oribos and speak to Lady Liadrin, who can be found near the teleporter to Orgrimmar.

Before starting the questline, players must have reached an exalted reputation with Silvermoon City. Once the reputation requirement has been met, players can speak to Lady Liadrin to begin the quest Summons from the Matriarch.

The questline involves several steps and travels to various locations, such as Silvermoon City, the Ghostlands, and Sunwell Plateau. The final step requires the player to defeat Vorath <Amalgam of Wrath>.

Once the questline is completed, players will be rewarded with the Elusive Emerald Hawkstrider mount. It should be noted that this mount is exclusive to blood elf and cannot be obtained by any other race.